Friday, May 21, 2010

The Emerging Truth

The Republican nomination of Rand Paul for the US Senate in Kentucky may have been just what the doctor ordered in terms of illuminating the dystopian nightmare for which the Tea crowd truly stands. Paul has the purity to say what most in the tea crowd prefer to obfuscate (except the various signs, racial slurs, spitting on Congress..). We already knew that tea sentiments are racist as hell, but Paul will come out with it on record and repeatedly. The media now have it everywhere that he thinks your local Circle K or Denny’s should have the right to refuse admittance to the spics and jigaboos. Matt’s Dry Cleaning can tell the colored folk to take their suits elsewhere.

On the catastrophe in the gulf, a disaster with repercussions lasting decades inflicting incalculable and yet to be understood damage, criticism of the Obama administration is mounting for not being more aggressive. The "Obama’s fault no matter what" crowd is starting to label the atrocity as "Obama’s Katrina." In light of this, and I promise I’m not making it up, Rand Paul is saying that Obama's criticism of BP's woeful mismanagement is Un-American.

Uh, say again? Perhaps in the America he wants to see. Most (self-included) would like to see a stronger response from the White House. Paul makes no mention of the lack of inspections (violating law), the failure to follow safety procedures (violation of law), allowing broken back up systems to remain in disrepair (violation of law), the deliberate use of risky procedures, and now that the catastrophe has occurred, the intentional misrepresentation of the size of the spill. Paul speaks of the spill almost dismissively, "Accidents happen."

BP is being mistreated?

I’m delighted that the GOP nominated Rand Paul for the Senate. We have five more months of his clarifying and illustrating the distilled ignorance made possible when a small gang of monsters reap billions entertaining the most base elements of society. Disband the FDA. The meat and pills are safe because that's good business. Disband the EPA. Union Carbide, Dow, and Dupont would never pollute the water or air. That thing in Bhopal? Hey, accidents happen. Our banks and financial institutions don't need regulation. They would never put our economy at risk.


Blogger Sirocco said...

Pure Libertarianism generally appeals to folks in the abstract, less so when one points out its consequences in real life.

5/23/2010 1:34 PM  
Blogger The Navigator said...

Exactly, Sirocco.

I fail to understand how anyone can continue to hold such positions in light of the disasters that have occurred over the past few years. The Bush administration has shown what atrocities crawl out when government is inept and and asleep.

We had a security meltdown (911), a natural disaster meltdown (Katrina), a war fiasco (Iraq), a financial meltdown, and I would include the BP drilling disaster.

What corporations do minus oversight and regulation has become clear to anyone that is willing to look.

5/23/2010 4:18 PM  

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