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SAIAT Associate

Tucson, Arizona. As I was leaving the cigar shop Friday afternoon, a prior SAIAT associate (will remain unnamed) approached the store, someone for whom I have a great deal of respect. He is one of the sharpest people I've met in this town. He produces results. I had not seen him since resigning from SAIAT last May. We started chatting and he offered to buy me another smoke, "Pick whatever you want."

Oh, twist my arm. I'd already had a cigar, so a Spellbound would have been too much. I chose the VSG Belicoso No. 1. He had a Spellbound. We enjoyed our cigars. He turned to me, "Who's Cigar Man?"

As much I wanted to tell him, I kept my promise that I would tell no one. (I have a thing about my word.) While not as involved with the local shenanigans as Cigar Man, he had some interesting news. He has read most of Something Else, and his opinion of TREO matches mine. He told me that when Roach and his overpaid goon squad found out about Something Else, it caused quite the ruckus at 120 N. Stone. Apparently they entertained the scenario that a certain blogger might go postal and invade their facility armed like Neo and Trinity in The Matrix on a pest control mission.

They either hired or seriously considered hiring armed guards to protect their quivering booties. Haaagh!! Huwaaaaagh!!

That's hilarious and ridiculous. I said that I wouldn't. That means I won't, period. What happened at a certain place and time decades ago will remain there forever, but suffice to say that if I were going to do anything, I would not preface it with a large publication articulating outrage towards my would be victims. I would not link to said publication at what is usually ranked among the top ten most influential political blogs in the state.

The articulate use words, not guns. Those who use guns don't talk let alone write. The Associate and I laughed about it. He suggested they perhaps consider me a psychopath. Everyone knows where everyone lives. With hindsight, I could have had a lot of fun with this. Send them all a copy of The Killer Inside Me at their home addresses. A week later I could have dropped by the homes at 3 AM and dumped cigarette butts around their porch and bedroom windows. Someone must have been standing there all night!

Huh. It NEVER occurred to me that they would feel physically threatened. I guess making a living by screwing others can make a person paranoid.

I told him about "Economic Development Guy" who claims the city council (not TREO and PCC - which is Cigar Man's assertion) instructed TREO to take SAIAT's subsidy. Until shown otherwise, we consider the CM claim more probable.

TREO has slit the throats of quite a few agencies, naturally helping themselves to whatever the agency received in public subsidies. TREO inherited some city and county OED functions that actually (believe it or not) did involve doing something, a problematic notion. City OED wrote job training grants, connected businesses, did Business Link, created some training programs, and some other items. A certified ANUS knows the importance of avoiding accountability. Responsibility has to be unloaded on others. They tried to dump the training grants on SAIAT, telling me I could make $500,000 charging for services city OED did for free (Imagine my enthusiasm.) I agreed to do them so long as they didn't butcher our funding.

They didn't like that.

They are trying to unload work on others as well. The Associate shared with me the frustration of those eager to find falsehoods in the story. They can't. The guy knows a lot, and not just about SAIAT. Several approached him, "Is Something Else true?" His response: "Everything I have read is accurate."

Armed guards. I can just see some potential company visiting Tucson, "What are they for?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is funny, especially on the heels of your last post.. If any of those numb-nuts ever paid attention to your musings they would have a clue where you stand. I think you're right about their tendencies to be projecting paranoia from their own experience of screwing over others.

They never 'got' you, their loss.

Nonsequitur: I've always thought intelligence was sexy as hell. So you can imagine how turned on I am when I visit your blog. You're a ROCK STAR! :p

3/08/2008 5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea how long Roach and TREO have known about Something Else?

To your knowledge, has TREO ever been asked to come to Mayor and City Council and report on their program, output, and results? Be held publicly accountable, in other words? Or the Board of Supervisors?

--not the same "anonymous" as the turned-on lady above

3/08/2008 5:41 PM  
Blogger Cigar Man said...

First, I appreciate x4mr's keeping his word. I knew he would.

