Thursday, January 31, 2008

Omnivores for Obama

(The Daughter at Stanford) Tucson, Arizona. I got an email from the daughter at Stanford, and according to her, the entire campus is for Obama. Unlike your Independent humble blogger, the daughter is pure Democrat. She votes Nepolitano, Giffords, and has told me that she voted via absentee for Obama in the primary. I love my kid. The GOP has lost all but a small minority of the omnivore population. They hate the war. They think people should have health care, have no issue at all with gays, and think abstinence is quite possibly the stupidest concept ever considered by a human being.

They really don't understand Bush, who says, "If you don't pass this bill, America will be attacked, but if you send it to me without protecting phone companies from lawsuits, I will veto it."

The bill automatically extends a year if not renewed. Does the reader get it? Bush is more committed to protecting corporations than the nation itself. In his own words, he will a veto a bill he says is necessary to protect the nation from attack unless it protects corporations from litigation if they break the law.

Occam's Razor. Our President's loyalties are to large corporations, not the people of the United States of America, and that has been the case since January 2000. Those not born into billion dollar legacies are pig food.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to be a doomsayer, but I am still both excited...and seriously worried...about Barack's campaign. I know that polls can be deceptive, but he is getting it handed to him in recent polls in California, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Arizona, Massachusetts, etc etc. He is winning some of the states like Georgia and neck and neck in CT.

In addition, while he is catching up in national polls...he is still behind. We are talking like 50% of the delegates being selected only 4 or 5 days away, and he is facing double digit leads.

Im worried. God I hope I am wrong.

1/31/2008 10:06 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

I really hope he gets it, but I'm worried too. I don't like hillary's chances in the general.

2/01/2008 7:26 AM  

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