Saturday, August 20, 2011

Princeton Identifies Most/Least Religious Universities

Princeton University has conducted research to produce a ranking of the nation's universities by the prevalance and significance of religion in the students' lives. Not surprisingly, Brigham Young University topped the list of most religious, followed by Hillsdale College, Thomas Aquinas College (Catholic), Wheaton (evangelical) and Grove City (evangelical).

The least religious universities? Bennington College, Reed College, Bard College, Vassar College and Sarah Lawrence College. Three of the top five for least religious are in New York.

Some noted that the students at Oral Roberts evangelical university failed to make the top ten, but a recent ORU graduate clarified, “We're not really religious. At ORU we learn how to form a church and fleece the gullible."


Blogger Sirocco said...

Heh. I read the first paragraph of your post and immediately asked myself "What about Oral Roberts?" before seeing the last half of your post.

I'd be curious to know if the set in the least religious category might be found to have a high percentage of avowed atheists.

8/20/2011 7:40 AM  

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