The security guard story is new to me. I don't think they actually hired any because I am likely to have heard of that. It may well be the case that they discussed having armed guards. Wow. I would have loved to have been in that meeting, although I don't know if I would have the strength to keep a straight face.

To have sat in the room listening to a serious discussion of x4mr with a machine gun would have been a "best in career" moment.

TREO learned about "Something Else" rather quickly. X4mr published it on 7/7/7, and they knew within a week. What I know for a fact is that they were completely caught off guard. Only the blogger community knew it was coming.

To some, he is like the anti-Christ. To others, like anon above, he is a hero. There's a reason the blog ranks high. A lot of people read it and talk about it.

Anon, x4mr is single, you know, and smart as hell.

3/08/2008 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've visited the TREO office recently, and they don't even have a receptionist anymore. Must be tightening the budget belt so as to devote more horsepower directly to the recruitment effort.

They probably figure they are safe, since the TREO braintrust, such as it is, is protected by a maze of unoccupied cubicles. Probably close to 1,000 square feet of unused office space, but lots of partitions and cubicles to absorb the spray of gunfire from x4mr.

3/08/2008 11:27 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Roach and his associates probably also fear that X4mr's public exposure of their behind the scenes shenanigans might inspire others to do them physical harm. When your career is about feeding greedily at the public trough and screwing others to hold your position, the number of people who despise you starts to add up. And what do these kind of people really know about the mental health of the people they have screwed?

Roach and his ilk thrive because very few people know who they are and even fewer people know the truth about them. When that changes, they feel threatened and they begin to fear the unknown. Their biggest fear, of course, is losing their sweet, easy gigs and having to work for a living, something they have probably never had to do.

3/09/2008 12:52 PM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

I find it difficult to believe they would hire security guards, but what do I know? Even if they as much as discussed a concern for physical safety, it shows they have no grasp of x4mr whatsoever.

Anyone with any insight or the slightest level of sophistication can see that x4mr has "developed himself" in many ways, and that there is no way he is going to get physically violent over such pathetic human beings. Yes, the scumbags destroyed something very valuable that he had put his heart into, but it was just a company.

Also, I would bet money that if he did wish to inflict harm, the victim would never see it coming.

He will do exactly what he is doing, which is use words and conversation at the systemic level referring to the dynamics, the facts, and inviting anyone to refute his assertions. The post about the TUSD absurdity is a perfect example.

I agree with Cigar Man. If they actually did discuss hiring guards, that conversation would have me doubled over on the floor.

x4mr, be careful with the turned on anon. It might be a TREO black op. She'll draw you in for a rendezvous where the assassin will be waiting.

3/09/2008 1:55 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


They don't need a fancy op to kill me. They know where I live. They can come over any time, shoot me, and get away with it. They have nothing to worry about. I haven't designed a response.

I have no associates, no past, no friends, no one willing to do a thing in the event I meet my demise, no sacred bonds with certain students from Chicago while an undergraduate at Northwestern.

You are right, Nav, about everything else.

Turned on anon,

I'm delighted you enjoy. You're most welcome here. By the way, sometimes I blog naked;-)

3/09/2008 3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

L O EFFIN' L ("on" anon here) You guys crack me up! Navigator, I assure you I'm harmless. Fear not, x4mr. Besides, how could I compete with THIS mistress?

But I digress. I have bumped up against scandalous operations in this city and have done what I could to fight. The arrogant never realize who's watching and underestimate their adversaries. A good friend once said to me, (and I think he quoted it from somewhere else), "the arrogant make the best kind of enemy."

It does my heart good to see x4mr blowing the cover off some rather significant local injustice by utilizing a mouthpiece such as this blog. There used to be that idea that in wanting to be kept honest, people lived their lives as if a camera were watching. Maybe people everywhere should consider living their lives and conducting their affairs as if someone among them might be writing a blog. Therein, TREO, you will find the weapon you fear, ah but too late.
G'day friends.

3/09/2008 4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

x4mr, now you're making me blush :P (Caught your post on the refresh...)

3/09/2008 4:20 PM  

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