Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rogue II - The Stench

On Sunday Richard Oppel had a New York Times piece that explored what it must be like for VP candidate Paul Ryan as the Romney campaign continues to implode. The article ended with:

Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa: “I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him.”

This led to a hilarious Roger Simon Politico satire suggesting that VP Candidate Paul Ryan develop his own version of "going rogue."

In Simon's vision, Ryan could feature non-campaign approved Powerpoint presentations as well as contemptuous references to his wannabee boss Mitt Romney, "If Stench calls, take a message."

"Let Ryan be Ryan and let the Stench be the Stench."

"Tell Stench I'm having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later."

Peggy Noonan of course is the conservative WSJ columnist who first raised the red flag that the Romney campaign had in fact become a "rolling calamity" much to the chagrin of Stench wife Ann, who whined, "This is hard!"

Ohio has just shifted to "leans Obama" at RCP.  If conditions continue to deteriorate for the Romney campaign, we may indeed witness a Ryan effort to minimize the damage to his future prospects.


Blogger james said...

The Politico article was satire.

9/26/2012 10:23 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Hey, thanks. I've modified to reflect that.

I actually was wondering that because the stuff about Powerpoint was so funny, and the language was so over the top.

Simon is really good.

9/26/2012 10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan is trying to figure out how to make lemonade out of a real lemon.

Did you catch the footage of Romney with Ryan where the crowd starts chanting, "Ryan! Ryan!" and Romney jumps in to correct them, "Romney Ryan! Romney Ryan!"?

Painfully pathetic. Awful.

9/26/2012 7:32 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Ohio has just shifted to "leans Obama", not "leans Romney" ... well, unless you "unskew" the polls, in which case it's "safe Romney".

9/28/2012 6:58 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Oh, for crying out loud. Alzheimer's must be setting in. You can tell from context I meant Obama. My ability to multi-task must be deteriorating.


9/28/2012 8:33 AM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Age comes for us all ... well, not for me, but for all the rest of you. ;P

9/29/2012 8:05 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

Well, we do know that when Paul Ryan gave his RNC speech a couple of weeks ago, a new episode of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" had higher ratings.

I'm not even sure what that means for Paul Ryan, but if he were at the top of a presidential ticket he may not be any more appealing than Mitt Romney. He might find out he is even less appealing than Mitt Romney, the same as Sarah Palin found out about herself compared to John McCain. One of the smarter things she has done is to not even try to run for president because she would have ended up on the same heap with Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, and Santorum.

9/30/2012 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Ryan will have to have a complete submersion baptism in the RC church to wash that Romney stench off.

10/01/2012 8:15 PM  

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