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For everyone, regardless of distinction, I simply list first and last name. No lack of respect is intended. Listing accurate titles for everyone exceeds my resources, so I list all in the same manner. Many are distinguished professionals or elected officials with impressive titles. Weird names (Godzilla, Kralmajales, etc.) are bloggers or pseudonyms. Something Else is 100% true except for one small lie I acknowledge in the introduction.

Some play a huge role in the story. Others have only the slightest mention, but make no mistake. SOMETHING ELSE IS NOT FICTION. Every name without exception represents a real human being inside of a real story. If your name is on this list, you are in Something Else. The story principally involves 2000 – 2007, but it features flashbacks to as early as 1960.

Shawna Adams - Steve Aiken - Larry Aldrich - Paula Aboud - Alyssa - Errol Anderson
Jerry Anderson - Paul Anderson - Angel - Annette - Frank Antoneri
Linda Arzoumanian - Bruce Ash - Hank Atha - The Attorney – B - Paul Bablove
Eva Bacal - Ron Barber - Keith Bee - Tim Bee – Beth - Frank Bohac - Frank Bouchard
Mike Boyd - David Bradley - Brad Branan - Robert Breault - Jan Brewer
Sharon Bronson - Alan Brown - Joel Brodesky - Michael Bryon - Bill Buckmaster
C0 - Jim Calderwood - Jack Camper - Carmine Cardamone- Ray Carroll- Charles Casey
Mark Clark - Jim Click - David Cohen - Steve Cohen - Connie
Rosemary Cora-Cruz - Cristi Cristich - Vaughn Croft - Hermi Cubillos
Larry Curran – DF – DS - Barbara Dawson - Ann Day – Darth - Prabhu Dayal
Steve Delgado - Laura DeNinno - Don Diamond – Dogma - Ted Downing
Richard Ducote - Kathleen Dunbar - Art Eckstrom - Dan Eckstrom - Jennifer Eckstrom
Chris Edwards - Richard Elias - Jerry Ellis - Ian Ellison – FH – FO - Steve Farley
Fedup - Steve Fell - Sally Fernandez - Tamara Ferris - Alan Fischer – Floof -Andy Flores
Ray Flores - Robert Flores - Terry Forster - Martin Fowler – Framer
Louise Francesconi - Emily Friedman - Michael Friend - Gabrielle Giffords - Giff Giffords
Gloria Giffords - Melissa Giffords - Spencer Giffords - Gilbert - Lou Ginsberg
Terry Goddard - Lori Godoshian – Godzilla - Irwin Goldberg - Robert Gonzales
Carol Gorsuch - John Grabo - Randy Graf - Daniel Graver - RT Gregg - Raul Grijalva
Jeff Groscost - Romero Guest - Valerie Guttman - HS - Bob Hagan - Dorothy Harmon
Mike Hatfield - Paul Hawkins - Duff Hearon - Mike Hein - Mike Hellon - Toni Hellon
Pete Hershberger - Lazaro Hong - Byron Howard - Chuck Huckelberry - William Hudson
Steve Huffman - Jose Ibarra – JC – JP - Art Jacobson - Katherine Jacobson - Jennifer
Robert Jensen – Jim - Bill Johnson - David Jorgenson - Steve Juliver - Kathryn
James Keene – Kelly - Laura Mance Kelly - Mark Kelly - Judy Kessler - Jim Kiser - KMBlue
Brenda Knapp - Henry Koffler - Jim Kolbe - Jana Kooi - George Kozmetsky – Kralmajales
Jeff Latas - Salette Latas - Sylvia Laughter - Suzanne Lawder - Steve Leal - Barbara Leff
Peter Likins – Liza - John Lombardi - Paul Loomis - Lisa Lovallo – Lucky
Wayne Lundeberg - Mike Lupien - Steve Lynn - Cigar Man – Max - Cheryl McGaffic
Michael McGrath - John Madden - Steve Martin - Scott McNealy - Rodd McLeod
Al Melvin - Claude Merrill - Frances Merryman - George Miller - Jim Mize
Barbara Monroe - Ed Moore - Andy Morales - Wesley Mouch - Bob Mueller - Nadina
Nannette - Janet Napolitano - Andy Nichols - Ann Nichols - James Nintzel - David Nolan
Howard Odum - Bill Orinski - Fred Orozco – P - Manuel Pacheco - Jonathon Paton
Daniel Patterson - Pat Patton - Kathleen Perkins – Pidge - Walter Plosila
Mauro Peralta - Charlene Peters - Steve Peters - Rebecca Pfaff - Marion Pickens
James Pignatelli - Betsy Pollack - Pike Powers - John Prescott - Ted Prezelski
Tom Prezelski - Mike Proctor - Kevin Prodromides - Jay Quick - Robert Reich
Mike Reuwsaat - Elaine Richardson - Dale Ridgewood - Karl Robbins - Pat Robertson
Robin Rogers - Fred Ronstadt - Denny Rossman - Paul Roughton -Nancy Russell
SJ – SL - Matt Salmon - Daniel Scarpinato - Kyle Schliesman - John C. Scott
Shirley Scott - Rick Seaney – Sergio - Francine Shacter - Stu Shacter - Ken Shaver
Neil Shpritz - Ron Shoopman - Walt Sickel – Sirocco - Lee Smith - Joe Snell
Victor Soltero - Carol Somers – Steve - Stephen Stelting - Sheila Storm - Stacy
Suzanne - TK - Steve Taylor – Thalia - Karen Thoreson - Jim Thornton - Art Toussaint
Nina Trasoff - George Tuttle - Karin Uhlich – UCE – UCIC - Ernie Urias
Ramon Valadez - Linda Vibert - Anne Waisman - Beth Walkup - Bob Walkup
Ward Wallingford - Kirk Watson - Steve Weathers - Howard Weiss - Patty Weiss
Curt Weldon - Carol West - Vera Westerman - Jim White – Wife - Tom Wilson
Burgess Winter - Bruce Wright - Marshall Vest - Teya Vitu - Virginia Yrun - Loren Yunk
James Zwilling

