Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Diversity and Civil Rights

Tucson, Arizona. Anne Denogean has a piece in the Citizen about the ongoing initiative to thwart efforts in the country to address diversity and ethnic/gender disparities. I'll spare the reader a lengthy discussion of the backlash against affirmative action, best captured by the repulsive Jesse Helms campaign ad that showed white hands crumbling a rejection letter.

Academia, finding itself confronted with madness, successfully got the Supreme Court to see the light in the very famous Grutter decision, updating Bakke and allowing universities to manage their enrollment with a recognition that diversity is a factor in providing an education to its student body. What few understand is that gender and race blind admissions would flood our top schools with white girls. Harvard would push 95% (I do not exaggerate) female, an utterly untenable situation.

The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, the state wing of the The American Civil Rights Institute's mission to ban affirmative action, naturally enjoys a certain synergy with those eager to punish illegal aliens. Interestingly, perhaps, the Chairman fo the ACRL, Ward Connelly, is African American. Go figure. The Institute's motto reads, "Race has no place in American Life or Law."

Make no mistake. What we have here is a lie, the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. Note the banner of the Arizona Web site, showing diverse children smiling peacefully together. Let's promote peace and diversity by banning efforts to promote it?

As noted in Anne's article, they submitted the initiative to the state yesterday and must now collect a little over 200,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. Lest the reader groan about a silly non-reality, the efforts are succeeding. They've already pulled it off in several states. While the name of the executive director or the Arizona wing, Max McPhail, will not likely ring a bell, the name of the Chairman will, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who has made noise recently on a variety of fronts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what are you suggesting, x4mr? These vermin invade our country, become junkies and drug traffickers, burden our welfare system and our schools, which are meant to educate OUR children, bogging down everything.

Do you know what the wait is in an emergency room because it is clogged with those baby machines that have no sense of responsibility or ethics. They have a bunch of kids, don't belong here, but we pay for everything.

This country is going down the tubes because we set ourselves up. We just "give away the store" and wonder why were trillions in debt.

We don't even have our act straight and people want us to spend money in Africa? Fix things here first. You people are crazy.

11/06/2007 12:41 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Of course, referring to them as "vermin" depersonalizes the entire situation, and makes your proposal to treat them as rats all the more palatable.

WE have more than enough home-grown drug-addicts and junkies to cause problems - it's not something which can be blamed on immigrants, illegal or otherwise, who are statistically far MORE likely to be contributing, law-abiding members of their neighborhood than native-born Americans are.

We're trillions in debt because this administration decided to cut taxes, especially for the wealthy, while spending hundreds of billions on unnecessary wars. Immigrants had nothing to do with that either.

11/06/2007 1:25 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Just think about how most of the people in Iraq feel about being invaded, then occupied, then having their oil plundered?

Yes, anonymous, if you would bend over and pull your head out of your ass you might hear what other people in the world think about the Bush/Cheney illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. In fact, it really should make people like you pause for a moment and think about how totally absurd it is to call the undocumented immigrant issue an "invasion" of "vermin."

Normally, I wouldn't feed a troll. But your idiotic, racist, regurgitated from talk radio comments make me sick.

I grew up in the Jim Crow south. Will I ever live to see the day when I don't have to listen to racist trash talk? Probably not.

11/06/2007 2:16 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

I think sirocco has summed up my sentiments pretty well. anon's comments are absurd, bordering self-parody.

11/06/2007 2:28 PM  
Anonymous the doctor said...

I don't think anon is a troll, if I understand right that a troll is someone intentionally provoking and not even believing what they say.

My opinion is that in fact anon truly is as stupid as his remarks suggest. I have met these Rush Limbaugh people. They believe him, and he says some of the stupid crap you could imagine.

I remember when Limbaugh made fun of Michael Fox's trembling and even imitated it mockingly. I found that so offensive and repulsive. Anon is the same, and he is completely full of it about emergency rooms. They are not full of immigrants legal or otherwise.

Mostly they are full of old people or people who have brought old people. Anon has clearly heard some nonsense either from another idiot or some talk show like Rush that makes these ridiculous claims.

I agree with Dustin that Sirocco captured the gist of the points to be made.

11/06/2007 4:07 PM  
Blogger roger said...

Liza said it all...and so perfectly.

I wonder if they should build a wall in Iraq to keep the Americans out?

11/06/2007 8:21 PM  

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