Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mildly Naughty Post

Okay. Let's just admit right up front that publishing the Facebook rant of a Clothmeister's wife is not exactly the high road. That said, we're talking about Clothmeisters, people who make so much for so little. As already reported, Metropolitan Pima Alliance Director Michael Guymon will be leaving MPA to become a TREO VP on November 15. Further, Guymon was one of those most fervently leading the Garfield Traub downtown Tucson hotel bandwagon. Needless to say, certain parties were most displeased when the long anticipated "Ka-Ching!" of rich proportions evaporated into the desert sky.

With the $200M+ bonanza now DOA, it seems Michael's wife could not restrain herself from a short outburst at her Facebook page. Sympathetic friends attempted to console her. Before you get all bent up, note that hubby was well paid to try, but will have to forego the rewards if he had delivered the goods. She's crying about the beach house that will have to wait.

Jean McKnight Guymon:
It's official. Every one on the Tucson City Council will NOT receive my vote for re-election. I may send each and every one of the rotten bunch a rotting pumpkin. I may not-so-delicately place the rotting pumpkins on each of their numb-skulls.....'nuff said......I could go on and on and on and on.....
Tuesday 9:49pm

Lisa Brunner:
YIKES! Based on last nites conversation - I guess things did not go so well!!
Tuesday 10:04pm

Margie Preble-Creedon:
Sounds like you need to run for City Council!
Wednesday at 6:57am

Staci Richard:
Aren't their "numb skulls" actually rotting pumpkins! Run for City Council, Jean, and we'll support you : )
Wednesday 9:26am

Kristen Jarnagin:
Seriously..I know what you're referring to and it's a shame that so many crazy people are running Tucson! I try not to drink the water when I go down there in fear that I might be converted.
Wednesday 1:54pm

Staci Richard:
What happened last night? I saw craziness too when I worked for GTEC.
Wednesday 2:22pm

Not to worry, Jean, hubby will be well taken care of in his new TREO gig.

Staci - Different acronym. Same Cloth.


Anonymous Robish said...

Love the MOCA shirt.

10/28/2010 8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You kept the cut shallow and mild, x4m4, but this is cyber violence.

If she learns of your post, now this woman knows her FB content is fodder for blogs.

Everyone's FB is fodder for blogs, but most don't know it.

10/28/2010 8:53 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

I think the Facebook account for Jean McKnight Guymon is gone.

You're right, X4mr, it isn't the high road to publish Facebook rants. This poor Cloth Wife has turned to her Facebook friends for support at this terrible time and now it appears she has had to either deactivate her account or seriously restrict access.

Now the entire Cloth Empire, whatever is left of it, has been alerted to change their privacy settings on Facebook. It had never occurred to me to look for any of them and now it's too late.

Seriously, these people live in another world. Their arrogance and the sense of entitlement is unbearable.

10/28/2010 9:05 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

One more thing.

Jean, dear, if you are reading this and I suspect you are, do you always make asinine comments?

"I may send each and every one of the rotten bunch a rotting pumpkin. I may not-so-delicately place the rotting pumpkins on each of their numb-skulls."

That is just a totally stupid thing to say.

10/28/2010 9:17 PM  
Anonymous Another Anon said...

Kristen Jarnagin worked for the Arizona Office of Tourism, an agency that was typically led by political appointees with no experience or interest in tourism.

Cloth on the state level?

10/28/2010 9:48 PM  
Anonymous Robish said...

That fits, Another Anon. The local tourism agency, the MTCVB, also has a board that is populated by non-tourism business representatives.

They have an interest, but no expertise, so as a result, they swallow what they are spoon-fed by the suits who run the Bureau without batting an eye.

Jean McKnight Guymon once worked for the MTCVB. Between her and her husband, they have been employed by many Cloth organizations, and have been deeply involved with the Cloth training ground, Greater Tucson Leadership.

10/28/2010 9:53 PM  
Blogger Cigar Man said...

Not sure that x4mr’s post qualifies as cyber-violence, but it probably will creep out Guymon’s wife.

I can imagine Guymon right now: Cloth? What cloth? WTF?! Who is this guy?

When he starts at TREO, Snell will clue him in: A few years ago I saw a way to screw some non-profits out of their funding. Goodwill was wasting money to train and get jobs for cripples. MAC was helping small businesses get a foothold, and this training guy was developing thousands of workers so they could earn higher wages. None of that shit is economic development, so the city let us take all their money.

The training guy got mad and wrote a thing, but it’s okay. No one read it, and his blog is a joke. Here’s your office. Have another donut. You don’t have to do anything until two weeks from next Friday, when I need you to smile with admiration and clap for me at a Chamber dinner as I take credit for the solar energy industry in southern Arizona.

Robish is right. MTCVB is as much cloth as TREO, and half of PCC administration does not do a thing. It is amazing to me how many people can get paid so much to do virtually nothing.

10/29/2010 7:10 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Cigar Man,

Hah! You SO get my perspective, perhaps because you were there to see me as I was scratching my head about all of it.

taking credit for the solar industry in southern Arizona

It's hilarious because it is SO TRUE.

I have not seen a compelling argument that the gem show is tied to the hotel. My sense of the gem show is that they might leave because of how they are treated and taken for granted by various officials, Chamber, etc..

For example, one year when road construction was horrible, no one even bothered to warn those running the show so they could prepare for it. Stuff like that.

Of course, if the gem show leaves now, everyone will say it's because the hotel wasn't built.

Regarding cyber-violence, it's now a common event for someone's FB page, or tweet, or comment to become a news item. If you don't want it out there, don't type and click.