Groups that appear in the document (individuals names not revealed):

The Tucson Police Department
The Tucson Fire Department
Tucson Central Alarm
St. Mary’s Hospital Urgent Care
Emergency Medical Services Technicians
The Sierra Vista Emergency Medical Center
The Cochise County Search and Rescue Unit
Law Firms


Blogger Sirocco said...

Should be interesting ... I am looking forward to seeing how it all ties in. Wohoo! I made the list.

I find it interesting all the Giffords make the list (well, not the older brother, but that makes sense) ... and the elder Nichols do, but not Cathy. .... lot of other people I know of, and many I have met briefly, plus bloggers ... should be fun!

6/30/2007 5:49 AM  
Blogger roger said...

This is indeed interesting and exciting! Is this a play? a book? a serial? Not sure I understand, but it will make me come back to see what's up.

Oh..and so folks don't think I am hiding...I am indeed Kralmajales...Roger is my alter ego (smile).

For some dumb reason, on half the blogs I read, the Kral password doesn't work.


6/30/2007 2:55 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Have you seen the original The Matrix?

Something Else is the RED PILL.

Giffords has an older brother? If so, what a low profile! Is he a black sheep, drug dealing pornographer?

Figured out the toaster tank yet?

If not, I clue you in next week.

6/30/2007 4:02 PM  
Blogger roger said...

Yep...BMW...motorcycle...the tank that holds the gas. Older models the chrome plated tanks were called "toasters" it appears.

I had to search it...but, hey, to a web lover...that should be A-OK.


6/30/2007 4:38 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...


No, he's not a drug user or pornographer, he's a businessman ... just not in Tucson.

7/01/2007 6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce Wright? What the...? Dirty doings at the research park?

7/02/2007 1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go, Matt. I have no idea who you are, but I know many of the people on your list, having arrived in the Old Pueblo way back in 1972. I've worked with a number of people on your A list and I have some insight on many of the others.

7/02/2007 7:37 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Bruce is fine, as is John Grabo. Assuming something is off with each name is not accurate. Sirocco, Giffords, and most have nothing to worry about.

However, something is very off with a few names, and I don't hold back. What is unknown is who will read it, if anyone. Reviews thus far have been very positive. I will be very interested and appreciative of feedback, good or bad.

7/02/2007 10:51 PM  

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