Sunday, October 07, 2007

Excellent Videos

This post has nothing to do with politics and offers some of the richest material ever posted at this blog, although it features the work of others, not your humble blogger. I will offer a little commentary, but the art speaks for itself. I give my word that none of these works are trivial nonsense. Every video features rich and deep content worthy of not only watching, but considerable thought.

The first video is for Sirocco and the Navigator. It is border distilled and pure NIN. Both the lyrics and the imagery talk to the space between that which is between.

Now I am some where I am not supposed to be and
I can see things I know I really shouldn't see

The following, also a NIN song but sung by Johnny Cash and about Johnny Cash. Produced shortly before he died, a piece that doesn't hold back and punches straight, clean, and hard. Fabulous.

The only non NIN video of this post, it had to be incredible, and it is. Warning: The work, gifted and brilliant, will stay with you. Its depth transcends the intellect, and its implications reach spiritual altitudes.

I close with perhaps the most exquisite music video ever produced. It's so fantastic I think I watched over and over for an hour after seeing it the first time. Reznor is sheer genius and knows addiction from the bone marrow out. When the screen goes green he approaches the speed of the material I would like to produce if I get the chance.

The more I give to you, the more I die
And I want you..

My blood wants to say hello to you
My feelings want to get inside of you
My soul is so afraid to realize
Every little word is a lack of me

And I want you

For those interested, the original Nine Inch Nails version of Hurt.


Anonymous The Navigator said...


I had seen perfect drug and only.

The Johnny Cash video is fantastic, and that third video, my god. Your warning is well heeded. I am going to be thinking about that all day.

That is perhaps the most thought provoking music video I have ever seen. The ending is truly outside the box. Amazing.

10/07/2007 11:33 AM  
Anonymous the doctor said...

I don't get it. I wonder about you a little. Clearly I miss some of what goes on here. You are saying that the blog has motifs?

My wife is not the most enthusiastic supporter of my spending time online and reading blogs. I made the mistake this weekend, of renting "Inland Empire." Further, I made the mistake of telling my wife that it would be good, as a smart blogger wrote about it and said it was good.

Should I describe to you the faces and remarks my wife made as we watched? I don't think I can put into words how much she hated that movie. She really hated it. I didn't know a person could hate a movie so much.

I also don't understand, at all, the video with the insane person in the tunnel. Navigator, you will think about it all day? I have no idea what you are thinking about.

The Cash video was very good but depressing. God.

I did enjoy the drug video. He is definitely an artist.

10/07/2007 4:45 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

I have only watched the 1st and 3rd videos as I post this, I will catch the other two later.

Not quite sure what message I am supposed to take from Only, although it's a very interesting video to watch, and the lyrics combined with it certainly give me an impression of the border, as x4mr describes it.

BTW, x4mr, I think the lyrics posted are slightly off ... I think it's " ... somewhere I am not supposed to be, and I can see ..."

I am with Navigator and x4nmr on the 3rd one, very thought-provoking. It's clearly a metaphor of some kind, and I will have to really ponder it to understand what the artist is trying to get across ... the chaos caused by the walker, all the people passing him or hitting him, and just carrying on with their days, not stopping to help, or to see the consequences of their actions, the continuous picking up and carrying on, the stripping off of the coat (the outer self), the ending ... all very significant.

Doctor, remember Inland Empire is supposed to be seen alone. X4mr did warn you ... and sadly I haven't had hte time I hoped I would have to see it yet.

10/07/2007 5:00 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


What were you thinking?!! Sirocco is 1000% correct. I very explicitly and forcefully insisted with strong language that the wife is to be sent shopping, out with her lady friends, whatever.

The film is to be watched ALONE and in complete privacy, so you can interact however you choose. You can stand up, sit down, yell at the screen, swear WHAT THE!!!! as the experience unfolds.

At the border, one does not navigate with understanding. One navigates with Something Else.

This should reinforce my advice. Watch it alone. Be sure to watch the other two videos when you get a chance. I promise they are worth your time.

10/07/2007 5:49 PM  
Anonymous the doctor said...

Sirocco, x4mr is right. Watch it alone.

10/07/2007 8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the Cash song, but never saw the video. Thank you. It was great. All of the videos posted are great, but I connect to the Cash video the most.

Terrific blog. I got here by a google search. The people who comment here are smart, and you are right to respect what they say. I didn't read lots of material, but I did spend some time. Sirocco and Liza are wonderful people, and Navigator, dang. Dustin is clearly younger but very sharp. All are good people.

I think it's wonderful that you listen and respect comments and will change your story if they provide good corrections.

Keep up the good work. Like Dustin said, don't play it safe.

10/07/2007 9:47 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...


I don't know what kind of music you consume, but if you like the music from the tunnel video, give OK Computer a listen or two. I don't know much about the border, but there is a song on that album called climbing up the walls, I think it's in the same vane as what you've been describing. Full disclosure: before you laid it all out, I thought the border to which you were referring was the one between life and death.

In any case, look for the NIN video DVD, I forget what it's called, but I've spent a bit of time with it, and I think you'll like most of the videos on it.

I have yet to check out inland empire, but I can say that mulholland drive hit me the hardest. of the lynch offerings I've seen it's the one I like best. I found lost highway incomprehensible (but with a kick ass soundtrack) and the only parts of blue velvet I liked contained dennis hopper.

10/08/2007 7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Johnny Cash video, wow. The Christ crucifixion stuff at the end is severe. He must have had a pretty extreme life.

Great blog.

10/09/2007 10:39 PM  

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