Monday, September 10, 2007

Three Down, Nineteen to Go

Senator Chuck Hagel, R-NE, added his name to the list of Republican senators who will not be seeking re-election in 2008, becoming the third GOP senator to make the announcement, and don't forget stall stalker Craig, although let's face it, he will not survive a primary and whoever beats him will win the general.

Twenty-two GOP senators must defend their seats in 2008. Only twelve Democrat senators are to run.


Blogger Sirocco said...

Kerrey is likely to run in NE, and if he runs he is likely to win.

Warner is likely to run in VA, and if he runs he is likely to win.

Republicans are (likely) to already be in big holes on two seats they need to defend, and campaigning hasn't become serious yet.

9/10/2007 6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was at an event recently. I have never posted here before, and I MUST remain anonymous or I would be fired on the spot.

I (and others) would love to know what is happening with your traffic and how many hits you are getting.

From the "brick and mortar" world I can tell you that people are monitoring and discussing your blog. You have caught the attention of those I work with.

Your posting a public email address and offer to correct mistakes or modify any content deemed inappropriate creates a bizarre situation.

Blognetnews is listing your blog as the second most influential political blog in the STATE OF ARIZONA. I don't know blogs very well, but the people who do that are national, not just a tiny outfit. They have to marginally accurate. You may not be second, but you must be in the top ten.

Are you willing to share with your readers how many hits you get a day? I have heard that some pretty incredible people read you regularly.

People in Congress (more than one).
DC Thinktanks and PR firms.

Can you tell us something in general terms without sacrificing the "privacy" of your visitors?

9/10/2007 7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, have you gotten emails asking you to correct content?

9/10/2007 7:57 PM  
Blogger Framer said...

Mary Landrieu is a dead woman walking, so Republicans are likely to get that seat.

I would vote in Kerrey over Hagel without a second thought. You do realize, however, that Kerrey is pro war and Hagel is not.

Mark Warner will be running on the Democratic presidential ticket with Hillary Clinton.

And, yes, it will be a difficult cycle because of the amount of Republican seats in play. Republican will be lucky just to play for the hold.

I'm pretty certain, however, that the political climate in 2008 will be quite different than any of us expect.

9/10/2007 8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer the political commentary here to the esoteric, i.e. the Border. Sorry, I just don't get it. As a trained journalist, I just deal with the facts. That's why I didn't complete grad school. I couldn't write the BS papers that required me to look at a painting and see God knows what. And pontificate on it for pages.
X4mr, stick to politics! You are SO close to the truth SO often.
Take care!

9/10/2007 8:59 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


You are STILL asserting Warner will take the VP and not run for the VA senate seat?

My radar says different. We'll find out rather soon, I think. I would be cautious regarding any politician's position on the war six months from now.

I wish you anons would just make up a name. Assign yourselves numbers or something. I think the 8:59 is a different person from the earlier one, but obviously I have no idea.

Sorry, first anon, but I am pretty tight lipped about traffic, especially identities. I thought I posted volume. Each day, I get well over 100, but below 500. Yes, it is increasing.

Blognetnews has not worked out their ranking system yet, at least not in Arizona. As a regular reader, for southern AZ I would consider top right blogs to be Sonoran Alliance, Framer, and Politico Mafiaso. On the left there's RRR and Blog for AZ. Stacy is taking a break.

I am just talking readership and discussion. Actual influence? I remain skeptical, but who knows?

Congresswoman Giffords has publicly stated that she reads the local blogs. I don't know which ones, but I know Tedski and this one are on her list. Yes, there are other DC visitors.

Though rarely, I do get emails requesting I modify content, and so far, I have complied with every request. The most serious occurred during the last election. I was told a religious group supported a particular candidate, believed it, and posted it.

I received an email insisting that my information was false, and if true, the group would be committing a crime. The person used his real name, belonged to the group, and gave me his personal assurance he was being truthful. Whoops. Without saying who he was, I posted a retraction at once and thanked the person for the message. He thanked me for the retraction.

Most corrections are trivial. A misspelled name, a typo about a date. One person asked me to remove his photograph.

Addressing the second anon, I understand your sentiments and do keep the esoteric below a certain percentage. I appreciate the remark, and when I must go esoteric, just blow it off and let Navigator, Sirocco, etc., have our fun. I am very interested in what the Navigator experienced, and I am eager to hear Sirocco's take on Inland Empire.

Politics and the politics of education and workforce development remain the core focus.

9/10/2007 9:15 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...


Yes, I am aware Kerrey is pro-war. Not everyone (else) is perfect :P. On just about every other matter, he is pretty solidly liberal.

If Warner runs as VP then all bets are off in VA. However, as with x4mr, what I have heard and read has him leaning toward the Senate run.

for Anon I, I like the border stuff, although like you I have a journalism background (one of my degrees as well). Just skip it if it doesn't appeal, but it can be fun to throw around and think about if you just want to ponder things sometime.

9/11/2007 8:58 AM  

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