Saturday, March 17, 2007

Death with Dignity

Newsflash. You are going to die. It comes with the package. What I cannot understand is this Neanderthal belief that an individual does not have the right to make his or her own deeply personal decision regarding how this happens as the body starts to disintegrate. Am I nuts? What possible argument of any sanity supports the prolonged torture of a dying person in horrible agony when they say, "End it now!"

Well, in France a very illustrative case occurred where a doctor and a nurse faced possible jail time over administering a lethal injection of potassium chloride to a woman in the depths of unspeakable suffering as pancreatic cancer tore her to shreds. The woman's body was so dysfunctional she suffered from "fecal vomiting."

OK. If ever, that is something that will happen to your humble blogger ONCE. The instant after this occurs, the 12 gauge gets loaded, both barrels, placed directly on the bridge of the nose, and POP. Hemingway knew how, and so do I.

This country is getting older, and we are on a collision course with lots of folks falling apart. We have got to get smarter about this, or we are going to spend unspeakable sums of money trying to extend excruciating experiences for people who would rather pull the plug. For what?


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