Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Face of Death

Tucson, Arizona. When an entity is facing certain death, prolonging the agony is simply not appropriate. We face this painful reality with our pets, our parents, and our organizations. As the baby boom faces the red step, we get to choose the resources to expend in denial of the inevitable.

Dr. Kevorkian is ahead of his time and should never have gone to jail. Barring an accident, murder, or sudden medical event, my life will probably end by my own hand when my ability to function drops below a certain threshold. I am not willing to rot as an invalid at high expense to anyone. I will give the paperwork to my daughter. Err on the side of checking me out. I’m going out anyway.

The terrible TREO of Snell, Smith, and Mouch have butchered a fine operation that served the short term training needs of southern Arizona businesses. Staff deserves severance, not the prolonged agony of a game that cannot be won. Let them move on and help them with a couple months pay. Toss the red and embrace the blue. Give them two months and let them move on. In two months, all will find what is next.

Snell, Smith, and Mouch have drawn from an account that does not forget.

Time wounds all heels.



Anonymous the doctor said...

I don't see how you can do anything, but I'm glad it's not me that did you wrong.

It's sad, what they did.

The letter Snell wrote is damning. What a jerk.

7/25/2007 10:44 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

"Time wounds all heels."

I don't agree, x4mr. I wish it were true, but it isn't. Time wounds SOME heels, and perhaps Snell, Smith, and Mouch will be among those wounded.

Just look around you. There isn't anyone out there making sure that evil follows some kind of circular path and returns to the perpetrator.

7/25/2007 1:16 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


Of course you are right. Examples abound everywhere of injustices far worse. SAIAT is nothing compared to the copper company, but the wound is deeper. I trusted those people.

The cut to ZERO for FY 08 vindicates Cigar Man's 2004 assertion.

7/25/2007 2:58 PM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

Doctor and Liza,

X4mr is not going to "do anything" to the cloth heads, but the assertion about drawing from an account that does not forget is sound.

In 2007, online material and Snell's letter eliminate all doubt that TREO kept for itself funds allocated to both SAIAT and Goodwill, and not based on performance. Legal or not, it is abhorrent.

Snell's letter admits taking $132,500 but offers no explanation. It misleads and is easily seen as misleading. That is the account of which X4mr speaks.

No guardian angel will arrive. The city and county elected officials allowed TREO to abandon a $5M+ investment to steal $130,000.

I will find it interesting what content gets published when the organization closes. I also find it very interesting the material that X4mr references in the TREO blueprint about an institute that meets training gaps. With SAIAT's destruction, what institute is TREO proposing and at what cost?

Cloth, indeed.

7/25/2007 9:39 PM  
Blogger Zelph said...

Maybe TREO should go on a crash diet. Remember the Slim Fast fiasco? Back then Mouch suggested that businesses aren't taxpayers, having never run a business himself. Amazing! Another call center, anyone?

7/25/2007 11:23 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Zelph, exactly. These people make six figure salaries, and consider the reality of the results.

Navigator, your question about the institute echoes my sentiments, but it reads "initiative" not institute. Still, your question is valid. How do they plan to do that?

It's exactly as you say. CLOTH. The blueprint is its own end.

Whatever training does occur will involve paying PCC $2M to do less work at lower quality than what SAIAT did for $1/4 M.

Navigator is also right that I am not going to "do anything" but do have cause to believe they will regret taking that money and shutting the place down.

They are dishonorable people.

7/26/2007 10:03 AM  

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