Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Copper Trauma

Tucson, Arizona. Well, something is happening in San Manuel today that may or not be noticed by most of the folks in Tucson, but it strikes at the heart of your humble blogger, who spent several years in San Manuel at the Best Copper Smelter in the World, run by one of the best corporations to ever operate in human history, Magma Copper Company.

Executives from all over the world flew into Arizona and paid $10,000 each just to sit in on one of our meetings. Clinton's labor secretary Robert Reich dispatched key people to San Manuel to learn what was going on, resulting in CEO Burgess Winters flying to DC to meet with President Clinton, who was jaw dropping blown away when he heard what we were up to.

Unfortunately, a company called BHP paid $2.4 BILLION to buy Magma and then took over, the dumbest dipshit nimrod collection of bungleheads I'd ever encountered in the corporate world. They utterly ruined the place in three years and lost every penny of that $2.4 Billion plus a lot more. BHP Stockholders were furious as this slashed the BHP stock price, so Board Chair and CEO John Prescott as well as arrogant jack ass Jerry Ellis were fired. New CEO Paul Anderson called the entire BHP organization a "dysfunctional family" and grabbed a machete for each hand. He hacked the place to smithereens, and the blades reached San Manuel. All workers lost their jobs.

Today, the smoke stacks were demolished, and the material posted at the link is well worth seeing. I was there. Today, billions and billions of dollars worth of copper are virtually unretrievable because BHP flooded the underground San Manuel mine, so instead Canadian-based Augusta Resource Corporation is going to scrape it off the Rosemont Ranch in the Santa Rita mountains, a move futilely resisted by our politicians who cannot stop it from happening. Perhaps it will make enough money to attract the attention of BHP Billiton.

Should BHP Billiton purchase the Augusta Resource Corporation, management with the IQ's of retarded cinder blocks will take over and insist workers extract the copper with soggy peanut shells. The workers will be blamed when productivity plummets, and they will close the place and lay everyone off.

Some of the displaced workers might even turn into bloggers.


Blogger Stephanie Parks said...

Hi. What exactly happens when they flood the mine? I am in the process of writing a screenplay that uses San Manuel (San Marco in the movie) as its locale, and I want it to be as accurate as possible when I talk about the Owner of "DigIt" Mining. The more I know about the real situation, the more realistic the character will be.

7/13/2013 12:38 PM  

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