Monday, September 03, 2007

Hijacked Content & Intimidation

UPDATE 9/4/07 4 p.m. I have changed the title of this story. It used to be titled "Web 2.0 Game Theory."

I received a very interesting email this evening from someone courageous enough to establish communication and ask a question. What a concept.

Details were not revealed, but apparently someone also not rather fond of TREO stole language I had written and appended it to their own hate mail.

I don't write hate mail, and although I can feel disgust, resentment, and really despise someone, I set spiritual limits on hatred. It's too expensive. Well, someone grabbed some lines from my blog, which I will list below, and preceded them with hateful content, which came first, line by line.

1. Whatever WACKJOB!!!
2. Careful, for I am all about kicking the living shit out of your punk ass!!!
3. If you want a war. I am all about giving you one.

First of all, I have been orthographically crucified to the point that I would never leave a period after an if clause as in line three. Second, the language is that of what, a fourth grader? Six grade tops. Punk ass? Please.

But then, they add words for which I am responsible:

4. Snell, Smith, and Mouch have drawn from an account that does not forget.
5. Time wounds all heels.
6. Watch.

The six lines, so I am led to believe, were combined to create a single message sent to someone apparently hoping to create the impression the message came from me, which might explain why an attorney perused my blog this afternoon.

I take full responsibility for what is posted at this blog, but I cannot prevent some nutjob from copying and pasting my content into another entity for his own designs.

If someone has an issue with TREO or anyone else, I encourage them to have the courage to create their own content and use their own name.

As I said in my email response to the person, I am thankful for his calling this to my attention. I am neither a physical nor legal threat to anyone. I am about completing a PhD, and I express my opinions at a blog. If necessary, I will defend myself, but I would prefer to avoid such clashes.

This incident raises the bar on integrity of data. If it is not at this url, the x4mr Web site, or from the gmail address at my profile, and it claims to be me, it is fraudulent.

I keep my promises.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


9/04/2007 12:28 AM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...


Well, x4mr, you have officially been plagiarized. I did not see this coming, but now that it has occurred, I have the experience of "Of course!"

As you know, in reality, everything is messy. TREO is probably doing some things right and some things wrong. In the case of SAIAT, appalling and inexcusable, but they are probably doing some things right.

I salute whoever emailed x4mr and inquired.

One of two events has occurred:

1. TREO is making the whole thing up to vilify x4mr as saying something he did not.

2. Some nut has plagiarized x4mr's blog for his own purposes.

I am all but certain that it is #2, and probability points to a person who has either lost his job or fears losing it.

We are now into my area of expertise. x4mr has a profile about as far from that of a violent person as is possible. His weapon is his keyboard, and he vents his energy. He has already done (Something Else) what he is going to do. He has hit the ball and what continues is just completing the swing.

The violent profile is completely different. For starters, they don't write political blogs using their real names.

9/04/2007 9:28 AM  
Anonymous The doctor said...

I don't know how anyone could think x4mr wrote the letters is red.

Navigator, you have me curious. Are you in criminal justice or something?

Well, I will add my two cents that no way x4mr wrote the red lines. He is too smart, and they are too stupid. Also, x4mr is an open book with this blog and his Web site being read by hundreds (thousands?) of people, including people in New Jersey.

Like Navigator, I would guess it is someone whose funding has been cut, who has read this blog, and chose to use x4mr's words in a different context.

9/04/2007 11:15 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Frankly, I'm annoyed.

The email did not provide much information, just inquiring if I wrote the content. I suggested he contact me again if he has a question about whether I wrote something.

It may or may not be obvious that I follow very strict standards with everything I write. The content has my real name on it.

I am obviously no TREO fan, but I do not believe they fabricated the hate message. I think they really got such a letter. Whether it was handwritten, typed, an email, or one of those psychopath messages made of letters cut from a newspaper, I have no clue.

I will state again. Other than the criticism I post at this blog under my real name, I am no threat to anyone, TREO or otherwise. Also, in case they are paying attention, if I communicate, it will be from the gmail address at my profile.

If it comes from anywhere else, I am not the source.

Whatever "war" is being referenced, my only relevance occurs if the warring factions start copying chunks of my blog to toss at each other. I can envision certain collisions and have nothing to do with any of them.

9/04/2007 12:02 PM  

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