Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bridges Too Far

In what could be a signal of changing tides regarding the hateful rhetoric of the extreme right, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed House Bill 2230 which sought to modify the Arizona 911 Memorial by removing panels that contained 11 phrases considered offensive by AZ Rep. John Kavanagh (R), the sponsor of the bill.

The Memorial features a shiny steel circular band engraved with 54 phrases selected (with public input) from the 9/11 commission report, news reports and articles, and other sources at the time. Conservatives didn't like the choices. In 2008, Len Munsil promised to tear it down if elected Governor, joined by Russell Pearce and others in condemning the work as containing “left wing statements.”

Among those slated for removal:

“Erroneous U.S. air strike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians”
“Terrorist organization leader addresses American people.”
"You don't win battles of terrorism with more battles"
"Feeling of invincibility lost."
"Fear of foreigners"
"Congress Questions Why CIA and FBI Didn't Prevent Attacks"
"Middle East violence motivates attacks in the US"
"Foreign-born Americans afraid"

In what has attracted national attention, the “fear of foreigners” plaque includes the murder of Singh Sodhi, a turban wearing Sikh who owned a Mesa gas-station and was gunned down four days after 911. Further, the bill specifically instructs that the panels be removed prior to the 10th Anniversary of the attacks and that they be sold to a scrap metal dealer.

Scrap metal.

Of course others were incensed, in particular Sodhi's family. Kavanagh apologized to the family once he realized he didn't know what he was talking about, saying (my words),”Well, uh, I really meant the other stuff.”

The Birther conversation has been beaten to death, so I'll skip it, except to note that it was that veto where Brewer used the “bridge too far” expression. She was right.

Two bridges down, many to go.


Anonymous Robish said...

She also vetoed a bad bill that would have required Tucson and Phoenix to bid out all city services that cost more than $500,000 a year, which is pretty much everything.
And, she vetoed a bill that would have permitted guns in government buildings.
And, she vetoed another bad bill that would have effected the takeover of UMC. The bill would have removed UMC from the Board of Regents' control.

So, the beauty school dropout is proving wiser than the old boy network in the legislature.

x4mr, have you heard that the FBI is finally investigating Rio Nuevo?
They seized a roomful of files from the Tucson Convention Center. The story is that the Attorney General asked them to get involved.

x4mr, we miss your coverage of Tucson issues, but we certainly appreciate your logical decision to finally step away.

4/30/2011 11:15 PM  

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