Friday, March 23, 2007

Pop Goes Weasel Two

Tucson, Arizona. Well, your humble blogger is a very happy blogger today. The slimy rat saw my red dot illuminating his sternum dead center and knew the caliber of the weapon would produce the desired result. He popped himself this morning just about 20 minutes ago. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

A certain set of folks are really smiling right now, and that it happened on a Friday is just perfect. Fifty bucks of my cash is just screaming to procure a bottle of the good stuff, Laphroaig, and I should be sipping it by five. Today is a day of celebration.

Staff is singing with delight, and we can declare the place rodent free, and should any of the readers not understand, I will just say this. Machiavelli was no idiot, and the guy spoke straight what most leave undiscussed.

Do not wound if you cannot kill.

Absolutely effing right.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pop Goes Weasel One

Tucson, Arizona. Those familiar with this blog know your humble blogger's employment situation has featured some drama in the not too distant past. Two assassins, FH and DS, attempted to take me out on February 15th.

They hurt me. I hurt back.

Such behavior has consequences. FH popped himself this morning and is officially doorknob dead, which cements the imminent demise of DS.

Hurting people is serious business in most contexts. These two characters have no idea what information is rippling through the network.

DS is suffering profusely as we speak, and tomorrow we will double his pain. On Friday, we double it again. If smart, he will follow the example of his pal. If not, we have a clear shot. Probably Monday.

Another tombstone, marked DS, coming soon to a blog near you.

I kid you not, although metaphor, this stuff is real. If it were fiction, it wouldn't have taken so damned long.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Death with Dignity

Newsflash. You are going to die. It comes with the package. What I cannot understand is this Neanderthal belief that an individual does not have the right to make his or her own deeply personal decision regarding how this happens as the body starts to disintegrate. Am I nuts? What possible argument of any sanity supports the prolonged torture of a dying person in horrible agony when they say, "End it now!"

Well, in France a very illustrative case occurred where a doctor and a nurse faced possible jail time over administering a lethal injection of potassium chloride to a woman in the depths of unspeakable suffering as pancreatic cancer tore her to shreds. The woman's body was so dysfunctional she suffered from "fecal vomiting."

OK. If ever, that is something that will happen to your humble blogger ONCE. The instant after this occurs, the 12 gauge gets loaded, both barrels, placed directly on the bridge of the nose, and POP. Hemingway knew how, and so do I.

This country is getting older, and we are on a collision course with lots of folks falling apart. We have got to get smarter about this, or we are going to spend unspeakable sums of money trying to extend excruciating experiences for people who would rather pull the plug. For what?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Attorneys and Snakes

Well, remember back in January when I was complaining about White House hanky panky regarding US Attorneys?

Well, this has now become a full fledged fiasco and the number one story as of this instant on CNN. Kyle Sampson has now resigned, and pressure is mounting for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign. He has now admitted mistakes were made. Really? Where I work, until I am shot or decide to shoot myself, all staff are read the riot act that every email is cc'ing the AZ Star, the New York Times, and the National Enquirer, and staff that violate this policy are humiliated in ways that violate HR policies.

Not always, but in general, time wounds all heals, and the true colors of this White House are reaching critical mass in public awareness. I can just imagine what folks will think of W in ten years. Not realizing the danger of email, the snakes have seen their work exposed for the world to examine in all of its gory details. This administration is dirty. Perhaps alluding to these characters as snakes insults the serpent species.

Well, your humble blogger speaks from experience when noting that there's nothing quite like the sound of that rattle in the dark of night. Perhaps a certain irony is at work.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tucson Town Hall and Fox News

Tucson, Arizona. Any of you going to the Town Hall this May? I struggled with this, given the shooting and all and that they (top secret) may not be acting on their own. Word is that they received orders to conduct the hit from higher sources. This is getting no kidding thick. Well, at any rate, I finally decided to attend.

If still alive, I will blog about the Town Hall in detail. If no one else gives you some participant commentary on this one, come here. What I say will not conform to press policies. I will relay what I can that seems worth telling. It is in early May.

Take a good look at Roger Ailes, President of Fox News and Certified Jerk. If I looked like this guy, I’d be an asshole too. Fox News should just come clean and call itself the Republican News Network. RNN. The democrats could get their channel, DNN. We’d have RNN, DNN, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS.

