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Washington Vehicles

Tucson, Arizona. I surprise no one when I state that I am a supporter of Congresswoman Giffords and think highly of her. I think she is intelligent, very well educated, hard working, informed, and has her heart in the right place. This will be my position until events prove me wrong.

Our Congresswoman is featured in an article in this morning’s Daily Star. I read it, and this is one of those occasions where I chose to read the comments posted by the enlightened set of folks that choose to submit their two cents online. As has been noted by Tedski and other respectable bloggers, some of the comments posted at the online Star are hateful, racist, disgusting stuff, but I cannot resist remarking that one commentator, in a twist of creativity I find somewhat remarkable, has contemptuously compared our Congresswoman to a 1953 Buick.

OK, fine. I confess I giggled slightly and the idea of comparing personalities to cars did become rather compelling, and what's good for the goose is good for the gander, so I thought I might suggest some appropriate car comparisons for some of the other officials we have representing us, er, representing something, in Washington, DC.

For Karl Rove, I think this Fiat captures the gist of what is going on, in particular the headlights. I don't know who would buy a vehicle that looks like this. Even more perplexing is considering who would design a vehicle like this.

John Kyl is perhaps best captured by this Ford Edsel, the product of automotive designers who had clearly marched to the beat of a different drummer, one who had played too many times for Lawrence Welk.

Let's face it, John McCain's image and persona have devolved over time, so the vehicles of choice for him have also switched models. Back in 2000 when he challenged Bush for the nomination, another vehicle would apply, but today, this Reliant has the salient features that make it a good choice.

For our Vice President, there is something about this 1974 Blackhawk that nails it. You just know that something is up and not right with anyone driving this vehicle. Something dark, twisted, and evil lurks at the soul of such a thing. Pathology is buried in there somewhere. Steer clear whenever possible. Be afraid, for there truly is cause for fear.

With respect to our esteemed Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice (is all of this really happening?!), I really struggled. No vehicle could quite capture, well, what there is to capture. After considerable reflection and more time than I care to admit, I think the Pontiac Aztek, a vehicle brought forth by the inspiration of individuals clearly under the influence of controlled substances, captures it best. Keep in mind the truly mysterious nature of the cosmos. There are people living on this planet that designed this vehicle. Think about that.

Finally, we get to George Dubyah. What vehicle could possibly capture the essence of our President? I thought about this for some time. There are so many vehicles that have been designed and built throughout the world and throughout history. Searching around, I finally found a car that just does it. The visual is perfect. It captures everything there is to say.


Blogger Liza said...

I can't reconcile all of you bloggers who believe that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is wrong, yet you support Giffords. Giffords is not taking a strong position against the war in Iraq. In fact, in this Star interview that you link to, I can't even begin to figure out what she thinks about Iraq. It reads like so much politician double talk - support the troops who are there, blah, blah, blah...

What did she say? Is anyone out there a translator for politician double talk? Does Giffords have a position on Iraq or not? I daresay it's getting more vague by the day.

All I want from a representative in Congress is, well, representation. The American people have finally turned against this war and its high time that Congress act on this simple fact and I do not mean by issuing "resolutions." The Democrats may as well all stand up at once and throw a hissy fit for all the good these "resolutions" do.

I am so infuriated when I think about who we need in Congress and who we actually have.

Giffords needs a fire lit under her DLC arse and it's just not clear to me why those of you who have these blogs that supported her are failing to do your part to get that fire lit.

BTW, I honestly can't see the point in comparing people to cars. Is this a way to write something about Giffords on your blog without facing the fact that she is so weak on Iraq?

1/21/2007 8:20 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Geez, Louise, Liza!

Where is your sense of humor? I laughed so hard while producing this post my blood pressure medication almost rendered me unconscious.

I have the utmost respect for you, and your comments on this blog and others have been a most valuable contribution to the discourse. I hope you continue to comment. With this post, however, you and I are at odds. Your candidate of choice in the last election, Jeff Latas, stood no prayer of getting elected. The man could not generate funds. What may or may not be clear to you and other Latas supporters is that should some fluke have put him in office, the man would have charged into the chamber with the “I can change the world” arrogance that results in getting one’s legs cut off at the waist.

In my humble opinion, if your candidate prevailed, Congress would have eaten him for breakfast.

