Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Koched Up

If we’re going to give a lot of money, we’ll make darn sure they spend it in a way that goes along with our intent... And if they make a wrong turn and start doing things we don’t agree with, we withdraw funding.

Billionaire David Koch, of the giant Koch Industries, and founder of the Koch Families Foundation.

The Foundation funds the Institute for Justice (fights regulation), the Institute for Humane Studies (fights regulation), the Bill of Rights Institute (fights regulation), and of course, the Americans for Prosperity, currently in the news for its ambitious assault on the Obama Administration, sound energy policy, and global warming.

AFP is also funding very election specific hit pieces in four states, one of them Arizona. For NAME substitute Ann Kirkpatrick, Harry Mitchell, Gabrielle Giffords, or in my current stomping grounds, Jack Conway. The ad is the same for each.

NAME voted for Obamacare and cuts to Medicare. NAME raises taxes and supports out of control government spending that costs jobs. NAME is Pelosi's puppet.


Americans for Prosperity will spend millions of dollars in this election cycle in an effort to 1) slam the Obama administration as a force destroying the country and 2) defeat as many Democrats as possible to put as many people in Congress as possible that will do their bidding. Note the quote above.

Who leads AFP? Tim Phillips, former Century Strategies partner of Christian Coalition Director Ralph Reed. If you don't recall, Century Strategies was the outfit used by Jack Abramoff to launder money.

The Democrats have filed a complaint stating the obvious, which is that the foundation is clearly breaking the law by funding groups to run election specific pieces hitting candidates by name, which is flat out illegal.

The grotesquely irresponsible gutting of financial regulations combined with the windfall tax cuts for the ultra mega-rich has given greed soaked scum like Koch a taste of what it is to truly plunder the planet. Armed with a virtually limitless war chest, they have no problem spending vast sums to insure that their domination of the world continues. They will do everything they can to make sure that the country remains organized so that all economic production is funneled directly into their coffers.

It's not the government that's on the backs of the American people.


Blogger Sunshinesuperman said...

Anyone remember Lyndon LaRouche? He and Koch made Kool Aide together.

8/29/2010 2:30 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

I am no lawyer, but the ads do seem clearly on the wrong side of legal ... but it won't matter. AFP will run the ads for as long as they can draw the case out, and then if they lose they will simply pay whatever the monetary fine is and withdraw the ads - they will already have done whatever damage they could do anyway.

8/30/2010 6:43 AM  

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