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Snake Bite

If you dance with a snake, you're going to get bit.

Naval air veteran Eric Fuller, 63, was shot in the knee and the back at the January 8 supermarket shooting. Fuller attended a gathering at St. Odilia's Catholic Church in northwest Tucson for Christiane Amanpour's "This Week" program on ABC.

Tucson tea party leader Trent Humphries also attended the event, and apparently Fuller took exception to his presence, taking his picture and shouting, "You're dead!"

I don't know what Framer said or did that set Fuller off, but in his recent Guardian interview, Humphries suggested his tea party efforts were also a victim of the shooting, as if the nature of the rhetoric associated with his efforts had no role. He also questioned Giffords lack of security at the event (?!) which not surprisingly inflamed Blog for Arizona.

Authorities removed Fuller from the premises, who faces charges of disorderly conduct, threats and intimidation. Humphries must press the charges or they will be dropped.

According to the latest CNN article, Humphries will not press charges, saying that he doesn't want to do anything to heighten tensions after the shooting. Regarding Fuller, The New York Times coverage of today's incident suggests the shooting may be a tragic blow to an already fragile mental health situation.

Many speak of the political rhetoric going ballistic after the election of Barack Obama, but hindsight reveals that the escalation (not that it hasn't been escalating for years) began in earnest with Sarah Palin's speech at the GOP convention, where her dismissive contempt for a "community organizer" peppered with other inflammatory soundbites launched us on the hate fest we've enjoyed for the last two years. Naturally, facts and reality were the first casualty in this orgy of shrill vilification.

Framer and I go a ways back, and what's happening is breaking my heart on many levels. The fact is that neither Framer nor his group had anything to do with the shooting.

But in a world where Obama is a Nazi communist witch doctor born on the planet Vega, so effing what?

Sunday: Frank Rich has a New York Times piece, No One Listened to Gabrielle Giffords, that just nails this sorry state of affairs - spot on.


Blogger Liza said...

Good op-ed by Frank Rich.

It is obviously not going to be helpful for people to threaten one another. We already know that too well. However, I am not going to judge a man who survived a massacre just eight days ago. There is a lot of anger out there and rightfully so. I suspect there are a lot of people who need help with this right now.

This interview with Eric Fuller was on “Democracy Now” on January 14, 2011. Eric Fuller describes what happened after he had been shot:

I was in shock, and I just wandered out into the parking lot. And a woman was pushing a cart full of groceries out there. And I said to her, "I’ve been shot." And she just looked at me like I was crazy. I was taken to the hospital. And even though I was sedated and everything, I stayed up—I was staying up, stayed most of the night. And I didn’t know how to calm myself down, so I wrote down the Declaration of Independence, which I memorized some time ago. And that did help to organize my thoughts. And the first thing that I wrote down and what my reaction was to it was: "How many other people? How many other demented people are out there? It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target. Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled—senseless hatred leading to murder, lunatic fringe anarchism, subscribed to by John Boehner, mainstream rebels with vengeance for all, even nine-year-old girls." There was a little girl named Christina Green, nine years old, who is one of the deceased.
Another thing I wrote down was, "Can we have another fundraiser at the target range, Jesse Kelly?" Jesse Kelly ran against her in the election. And I’ve heard him speak several—a couple of times, and I couldn’t believe he was a real candidate. I thought he was just like a fake candidate. It didn’t seem like anybody would consider him seriously. He came within 4,000 votes of winning the election. One of his slogans was: "Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly." Kind of a very marginal personality and a low mentality.

I worked hard to elect Gabrielle Giffords. I would rather she was busy doing her job today than lying in a hospital with a gunshot wound in the head.

1/16/2011 4:38 PM  
Blogger The Navigator said...

I share Liza's reluctance to judge a man who has been shot and who has witnessed first hand both the shooting and the insanity of the last election, where Giffords was vilified by a hack who thought the nation's problems could be solved with a machine gun.

I do not share x4mr's unflinching soft spot for Humphries/ Framer. He can play all politically correct and talk about how he and Framer go a ways back and the breaking heart and all, but sorry, Framer's an asshole.

What Framer is currently reaping is nothing but the seeds he planted as the figurehead of the group that stood outside Giffords' office and demonized her with all sorts of slander and innuendo. The rhetoric of the 2010 election was outrageous, and it is all on record.

I wonder what role the hate speech of 2010 will play in 2012.

1/16/2011 6:03 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

As for Trent Humphries aka "Framer" the wingnut blogger, I am compelled once again to state the obvious.

