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Hillary, Obama, Giuliani, and McCain

Well, Hillary surprised no one by announcing her candidacy for President, and I stand by my assertion that barring a GOP meltdown of some kind, she will lose in the general election.

From the Gallup Poll conducted January 12-14 among democratic primary voters:

Hillary Rodham Clinton 29
Barack Obama 18
John Edwards 13
Al Gore 11
John Kerry 8
Joe Biden 5
Bill Richardson 3
Wesley Clark 2
Al Sharpton 1

In the same poll, Hillary facing Obama alone, she draws 53% against his 39%. A Zogby poll conducted a week earlier for the most part replicated the results, as do a bunch of other polls.

For the GOP, we have:

Rudy Giuliani 31
John McCain 27
Newt Gingrich 10
Mitt Romney 7
George Pataki 3
Tommy Thompson 2
Jim Gilmore 2
Sam Brownback 1
Mike Huckabee 1
Chuck Hagel 1
Condoleezza Rice 1

I don’t glean much meaning from the General Election polls, except to state what I have already stated, Hillary is toast against Giuliani and her chances against McCain are now somewhat tied to Iraq. If Iraq deteriorates badly enough, the debt continues to soar, and the Bush administration remains on its knees servicing the almighty Halliburton, McCain might falter.

Polls aside, neither Hillary nor any other democratic nominee is going to face Guiliani because the GOP is not going to nominate him. This Giuliani stuff is just noise, for being a reasonably intelligent person, he is not a Neanderthal. This means that he supports reproductive freedom, stem cell research, gay rights, gender equality, and all of those things that make the Falwell and Robertson people go batshit. Unlike McCain, he has not endorsed the banning of abortion even in the case in incest and rape and is not on a mission from God to round up all of the homosexuals into Auschwitz style death camps for immediate extermination and incineration.

OK, I exaggerate. Or do I?

Yes, Barack Obama is African American and has a funny name, but that is not what concerns me. What concerns me is his lack of tenure. I am open to debate on this one, but it just feels “too early.” My meters say this is a campaign in preparation for a campaign. The 2008 effort on the part of Obama is laying track for a subsequent attempt that will indeed bear fruit. He has that Kennedy "rock star" dynamic, and he is on a collision course with occupying the White House, unless someone shoots him first, and that is no attempt to be funny. We know what happened to JFK and RFK. I could not be more serious or sober. Obama is an assassination waiting to happen, and I hope he and his close circle understand this and exercise caution. I truly fear for this man’s life and pray that my concerns do not materialize.

Against Mitt Romney or Sam Brownback, Hillary will win. As I’ve already posted, Romney’s nomination will attract the brightest of spotlights to the Mormon religion, and its polytheistic, carnal god, and misogynist beliefs will drop the jaw of Joe America. Romney cannot replicate Kennedy’s September 1960 speech addressing his Catholicism.

In relativistic terms, Catholics and Protestants are IDENTICAL when placed in contrast with Mormonism. Again, the Mormons believe men can become God. No kidding. What God is now, a practicing Mormon MAN can become. This is off the Christian map.

With all due respect to the man, Kerry stinks as a Presidential candidate. I cannot believe any democrats think he should be nominated again. What are they thinking?

It’s easy to sit here and criticize everyone, so what would be positive? What do I think is a great ticket? I’ll tell you. The strongest democratic ticket, one that would be virtually bulletproof in the general election and against which the GOP would flounder miserably, is Gore/Clark. The Gore/Clark ticket would trample anything the GOP could put together.

Not only is this ticket fabulous before the election. This ticket is fabulous for what would occur after the election. For both the country and the planet, this is the ticket from heaven. Gore/Clark would be the savior from grace rescuing us from Satanic Bush/Cheney Hell. If it happened, I would cry. It won’t.


Blogger said...

Learn the FACTS about Mitt Romney and Mormons:

1/21/2007 5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yea?

Mormons pretend they are Christian, but they are not.

What FACTS are you talking about? x4mr is correct in this post and the earlier one. True Christians know that Christ and God are not about some MAN accumulating a bunch of wives.

1/21/2007 9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Moron religion is a women hating, minority hating, arrogant and self serving institution that collects tons of money from its brain washed robot slaves.

It is a cult, pure and simple.

1/21/2007 9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sirocco says:

I notice a lack of mention of John Edwards, not just in this post but across the blogs. He seems to be slipping under the radar.

I think Hillary's chances are underestimated. Yes, there's a fairly large block which won
t vote for her because of who she is. However (and for some reason this fails to get mentioned), there is an equally large block which _will_ vote for her because of who she is ... which puts fewer voters in play, but still places her in the position of only needing to capture 50% + 1 of those unaligned voters.

The most interesting question for me, at least, is speculating on who Clinton would tab to be her running mate should she earn the nomination. Obama and Edwards would both be solid names, and from regions other than the NE.

Or does she go out on a limb and name Bill as her VP? Wouldn't that be wild?

I agree with your concerns about possible attempts on Obam's life. Sad but true ... and sadly, a lot of those same issues pertain to Clinton as well, for gender reasons rather than racial ones.

1/22/2007 8:07 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Wow, Sirocco, brilliant observation that I hadn't even considered regarding the danger to Hillary as well. I completely agree.

My concern with her is the large negatives. Not sure what the number is, maybe 35%, that say they would NEVER vote for her EVER if she were last candidate on Earth.

There are also weird folks that just cannot stand the woman and it's not even rational. It's worse than the animosity Bill faced, which he himself later admitted to underestimating.

If she wins the nomination, 2008 will probably set a record for the highest voter turnout in the history of the country.

1/22/2007 7:07 PM  
Blogger sirocco said...


I've seen those same numbers regarding Hillary, but, as I said, what goes unmentioned is there is essentially an identical number wo would vote for her against any Republican candidate.

The actual figures I saw were something like 35% would absolutely, positively never vote for her, and 33% would vote for her even if God himself came to earth, registered as a Republican and somehow won the Republican nomination (which, of course, he could never manage since he would be opposed to the Iraq war, tax cuts for the wealthy, etc.). A small net minus, but well within the 4 or 5 point margin of error.

Call that even, and all it really means is if Hillary were to win the nomination than more people than usual would have their minds and votes pre-decided. That doesn't make it harder (or easier) for her to win an overall majority, just that the pool of "in play" voters for her and whatever R candidate is nominated shrinks.

1/23/2007 11:30 AM  
Blogger sirocco said...

Completely off topic ... this last time I had made a post on another blog first, so my account name was "established". Therefore, I was able to post as "sirocco".

However, if that is not the case then I can't post here and have to post anonymously. Odd problem, still no idea what's causing it. Not a big deal, though.

1/23/2007 11:32 AM  

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