Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Policon and The Associate

Tucson, Arizona. Bruce Ash, Arizona GOP Committee Man, is using both a radio address as well as email to blow the horn rallying the community to rise up against the status quo that serves "cloth" interests, meaning those that draw handsome public dole with no requirement to earn their keep. The movement is growing as Tucson's population reaches a point where the good old boys and their worn out bag of tricks ceases to work.

From The Associate, a very successful, respectable Tucson professional that produces real product:

I feel that the people of the Cloth have no real interest for the economic development of Tucson. Where one's interests lies, so does their values, and if they have no value associated with Tucson’s development, then they are just leaches sucking the life out of our city, while maintaining their pathetic existence getting fat on our tax dollars, leaving us nothing but a hickey, of our crappy downtown that is an embarrassment to all the citizens that live here.

I have been recently educated by a fellow blogger on what and how the TIF program works (thank you). X4mr’s post shows all of the programs that are going nowhere. I would like to know what has been done with all of the money. More importantly how much money has the Rio Nuevo already received in TIF money, and how much has been spent. Who has accountability for all of the money, and are the records made public. It would be great to post the Rio Nuevo financial report here on this Blog, it would be a great resource to reference.

I would bet, just like everything else that goes on, that millions have been spent with nothing tangible to show for it. I have also heard through the grape-blog, that some good citizens of Tucson were instrumental in extending the time period for receiving the TIF funds, I would like to congratulate them for what they did for Tucson, I just hope that the morons utilize this once in a lifetime opportunity, and do something productive that we can all be proud of.

The "tipper" Policon suggests this blog really go for the specifics regarding certain individuals. My two cents are that neither the Associate nor Policon are lightweight buffoons angry because they didn't get their way about buying ice cream the other day. Both are real players, real business forces with real money and a growing resentment towards cloth and nonsense. I would imagine both are Republican and ripe for Bruce Ash's call for a new reality in Tucson politics.

Policon casts the net wide. To adhere to my own moral standards, I must emphasize his list has a lot of names. Policon knowingly includes admirable and honorable professionals of extraordinary value to the community. He also knowingly includes those who are not. I believe that like myself and the Associate, Policon comes from a commitment to what is right. The reader should understand that the terrific and the very un-terrific appear on Policon's list.

From Policon:
x4mr- What's say we put a spot light on the naked emperor? Pull back the drape while he's talking in his big-voice microphone. No conspiracy theories, just facts about past behaviors, current alliances, and predictors of pending community harm.

As a nearly self-taught Java script-master, can you invent a means to add a section (or link) to your website where tipper bloggers can create a WIKIPEDIA describing the backgrounds of members of the cloth (TREO) and supergroup (DTP)? Besides describing members, can we score them on a local POLItical and eCONomic toxicity scale of our own creation? (1 to 10 Index: He/she regularly puts self-interest ahead of community; Profound history of back-room power grabs; Past efforts/ideas proved successes/failures, etc.)

Below is the list of board members of the "Supergroup" to which Rob O'Dell referred, taken right from their Downtown Tucson Partnership's web site. And below that, TREO's board, from its website.

Is it possible to begin filling in an involuntary resume for each member, using our collective knowledge to create mosaics for each individual.. relevant information about their history, affiliations, ambitions, political contributions, etc, etc? Objective and subjective information, corrected and revised by constant peer review?

If knowledge is power, it would seem that concentrated knowledge of these individuals, exposed to the light of day, would be very powerful indeed. Let's get a few more "something else" expose's into the public record, shall we?

If "PowerPedia" works, and we eventually add in the other major power elite groups (SALC SoAz Leadership Council, PCIC PimaCo Interfaith Council, PCDP PimaCo Democratic Party, etc), and then cross-sort for multiple hits, and darken the lines between the most toxic power connections, would we not be literally mapping the source of our miseries? Wouldn't cutting the supply lines at just the right spots be a whole lot easier with a clear map?

Downtown Tucson Partnership
Board of Directors

Merchants/Retail Council:
Bob Wadlow, Subway
Carlotta Flores, El Charro Café, Stillwell House
Beth Dell, Beowulf Alley Theatre Company

Neighborhoods/Residents Council:
Jeff DiGregorio, Iron Horse Neighborhood, Armory Park Neighborhood
Mac Hudson, Menlo Park Neighborhood
Rick Luyties, El Presidio Neighborhood

Arts, Culture & History Council:
Nancy Lutz, Tucson Pima Arts Council
Bill Ponder, Arizona Historical Society
Susan Gamble, Santa Theresa Tile Works, Warehouse Arts Management Organization

Office/Employers Council:
Steve Lynn, Tucson Electric Power Co., UniSource Energy Corp.
Larry Finuf, Wells Fargo Bank
Michael Crawford, Mesch, Clark & Rothschild

Property Owners Council:
Mike Kasser, Holualoa Company, Pioneer Bldg. & 1 E. Congress
Ron Schwabe, Peach Properties, Williams & Dame Development
Richard Oseran, Hotel Congress
Tucson Heritage: Bob Vint, Vint & Associates Architects

University of Arizona: Leslie Tolbert, University of Arizona
City of Tucson: Mike Hein, Tucson City Manager
Pima County: Chuck Huckelberry, Pima County Administrator
Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities: Larry Hecker, Hecker & Muehlebach
Downtown Development Corp.: Doug Kennedy, Downtown Development Corporation