If Mr. Humphries had the common sense that God promised a jackass he would lay low. It seems like a really bad time for him to be publicly stating that the Tea Party is also a victim and blaming the real victim for failing to provide security. Perhaps Mr. Humphries should take the advice given to him by the Pima County Sheriff and avoid public gatherings. Just saying...

Framer used to post frequently on one of the local wingnut blogs called Arizona Eighth. I thought it might be interesting to look into their archives and see what Framer might have had to say around the middle of March, 2008.

Most of us remember the now infamous story that was broadcast on the March 13, 2008, “Good Morning, America” show called “Obama Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11.” This story, as we all remember too well, was quickly picked up by Fox "News" and other "news" stations and was broadcast the entire weekend of March 14, 2008. Right wing media used the opportunity to build a case for “guilt by association” hoping to derail Barack Obama's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. The pastor, of course, was Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama was Wright’s long time parishioner and friend.

Well, as you might imagine, Framer posted on the subject. Here is Sen McCain is looking good, Obama misunderstood. . . posted by Framer on March 19, 2008. The post is short, sarcastic, unoriginal, and unnecessary. Even so, here is what Framer had to say about the Reverand Wright controversy:

I believe Obama at his word that the Rev. Wright was a spiritual giant who was simply misguided on political matters. That is why it made all of the sense in the world to see that the retired minister was made a part of Obama's political campaign. I can understand this as I try to add at least three people who I have deep and irreconcilable political differences to my campaign staff before breakfast each day.

Yes, Framer was all for that "guilt by association" back when he thought it could help McCain and stop Obama.

He doesn’t seem to like it so much anymore.

1/16/2011 6:55 PM  
Anonymous Observer said...

Framer is HOME PAGE CBS News voicing his concerns about death threats.

Death threats AGAINST HIM!

So when Harry Mitchell and Ann Kirkpatrick and Gabrielle Giffords are having bullets and bricks smashing into their offices, when all three are receiving death threats like being disemboweled or impaled on fences, when Sarah Palin posts maps with cross hairs and "RELOAD!" and talk of shooting fully automatic weapons, Framer thinks everything is just fine.

But now someone's spooked Framer, and he's all panty hurt on the cover of CBS news? Sarah "gun sight" Palin is griping that nasty remarks might incite violence?

Are these hypocrites past pathetic or what? They are not leaders. They are gutless turds.

Gabrielle Giffords has more leadership and chutzpah in her left toe than Framer or Palin could comprehend in 100 years.

1/16/2011 7:25 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

You can add Raul Grijalva to the list with Gabrielle Giffords, Harry Mitchell, and Ann Kirkpatrick. All of this is so much worse than I knew at the time. It appears that all of the Arizona Democratic representatives, with the possible exception of Ed Pastor, were literally under siege.

Framer could be using this as his opportunity to get national attention for himself. From our perspective, it is the wrong kind of attention, but perhaps he sees the potential to be noticed by someone who could advance his political aspirations.

I noticed that Gabrielle's condition has been upgraded to "serious." We just have to keep praying...

1/16/2011 8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess the meaning of the title of x4mr's last post now rings loud and clear, "Catch-22."

By accusing others of inciting violence, both Framer and Palin slam dunk confess that they themselves were inciting violence.

Palin and Framer are f***ing hypocrites and cowards. Palin had people shout "Kill him!" at rallies. We know the signs at the tea party rallies.

I don't think Framer or his tea crowd will be waiving any hate signs outside Giffords office anytime soon.

The wicked witch of the north is a different matter. Maybe Rush Limbaugh will figure out another angle she can use to rally the shit-fer-brain crowd.

1/17/2011 9:36 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

For the folks that may have missed it, the Tyler troll graced us with a comment alleging that Liza's comments here (which you have just read or can scroll up and read) were in fact threatening violence against Framer.

He ends with If anything happens to Mr. Humphries, I'll just remember what you have said.

Until someone presents an argument demonstrating otherwise, I consider the distinctions of free speech, hate speech, and toxic rhetoric thoroughly handled, in particular with the "Catch-22" post.

Tyler's suggestion that Liza is threatening Framer's life is troll nonsense, so I deleted the comment.

1/17/2011 5:19 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

If I were all that Mr. Humphries had to worry about then he can consider himself to be 100 percent safe. Why would I want to miss his meteoric rise in the national Tea Party movement?

1/17/2011 8:34 PM  

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