Friday, March 02, 2007

Historical Marker--Take Four

Tucson, Arizona. Folks familiar with this blog know that awhile ago your humble blogger exchanged fire with two would be assassins who failed to get the job done.

Machiavelli wrote, "Do not wound if you cannot kill."

Absolutely effing right.

Unbelievable. I just can't believe they stayed in town, both of them.

Well, any day now. Probably Monday or Tuesday, but it might slip a week or so. Not two.

This time, it is no duel, and this time, they will not crawl away. Yes, this is a metaphor, but the rules, the people, and the game, are very real. When it is over, I will post their tombstones. At the appropriate time, everything comes to a blog near you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you do for a living? I can't think of any job where what you are saying makes any sense. How do you shoot people? How do they shoot you?

I don't get it.

3/03/2007 3:23 PM  
Blogger Framer said...

If this has ANYTHING to do with a pair of Mormon Missionaries, I swear I will hunt you down for exposing us to this drama. . . :)

3/03/2007 6:11 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Good one. I hadn't thought of that.

3/04/2007 10:39 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Haah! Huwaaagh! That's fabulous, Framer!

Morons, yes. Mormon? Haven't a clue, but I really doubt it. Most Mormons I know hold themselves to a pretty high standard of ethics, and these guys are malevolent jerks.

June cannot get here fast enough. A related but different milestone should also occur this week, and once it does, I breathe a sigh of relief, and if more assassins show up, I'm finished. They can have me.

I am safe for this week, but as was said in Scene II of the famous Tragedy, "Beware the Ides of March."

This Caesar shit has gotten old, and the stress is really fatiguing. I am very tired. It's time to do Something Else. I just hope I can pop these clowns before they hurt people I care about.

They are BAD news.

3/04/2007 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caesar? Be careful or you will lose anonymity.

There are not very many CEO's in town, which is what you are. If you were the owner, you couldn't be shot, unless you have partners.

You are the CEO or General Manager running something but are not the owner, and you are protecting your people.

Two guys are trying to replace you and your people with their own, but they screwed up and you figured out a way to get rid of them.

OK. I'm hooked. You have made promises, x4mr, and if you fail to deliver, I will join Framer in hunting you down.

3/04/2007 7:19 PM  

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