My FB is way benign. I talk about things like getting a kitty cat, loving the snow...

10/29/2010 9:10 AM  
Blogger Travis said...

Wait, posting to Facebook is the equivalent of saying something in public. Even if it's just to your "friends", it's like talking too loudly at a restaurant table. If others can overhear you, it's your own fault. That others who overhear repeat what you say is gossipy... maybe uncouth, but to call it "cyber-violence" is to diminish the meaning of the term.

Plus--and it's mentioned here already that Mrs. Guymon once worked for the MTCVB--she was their manager of public relations. If ANYONE should know better than to rant in public, it's her.

Her removing the post was likely the cyber version of meekly muttirng "oops, sorry!" after a someone else at the table said, "Jean, we're using our indoor voices..."

As to the team that tried to push the hotel forward... have any of them ever taken a BASIC course in economics? There's a reason nobody in the private sector wanted to risk money on this project. Believe me, Tucson has a plethora of developers who would jump all over a project like this IF it demonstrated a real chance of turning a dollar.

"If you build it, they will come..." is a fortune cookie fantasy, not economic wisdom.

10/29/2010 11:42 AM  
Anonymous Another Anon said...

Posted on Starnet this afternoon:

Home / News / Local / Government and politics
New audit critical of Tucson's Rio Nuevo district

* Story
* (4) Comments

New audit critical of Tucson's Rio Nuevo district

By Rob O’Dell Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Friday, October 29, 2010 2:28 pm |
Tucson's Rio Nuevo downtown redevelopment district was beset by mismanagement, a lack of internal financial controls and oversight that led to a majority of its projects to remain unfinished despite pending $230 million, a much-anticipated audit says.

While the audit conducted by private auditor Crowe Horwath for the Auditor General of Los Angeles is not the smoking gun some had expected, the 76-page report confirms that much of the money has been spent on planning or projects that stalled, money went to projects that while not illegal were not in the spirit of Rio Nuevo's mission and that the city's financial record keeping was disorganized, making tracking the spending nearly-impossible.

The audit's findings mirror those made in Star investigations of Rio Nuevo over the past three years.

The audit is expected to be released to the Rio Nuevo Board, the city, and public either later today or next week, said Rio Nuevo Chairwoman Jodi Bain. The Rio Nuevo Board submitted their final comments on the audit to the Auditor General late this week.

10/29/2010 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Robish said...

Cigar Man's simulated TREO orientation for Guymon was laugh-out-loud funny. Well done, CM!

It seems to me the only cyber-violence going on here is the threat of physical assault of city council members by Ms. McKnight-Guymon, through the forcible application of rotting pumpkins onto the numb heads of the M/C members.

People have to understand, there is not one "Gem Show". There are 45-50 of them, and if one leaves because of the hotel not being built or some other perceived slight, others will step up. That said, we have work to do as a city to provide a better convention center, a downtown with more amenities, and probably better communication with the show operators.

They want a safe environment, decent access, and plentiful parking.

10/29/2010 4:03 PM  
Anonymous Another Anon said...

Link to RN audit document.

10/29/2010 5:11 PM  
Blogger The Navigator said...

I agree with Robish that Cigar Man's portrayal of Guymon's orientation is hilarious. Cigar Man has been consistently great for years.

Here's your office. Have another donut. You don't have to do anything until two weeks from next Friday.

Oh god. That's almost poetry.

Hopefully O'Dell or x4mr (or Robish) can enlighten us about the real substance of the RN audit.

It's great to hear from Travis after all this time. As always, he is spot on.

10/29/2010 8:15 PM  
Anonymous Robish said...

Rio Nuevo audit: Not enough substance. They missed a lot, and prioritized strangely. The City of Tucson got off with a slap on the wrist. Nobody got named, even indirectly.

Even so, O'Dell's weekend coverage of the audit will be another blow to the hopes of Prop. 400 supporters.

10/29/2010 11:06 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

I looked at the audit last night, but not in depth.

The way these things usually go is that there are so many to blame, that no one is at fault. Everyone will walk away without a mark on them and some of them have fat wallets.

That is one hell of a lot of money that got spent and Tucson's downtown still looks like Hooterville, maybe worse.

10/30/2010 8:17 AM  
Anonymous Robish said...

Liza, et al.,
Progress is being made in downtown, but very little of it because of the City's "leveraging" of Rio Nuevo.

The over-priced 4th Avenue underpass has made a positive difference, and that was a city project. It is unfortunate that it took the City so many years to accomplish that. The City has done some good things in downtown with funds other than the Rio Nuevo TIF.

The other side of it is the contribution of private-sector people that keep hanging in there, and most of them have done so with little to no City support.

Pima County has been either a non-participant or an obstacle.

The slaying of the $200M convention hotel dragon gives an opportunity for the City and/or Rio Nuevo to do some things that make sense. Steve K. may have more dragons to slay, however.

10/30/2010 10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing left unsaid here is who are the winners in the decision? My guess-Humberto Lopez. He pitched his proposal for the City and RN to buy his hotel and then fix it up with him running it. The M&C ash canned it. Now wait to see it roar back next year.

11/02/2010 4:13 PM  
Anonymous Yet Another Anon said...

Correction on the previous post: Humberto Lopez's proposal was and still is to have a brand in the Hilton chain run the renovated Hotel Arizona. He wasn't proposing to run it.

At first he proposed to sell it to the City, and then when Hein broke off negotiations, it was all about Garfield Traub until this year. Now Lopez is proposing to lease it, but Doubletree would operate it.

And, there is a second proposed hotel involved, to be built where the crappy Hotel Arizona garage is now.

11/03/2010 10:09 AM  

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