Thursday, September 01, 2011

They've Got Tickets to Hell, but They Don't Care

The Pima County GOP has garnered national attention for selling raffle tickets at $10 to win a Glock 23 semi-automatic pistol and three 12-round clips. The Glock 23 is essentially the same pistol as the Glock 19 that Jared Loughner used on January 8th to gun down Congresswoman Giffords, killing six and wounding 14.

(The Glock 19 with the 30 round clip used at the Safeway at Oracle and Ina) What is it with these people? The Republicans have become a damned confusing set of folks. Why aren't the sound thinking business oriented components reacting to the fact hating, science rejecting schizoid hysteria that cheers when a candidate for president declares that hurricanes are a sign from God to control federal spending, or that the USSR is the number one concern among Americans today, or that global warming is fiction as heat records burst like Jiffy Pop and Greenland breaks in half, or that raffling in Giffords district essentially the same damned gun used in that massacre is perfectly reasonable?

(The Glock 23 with the 12 round clip being raffled by the Pima GOP) As the photos show, these are completely different handguns, and the outrage over such a raffle in Giffords district is just nonsense.

Well, it appears there's no shortage of nonsense these days. A former vice-president of this country, one that will go down in history as a war criminal, has all but declared he was the acting president during his boss's first term, and now, the current GOP front runner for president has a book, Fed Up!, that reads more like Mein Kampf than Dreams from my Father.

Whether their tickets are for a ride to, at best, a world that no longer exists, or worse, to Hell itself, or their tickets raffle off a gun that butchered many including a Congresswoman in her own district, they simply don't care.