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AZ Political Blogosphere Traffic

Below are the latest Alexa rankings for many Arizona political blogs and a few campaign web sites. The lower the number, the higher the traffic, and that is the only metric, traffic. Rankings involve the entire Internet, so the numbers get big. Unless you are the press (CNN, etc.) to be be ranked in the top 500,000 is a big deal. You can probably guess what site is ranked #1 (Google).

Precision is not available in this conversation, but a ranking in the top million means the site has substantial readership with traffic exceeding 1000 hits a day. Naturally, media sites have a huge traffic advantage (over blogs) because “everybody” goes there for news. The Star gets well over 100,000 hits a day. For a blog or campaign site, a ranking in the top five million, suggesting at least 250-500 hits a day, indicates a major site that has captured the attention of those who navigate the neighborhood. If ranked between 5 and 10 million, while not in the majors, the blog is definitely being read and noticed with 100 – 200 hits a day, but as the rank falls below 10 M daily hits are going double digit and shrinking. At 15 M or so, the site receives maybe 50 hits a day. No precision here, but 15 M is probably a good ballpark line for answering the question, "Is anyone paying attention?"

A blog ranked below 20 million is essentially playing with itself, and if a site receives too few hits (less than ten or so a day), the ranking software dismisses it and returns no data.

The rankings change over time, and a blog rank can shift by millions in a single week.

The Arizona Daily Star 21,341
John McCain for Senate 129,256
Inside Tucson Business 283,338
Sonoran Weekly Review 305,627
Exurban League 353,148
Sonoran Alliance 387,353
JD Hayworth for Senate 475,314
Seeing Red Arizona 560,373
Tucson Tea Party 610,332
Border Reporter 812,549
AZ Netroots 884,756
Vote Jesse Kelly 1,117,871
Politico Mafioso 1,239,791
Blog For Arizona 1,393,528
Disloyal Opposition 1,723,683
IC Arizona 2,081,945
Rum Romanism Rebellion 2,108,162
Tucson Choices 2,359,651
The Arizona Conservative 2,542,883
Gila Courier 2,814,239
Brian Miller for Congress 2,938,204
Giffords for Congress 3,499,403
Espresso Pundit 4,227,556
Random Musings 4,982,447
Democratic Diva 6,112,442
American Conservative Republican 6,327,048
The Northern Muckraker 6,976,457
Man Eegee's Latino Politico 7,527,952
Papa Todd 7,698,377
Sustainability, Equity, Development 7,795,434
Paton for Congress 9,849,002
Deep Thought 11,531,810
Political AZ 12,387,265
Daniel's News and Views 13,443,450
Eye on the 9th Floor 13,790,772
Pullen for the Party 18,332,915
Poco Bravo 20,213,644
Jakubczyko On Life 20,367,932
Arizona Watchtower 26,633,512
Ash For Arizona No Data

Given the CD 8 GOP primary, it makes sense that the Kelly (dang, Jesse!!) and Miller sites would be generating more traffic than the Giffords campaign at this time. That said, Jonathan Paton is running for Congress, and at least recently, more people are visiting this blog than his campaign web site.



Anonymous EditorSWR said...

You fail to list Sonoran Weekly Review with a world-wide ranking of
305,627 which would put SWR ahead of all sites with the exception of
The Arizona Daily Star 21,341
John McCain for Senate 129,256
Inside Tucson Business 283,338

Also SWR has a United States Ranking of

3/06/2010 5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, Luke Knipe. I guess you are just playing with yourself.

3/06/2010 6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anon said...

I don't know how you did your math, but you appear to be really close about the ranking in terms of hits per day. I just checked the ranking of a website that I manage, and it is ranked in the 13 million range.

We get 50-75 hits a day, which is consistent with what you wrote.

3/06/2010 7:07 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Thanks for calling your site to my attention. I built the list examining numerous blog rolls as well as the blogs listed as links at the various blogs - not sure how yours was missed. It is now included.

3/06/2010 7:32 PM  
Anonymous ExurbanKevin said...

Alexa is good, but as it relies on data from people who uses's search engine, it's results can be a little spotty. Quantcast is rapidly overtaking it in the 3rd party traffic estimation field, and I'd suggest that as a backup to Alexa's numbers.

Also, as you say, this as a snapshot. Alexa rankings can vary wildly from week to week as traffic ebbs and flows. I know traffic on our blog took a nose-dive right after the 2008 election as people were weary of politics, but it's starting to pick back up now.

3/06/2010 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Framer said...

Don't forget Tucson Tea Party at 610,332. That isn't half bad either.

3/07/2010 8:47 AM  
Anonymous Observer said...

Exurban is right, of course, but ranking such tiny sites (most of them less than 1000 hits/day) is going to be spotty. No offense, but the AZ blogosphere isn't exactly comprised of Huffington Post places. I think the text of x4mr's post, which creates "ballpark" groupings, says it well.

Under 1M: one of the TOP sites of the AZ political blogosphere.
1M - 5M: A major site.
5M - 10M: Minor leagues but relevant.
10M - 15M: Marginal wannabees.
Below 15M: Don't bother.
Below 20M: Embarrassing.

While the sites fluctuate, I'm guessing they stay in these categories.

Yes, Framer, clearly your tea party efforts have become a significant part of what's going on. Yeah, 610,332, not half bad! You should consider another run for office.

3/07/2010 9:10 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

EXACTLY. To try to get precise is ludicrous, and those groupings capture the gist of what I wanted to point out.

I didn't bother getting into the choir distinction. What would be interesting to know is how much of the activity is "talking to itself" and what actual difference it is making.

I added your site.

3/07/2010 10:25 AM  

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