Thursday, March 25, 2010

Retreating, Reloading, and Aiming

Unprecedented political sell out Sarah Palin, now slated to become the host of a new reality TV show, has posted a "hit list" map of 20 House Democrats who voted to support health care reform.

Using the intentionally inflammatory rhetoric of gun violence, Palin advises followers, "Don't retreat. Reload!"

She uses cross hair imagery on political opponents. This is actually happening. I think we've passed the point of no return to where real bullets are going to enter the picture.

However, in what I think is an illuminating metaphor for this entire fiasco of nonsense (involving a lot more than Palin's grotesque exploitation of current events for financial gain), notice the marksmanship of the Killa from Wasilla regarding Congressman Harry Mitchell, and in particular, Congresswoman Giffords.

Ann Kirkpatrick, Harry Mitchell, and Gabrielle Giffords are clearly identified in the first column. Yes, this is picking a nit, but why not? Everyone else is. Ann has a district comprising almost half the state, but which cross-hairs are intending to reach their CD-5 and CD-8 targets? See the Arizona cross-hairs? How's your geography? Palin is hunting for Harry in Sedona and for Giffords in Show Low.

Fussing about the sloppiness of Palin's map is choir blogging, but noting that her message now includes elected officials as targets in cross-hairs at a site telling nut jobs to "re-load" is not.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you for real? Do you really believe this drivel?

3/25/2010 4:06 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

It is interesting that Palin has her crosshairs set on three Arizona representatives. She (her handlers) thinks she is influential in Arizona because of the McCain connection.

I agree with X4mr about the gun metaphor which isn't exactly a metaphor when you really mean it.

3/25/2010 7:28 AM  
Anonymous Observer said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with choir blogging so long as it's fun/creative.

The awareness of it changes everything.

What is not fun or amusing is the truly serious part of this, which is that Republican leaders are using violent and hate mongering imagery, and talk radio and Fox are stoking the flames further.

The T-shirts were quite the foreshadowing of what was later hoisted into the air on signs, and the threats are including the families of elected officials.

Palin is beyond shameless, beyond reprehensible, beyond beyond. She is the perfect embodiment of what is wrong with this country.

3/25/2010 8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Observer is right. Choir away, x4mr!

I thought the post with the cow on the tracks was hilarious. Now that is the metaphor for the Republicans.


3/25/2010 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anon said...

Did you hear Cantor is saying the Democrats are fanning the flames?!

3/25/2010 4:08 PM  
Blogger The Navigator said...

Shifting paradigms produce extraordinary confusion. Ironically Obama has the most challenging presidency since Abraham Lincoln, and we drift towards a Civil War of ideas. The ideas of the past have become obsolete, and the country is slipping. Ultimately solutions will prevail, and no amount of denial can reduce the numbers on the tab left for us by the previous administration's greed and incompetence. The tea party crowd can bitch all day about the cost, but now that limited governance leads with certainty to corporate orgies and unbridled malfeasance, the only chance they have of living in the system they crave is to find a planet that works the way they think this one does.

x4mr, July 2009

The next Civil war has started, and it is anything but civil.

3/25/2010 5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey x4mr,

I can't believe you haven't blogged about the hit on Giffords office. You've been sweet on her forever. I thought you'd have a 15,000 word piece on the subject by now.

3/25/2010 7:29 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Maybe they should replace Gifford's broken glass window with a bullet proof one now that she is in Sarah Palin's crosshairs.

3/25/2010 8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you were dead on with the prediction of violence. it's sad it came to that.

1/10/2011 3:45 PM  

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