Giffords is a real politician. You may not like that, and you may not like her language, but she is in the big leagues playing the real game, and it operates by rules that Latas and the two of us probably do not know.

This isn’t to give the woman a free ride. Not at all. Giffords needs to learn the real game and become effective at it, and the clock is ticking. Come November 2008, she needs to point to marks on the wall. She does not have the CD 7 luxury enjoyed by Raul Grijalva. She must survive in Republican rich CD 8, which is no cakewalk.

1/21/2007 10:01 PM  
Anonymous Francine Shacter said...

I kept telling you people I was the best candidate, to elect me - but did you listen to me? No!

All joking aside, from the day Gabby entered the race, she was a lightening rod for the Latas crowd. In my many years in politics, I have never seen anything quite like it. Please, recognize that she got elected by a very large and undisputable margin. GIVE HER A CHANCE! She hasn't been there long enough for anyone to criticize her that harshly. If you don't like her positions, then let her know. There is email, phone, snail mail - plenty of opportunity to say "You are my representative and this is what you need to do to represent me and my interests." Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing her bashed.

1/21/2007 11:19 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Well, hi, Francine,
My point is that those who supported Giffords so enthusiastically AND want the US to leave Iraq AND own blogs should probably be using those blogs right now to disseminate a message to our representatives in Congress including Ms. Giffords. None of these representatives should get a pass and I don't care if they are new or not. Anyone who is elected to Congress understands this, or should.


If that means bashing, as you call it, then bashing it's going to be.

1/22/2007 9:38 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Fabulously spoken, Francine, and you said things I meant to say but forgot, in particular the point about giving the woman a chance.

You have been in Washington and tasted the taste and smelled the smell of the game.

Slightly oversimplified, but in many respects, you have to win the game before you can change it.


You don't think this blog has been vocal against the war in Iraq? You don't think I have been severely critical on the current administration?

Details are not appropriate, Liza, but I can make you this promise. Our Congresswoman knows this blog's position on the war. Consider the message delivered.

1/22/2007 9:50 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

You may not believe this, but I have accepted the fact that Jeff Latas did not do well in the CD8 primary and is not our representative in Congress.

This statement, "I am so infuriated when I think about who we need in Congress and who we actually have" is in reference to the entire Congress. So far, there are really only a few representatives in both the Senate and the House who have heard the American people and have made public statements calling for an end to the military occupation of Iraq. Dennis Kucinich has written the most comprehensive and concise statement to date, as far as I know.

If you have read the Kucinich plan for leaving Iraq, then you will have an idea of what I like to hear. What I don't want to hear are words that have been strung together but say nothing.

Beating up Jeff Latas on these blogs as a means of defending Giffords seems pointless to me. I know that he lost, as does everyone else, and we understand that we have to live with the results of the election.

Congress, as a legislative entity, will not act without a mighty shove from below (as I stated on another blog.) You are very eloquent, my friend. I am trying to get you interested in becoming part of that shove.

1/22/2007 9:57 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

Yes, I think you have been vocal against the war in Iraq. That's part of my argument, is it not? Now is the time to be putting the pressure on Congress. The election was not enough. It never is. Most of the people in Congress want to be re-elected so it's hard for them to take a position on anything that might be a problem for them in the next election.

BTW, thanks for the link to Robert Reich's blog. He's great on subjects related to what we are talking about now.

1/22/2007 10:11 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

I've got to say that the picture of Bush and McCain hugging each other is really funny.

1/22/2007 12:07 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Oh, Liza, if you only knew how hard I laughed the first time I saw that photo.

In fact, nothing, and I mean nothing, has made me laugh harder than blogs. Some of the stuff that people post is so hilarious that I laugh until I am literally cramping up in pain.

Michael's Blog for AZ sometimes posts images, like one that showed W eating a kitten, that had me in stitches for days. Tedski occasionally makes a quip that gets me going.

I appreciate your frustration and believe that we agree on far more than we disagree. Your comments are valuable and most welcome.

1/22/2007 6:58 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Just looking at the picture of Bush and McCain without knowing who they are, you could get the impression that they are at one of those Southern Baptist revivals and McCain has just been healed or saved.

1/23/2007 11:37 AM  

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