Community Directors:
Michael Keith, Contemporary West Development
Michael Chihak, Tucson Citizen
Roger Karber, Centro Nuevo Partners, TDA Outgoing Chair
John Humenik, Arizona Daily Star
Don Bourn, Bourn Partners
Rick Myers, Retired; Southern Arizona Leadership Council
Kanella Conklin, Kanella’s
Renee Morton, Home Style Galleries
Steve Quinlan, Long Realty
Colleen Niccum, Raytheon
Jerry Dixon, Rio Development, Mercado District at Menlo Park

TREO Board of Directors
Honorable Robert E. Walkup, Co-Chair, Mayor, City of Tucson
Represents: The City of Tucson
Honorable Sharon Bronson, Co-Chair, Acting Chair, Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 3
Represents: Pima County

Representing Private Sector:
Frances McLane Merryman, Vice President, Wealth Strategies Group, Northern Trust, NA
Daisy Jenkins, Vice President, Human Resources, Raytheon Missile Systems
Steve Christy, Chair, Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Richard F. Imwalle, Chairman, Bank of Tucson
Robert E. Cashdollar Jr., President & CEO, Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc.

Representing Education:
Dr. Robert Shelton, President, University of Arizona
Dr. Roy Flores, Chancellor, Pima Community College

Honorable Paul H. Loomis, Mayor, Town of Oro Valley
Represents: PAG Appointment - Small Jurisdictions

Jim Kolbe: Member of Congress, 8th District of Arizona (Retired)

Counsel: Larry Hecker, Attorney, Hecker & Muehlebach, PLLC


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From today's NY Times. Fits into the SG discussion nicely.
Sorry, I don't know how to make this an active link:

4/22/2008 6:22 AM  
Anonymous Scarlett Letter said...

Wow. Larry Hecker makes the list twice. Does that make him a Super SG?

4/22/2008 6:25 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...


I can't type it precisely or the blog will treat it as a link, but you create a link with simple html code.

Instead of a parentheses (), use brackets<>, and the following creates a hyperlink:

(a href="http://the url here")your link name(/a)

The opening bracket indicates html code, the "a" tag creates a link. The href provides the url. You close the bracket and then provide the hypertext (what will be in blue)and then close the tag.

The Don Diamond article made the front page of the New York Times. I've never met the individual, but word is that the only time he isn't thinking about making money is when he's unconscious.

4/22/2008 9:33 AM  
Blogger Robish said...

There are some common elements to these boards that have been infiltrated by purveyors of Cloth.

One is that these boards all feature a tiny bit of racial diversity. I'm sure Daisy Jenkins gets invited to a lot of boards, for several reasons, but one important reason is it mitigates the All White Males thing ever so slightly.

These boards always have the governmental seal of approval, by having either elected officials or the highest ranking staff people.

They have some actual citizens, with some skin in the game and a voice that begs to be heard, but really they are there for window dressing.

The heart of these boards is the few people that are Cloth Purveyors.

Look for the common members who are not there either to fulfill some sort of quota (and I mean no disrespect to Carlotta Flores, Bill Ponder, Daisy Jenkins or others listed who are there partly because of their parentage) or to suck up to government. Subtract the aforementioned real people, who are generally not common to multiple boards. Subtract the quota people. Subtract some influential and competent people who simply don't have the time to be active on these boards, but are there to give the group another layer of importance. Don Bourn looks like one of those, from the downtown board, and perhaps Robert E. Cashdollar on TREO. Subtract the people who look like they are there to placate potentially competitive groups. I don't know Nancy Lutz, but it looks from her affiliation that she is there for that purpose.

See who you are left with.

The same names come up. As Policon or x4mr or others submit the lists of other boards, those same names will appear, and it won't take long to zero in on the people who make a living holding imaginary cloth for the naked emperors as they parade through our pothole-laden streets.

4/22/2008 11:47 AM  
Blogger Cigar Man said...

Robish's astute comment is spot on.

I come the workforce development crowd, so I know people on the WIB (Workforce Investment Board) and about programs like Jobpath (if you only knew the stupidity of shutting SAIAT down and handing a million to Jobpath), Goodwill's training, and so on. I know that PCC is completely top heavy and full of it when they talk about training for employers.

Back to topic, it's the same group on each other's boards as Robish describes. You don't need fancy software to learn the names. It would be interesting, though, to see it all in black and white. What a cast of characters.

I've read this blog regularly enough to know that x4mr operates according to a design. I can't predict the OTFB (out of F blue) stories about weird movies, but I know enough to assure Policon that the blog is going in the direction he wants.

I bet x4mr has TIF numbers in his computer already. Maybe not tonight because of Pennsylvania, but a TIF story is in the queue. Care to bet it will include some names?

4/22/2008 1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scarlett Letter said...
"Wow. Larry Hecker makes the list twice. Does that make him a Super SG?"

You have no idea how instrumental Mr. Hecker has been in perpetuating the sorry state of affairs in Tucson. His will be one of the darkest, thickest lines when x4mr/Policon's flow chart is filled out. His nickname could be "The Weaver." If Hein hadn't gotten rid of the check-in desk at city hall, Hecker's name would exceed any other by five times.

4/22/2008 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curve Ball juked the Pentagon. Hecker the Hacker has juked Tucson. Soon as the 'little people' figure out what Doug Kennedy and his 'Zimmermonized" pals are up to, you will then know who Ron Tankersley was and what the old Bonano parking lot is all about.

4/24/2008 1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole Grant Road widening project must play into all this, now that you mention Zimmerman....

4/24/2008 11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think one of anon (1:31am)'s points is that Larry Hecker and the Zimmermans have been on the failing end of every ill-conceived road-building initiative in Tucson the last 20 years. Hecker finally scored a win with the RTA (unless you believe Bill Risner that the RTA election was stolen), which proves the old adage that even a blind squirrel eventually finds an acorn.

4/24/2008 8:17 PM  
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