Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Godspeed, Congresswoman Giffords

Dear Congresswoman Giffords,

A most heartfelt Congratulations!!

May you become part of a force for change that can’t wait that brings sanity, an awareness of reality, and 21st Century thinking to the leadership of humanity as it addresses its fragile existence on this increasingly fragile planet.

May you set a shining example for your fellow representatives as one who does not succumb to the special interest and self-serving components of the system, as one who does not allow its cynical elements to undermine your commitment to serving the people of Arizona's Eighth Congressional District, the United States of America, and Earth itself.

The weight on your shoulders is substantial, Congresswoman Giffords. You are better educated, far better read, significantly more aware, and substantially more intelligent than the vast majority of Congress. You are one of the first of the hopefully many more 21st Century Elected Officials that will be necessary to change humanity's direction to one that has a future with humanity still in it.

Yes, this is a victory and major achievement, but if you are who I hope you are, your election will occur more like a birth than a graduation, more like the opportunity to start work, to begin a task at hand, than a completion of work, although a resounding completion of work your election is indeed for you and your remarkable staff.


Contrary to the opinions that our President and Vice President have of themselves and each other, no human being is perfect.

Unlike these individuals, you have the wisdom to know that we are all works in progress. As this last campaign has no doubt shown, to serve as you are committed to serving will require growth and development. Witnessing your growth from afar these last eight months has been inspiring, and consider that you are just getting started. Given what I think is possible for you, I have a request. Should the occasion arise where the growth necessary to achieve your aim uncovers an area to improve, a skill to be strengthened, a flaw to resolve, and we all have ours, please don't react as our President has reacted. You are a better human being than that, and part of a nobler, bigger mission. I haven't a clue what might show up that impairs your serving as you are committed to serving, but if something does, FIX IT.

Global Warming is only one component of what we must address to establish a SUSTAINABLE balance with the production of the resources we need to survive. Not just in this country, but on this planet, we must find appropriate mechanisms to counter the forces that concentrate wealth, power, and privilege, and serve to maintain a level of EQUITY and fairness, economic fairness, judicial fairness, and political fairness, in a manner that makes sense.

Your commitment to Education has been demonstrated in the Arizona Legislature. The expansion of knowledge also includes supporting and enabling our scientists and researchers both public and private to operate free of handcuffs. I summarize the ongoing growth of our relationship with truth, be it at the level of knowledge, wisdom, or profound spiritual insight, with the word DEVELOPMENT. I assert that without this, humanity is doomed.


At the space shuttle altitude someone close to you has experienced, I imagine a perspective looking down on the human beings living on earth, and I see a fundamental bifurcation between 1) those eagerly promoting activities that generate new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new relationships with truth that integrate human beings with different points of view, and 2) those desperately defending inherited beliefs and points of view, regarding those who believe differently as threats.

One side will recognize and respond to inconvenient truths. The other will ignore and suppress them. One side will foster research, education, and the expansion of knowledge. The other will suppress it. One side will challenge assumptions, listen, welcome new thinking and learn. The other will not listen and will kill to protect its version of the truth.

This bifurcation is not new. Half a millennia ago the Catholic Church was beating up a man named Copernicus who had figured something out, and they didn't want to hear it. Back then, the world had less than 10% of the people it has today. With the population and technology of the 21st Century, this bifurcation is spiraling into what I speculate will be the true Third World War, a conflict between open minds who wish to expand knowledge at all levels to address the challenges we face, and closed minds who wish to suppress new ideas and maintain existing views, even if it brings about an Armageddon some actually believe is supposed to happen.

The subtitle of this blog, A Quest for Context and Meaning, is by design. We must find higher contexts: a higher spiritual context that illuminates the truth within all religions and renders their differences inconsequential, a higher economic context that nourishes production yet removes the financial bondage inflicted on all but a small fraction of our world, a higher political context where nations truly see that what is in the best interests of each must include the best interests of all. Ultimately, we must mature our relationship with what it means to be a human being and what is important.

The 21st Century Elected Officials are those that realize these ideas and those like sustainability, equity, and development are not abstract, irrelevant notions for entertaining coffee shop conversations. These ideas are very real, and they have profound implications for policies we desperately need to implement and soon.

In this context, your most powerful opponents are not in Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, or Iran. They are in Washington DC.

I have no idea how one would go to Washington, open minds that are closed, find contexts not yet created, and become truly effective in facing the unprecedented challenges threatening humanity's future, not even sure I could begin to know how to begin to start.

I believe I speak for many when I thank you and extend the deepest gratitude for your having the courage and the spirit to fight the fight as part of the solution. Some have already started this fight. They desperately need help, and yours will be most welcome.

Now go to Washington, Congresswoman Giffords. You go.

Godspeed, and God Bless.


Blogger sirocco said...

Nice send off, x4mr. She'll do well.

11/08/2006 7:51 AM  
Blogger Kralmajales said...

I can't wait to see what committees she works on getting on. I would try for Ways and Means. She has the leg. experience there...AND...I think the party owes her a favor. She went it alone on fundraising and was able to take the district without a major push with DNCC funds. As a result, they could spend the dough elsewhere to pick up other seats. She should go for every committee she wants and see what she gets.

She should focus on constituency service and choose committees that help there. She needs good people in the district to cut red tape and bring home the bacon. She needs a district office on the SE side of Tucson and one in Cochise...Sierra Vista or Benson.

Also, I think the new dems should immediately work with House repubs to pass the Senate version of the immigration bill. She should co-sponsor it. It will mute the issue for 2008 and could reasonably pass fast. Such a quick victory would set a good tone of bi-partisanship for the new congress and it would immediately have accomplished more than the repubs ever did on the issue. It is reasonable enough of a measure and the only folks opposing it hard would be the Graf supporters. It would muzzle the Tim Bees of the world who might challenge her in 2008, and possibly anger enough hard right folks to get Graf...again.

I would also use this victory to send a message to anyone in the party who might wish to challenge her or build some leftwing movement off of her victory. There were some that criticized her hard in the primary. If this is what some might be thinking, then I would say to them to consider running for another office (like state house or state senate) and maybe consider seeking to marry yourself with the party and not completely oppose it.

Last, Giffords should start building up that warchest now to scare off rivals. Lots of business folks will be donating to her today and in a few weeks. The Chamber supported Graf but now they have to work with her. She can build up a large enough warchest for 2008 to make sure she

11/08/2006 9:16 AM  
Blogger azwildcat88 said...

I agree that Gabby should get a spot on Ways and Means, but to say she deserves it based on ANYTHING other than her knowledge and experience is to hang on to the old ways of thinking and doing business.

We need to CHANGE HOW THINGS ARE DONE IN DC! That is one of the reasons we took the house and may still take the senate. We need to do all things above board and for the right reason, and assigning committee chair and memberships based on fundraising and seniority don't cut it. Put people in committees based on experience and knowledge!
We need to run a good, fair, open and EFFECTIVE Congress if we want to keep the house, keep or take the Senate and TAKE THE WHITEHOUSE in '08.
We can't turn the victory into a 'political capital' nightsick that we try and club republicans with. (as Bush did after 04)

11/08/2006 9:31 AM  
Blogger Kralmajales said...

Eh...I cant argue with you on your principled and wise remarks, Azwildcat88. To say she is the smartest and deserves it won't necessarily deliver it. There are 30 other newbies and some with seniority that will want those very powerful spots. Unfortunately, it might take more than smarts for a freshman and who gets it if there are 12-30 freshman all wanting it and jockeying for position?

I agree with you, but I can't imagine Pelosi doing much other than going with seniority then look at what each person brings you.

11/08/2006 4:46 PM  

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