Monday, March 05, 2007

Rats, Ratholes, and Impending Violence

I had really wanted to post some tombstones tonight. They are all ready to go. But unfortunately, some rats have done what rats do when they know the gig is up.

They are hiding and won't come out of their hole.

As of 5:35 PM this evening, the rats have stayed inside and bolted the doors. What is very significant is that they are not answering the door, and we know they are home.

They are huddled inside, out of sight, crafting whatever they are crafting, and the water is hot and bright red. It is, in fact, no longer water. The gig is up and the knocking is going to continue. The door is pounding and will keep pounding. No one is going anywhere. What in the world are these guys thinking?

Tonight feels very different from the night of Valentine's Day. That night, the blood in the water was mine.

If the plan prevails, these rats are gone within 24 hours, 48 tops, and you will not hear a thing, Zilch Nada Zip, except my tombstone post here. If, on the other hand, they have magical powers and turn this around, the thing will hit the press, and if you read the paper, you WILL be able to connect the dots.

I apologize for the delay, but this is reality, not fiction, so I can only control my piece. I promise I am WAY more eager for this to be over than you are.


Blogger sirocco said...

Hmmm ... I'll be cruising the newspaper, looking to _not_ fin anything.

3/06/2007 6:58 AM  

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