Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Border Brutality

Tucson, Arizona. On July 2, 2007, for reasons that continue to mystify, Arizona Governor Janet Nepolitano signed HB 2779, a pathetic piece of legislation passed by xenophobic nimrods. Responding to the fiasco, concerned Arizona employers including Tucson's Jim Click formed an organization called Wake Up Arizona. Not to be outdone, Arizona Rep. Russell Pierce had his folks create a Wake Up Arizona Web site that forwards his possible (inevitable?) run against Jeff Flake for Arizona CD 6 next year.

UPDATE: I don't have the resources to verify if the email I received is true, but until circumstances suggest otherwise, I will respect those with the conviction and courage to email a correction. Apparently Pierce is not involved with the Web site above and I won't delete, but I am told my language about Pierce's involvement with the site is incorrect, and I cannot counter the remark. I have no idea.

What can be cemented are those officially sponsoring the bill:

Rep. Barnes, Ray, Sen. Bee, Timothy, Sen. Blendu, Robert, Rep. Boone, Tom, Rep. Burges, Judy, Rep. Farnsworth, Eddie, Rep. Groe, Trish, Sen. Johnson, Karen, Rep. Kavanagh, John, Rep. Murphy, Rick, Rep. Pearce, Russell, Sen. Verschoor, Thayer, Rep. Yarbrough, Steven.

While Jim Click may have joined Wake Up Arizona, he is the one who has the least to fear. The goons hired to hit companies with this club will not mess with Click. Click can hit back. The companies facing trouble if not complete closure will be the smaller operations that let Pablo stock their shelves, wash their dishes, or maintain their property. The intimidation of the law may cause them to tell Pablo to take a hike before the goons in suits even arrive.

REALITY. Been around any of the resorts lately? Looked at the ladies changing the sheets? Been inside the kitchens? Eat out at restaurants or looked at the guys doing all that landscape maintenance?

Worse, my cloak and dagger people have reliably informed me of some Border Patrol darkness apparently prevented by the introduction of sanity from an undisclosed direction. A set of technical folks designed sonic devices to line our borders. These systems would, upon the approach of border crossers, emit a sound loud enough to puncture an ear drum and leave the affected approacher DEAF. The reader can explore the medical reality of punctured ear drums. That it only blasted people and spared aberrant cows is unknown.

What mentality is creeping into this conversation?

Why did Janet sign HB 2779? Anyone know? If she is gunning for the US Senate, did this signature help her?

Like Iraq, our conversation about immigration is infested with lies and blindness to the reality of the situation. What are the semantics of "border security"? Stopping all traffic? To those who believe stopping all traffic will improve our situation, be careful what you ask for.

Regarding the completely esoteric and not the least political alternative meaning of the border, those interested should revisit that story. Navigator shared his first experience at the place. It sounds legit.


Blogger thinkright said...

Janet & reasonable Republicans signed it because she knew that if she didn't the referendum would pass and then it would take 75% in the State Leg to make any corrections. Now, she can work with the State Leg & Senate and just needs 51% to change items.

I'm against HB 2779 because the only way the state can penalize a business is by revoking their business license. It is a federal issue & fines should be the penalty.

9/12/2007 10:15 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Interesting TR. I hadn't realized that little bit of bureaucratic maneuvering.

9/13/2007 7:38 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

I didn't know about the sonic devices. Wouldn't the use of such a device qualify as mayhem if it left a person permanently deaf?

9/13/2007 8:23 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...


Thanks for that info. I could have used it recently. I ended up in a conversation with a guy that just HATES Napolitano because of this one vote.

I think Janet is fabulous, and this guy ended up almost screaming at me. He is livid about this bill and went on and on about how horrible it was, calling her a $%## bitch and F her and if only he were super rich he would mount a campaign against her and ....

All because of her signing that one bill.

It is a bad bill, but geez.

9/13/2007 12:29 PM  
Blogger thinkright said...

Of course I didn't vote for Janet, but I do respect her abilities as a politician.

9/14/2007 2:26 PM  

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