Jokes regarding Obama’s name will not hurt him. In fact, as this thing heats up, attacks lacking substance only strengthen his campaign.

Speaking of heat, we know what summer is like in Tucson.



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dollars, Sense, and Rats

I've posted before about the $500 million per year we would save if we went to dollar coins instead of dollar bills. The amount of money we would save if we scrapped the penny reaches the billions. Various news reports are talking about whether the new dollar coin will succeed.

The answer is probably no. Why? Because some stupid folk want to keep printing the paper bills. Perhaps the bane of democracy is that decisions drift towards the stupid due to some yet to be distinguished social theory. Cheney and Bush can hijack the nation into a war, but our government can't make the painfully obvious decision to save billions of dollars by scraping obsolete currency that makes no sense.

The dollar coin will succeed just fine WHEN WE SCRAP THE DOLLAR BILL.

They have apparently printed some 50,000 of the first batch of 300 million without the "In God We Trust" or "E Pluribus Unum" that is supposed to be on the side. Wow. Printing on the side of the coin? Bet that was cheap.

Who knows what currency we'll have in 2050? With our luck, we'll still be making pennies and paper dollars. Sheesh.

Those $#$&@#$ rats are STILL in their @#$&#% hole. Unbelievable. They could have just walked outside, a simple pop, and moved on without a sound or a peep. We now have to call in the equivalent of an air strike, which makes more noise and involves more people, and sure enough, I now know that a certain elected official has been completely briefed, and how much control do you think I have over what a certain elected official chooses to say?

If our air strike is successful, it will leak some places, but hopefully we can keep it from the reporters. My anonymity is toast and soon.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rat Malignancy Escalates

Well, this scenario was supposed to be very simple, and if intelligence prevailed it would have been. But alas, the plot is thickening, and this is bad. The smart thing to do, for these rodents, is to come out, take their pop in the head, and move on. In a sane world, that's what would happen. Unfortunately, I guess the insanity above in the big world of CNN and national news also applies to the very small world of your humble blogger.

The rats remain in their holes and unwilling to communicate or answer our pounds on the door, but most unfortunately, we have noticed cars parked outside.

Cars that belong to attorneys.

Things appear to have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. This means we have to have attorneys. Everyone's guns just got bigger and more expensive. F***!!!!

I am not likely to make it to June. Barring some miracle of sanity, this is going to go postal, nasty, and hit the press, and this thing is networked. The blood letting will ripple.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Rats, Ratholes, and Impending Violence

I had really wanted to post some tombstones tonight. They are all ready to go. But unfortunately, some rats have done what rats do when they know the gig is up.

They are hiding and won't come out of their hole.

As of 5:35 PM this evening, the rats have stayed inside and bolted the doors. What is very significant is that they are not answering the door, and we know they are home.

They are huddled inside, out of sight, crafting whatever they are crafting, and the water is hot and bright red. It is, in fact, no longer water. The gig is up and the knocking is going to continue. The door is pounding and will keep pounding. No one is going anywhere. What in the world are these guys thinking?

Tonight feels very different from the night of Valentine's Day. That night, the blood in the water was mine.

If the plan prevails, these rats are gone within 24 hours, 48 tops, and you will not hear a thing, Zilch Nada Zip, except my tombstone post here. If, on the other hand, they have magical powers and turn this around, the thing will hit the press, and if you read the paper, you WILL be able to connect the dots.

I apologize for the delay, but this is reality, not fiction, so I can only control my piece. I promise I am WAY more eager for this to be over than you are.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Historical Marker--Take Four

Tucson, Arizona. Folks familiar with this blog know that awhile ago your humble blogger exchanged fire with two would be assassins who failed to get the job done.

Machiavelli wrote, "Do not wound if you cannot kill."

Absolutely effing right.

Unbelievable. I just can't believe they stayed in town, both of them.

Well, any day now. Probably Monday or Tuesday, but it might slip a week or so. Not two.

This time, it is no duel, and this time, they will not crawl away. Yes, this is a metaphor, but the rules, the people, and the game, are very real. When it is over, I will post their tombstones. At the appropriate time, everything comes to a blog near you.