Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two AZ Primaries Clarify Rift

The primaries heating up between 1) John McCain and JD Hayworth and 2) Jonathan Paton and Jesse Kelly, provide useful clarification of the bifurcation between the “GOP establishment” (aka “acronyms” or “R”) and the “true conservatives” (aka “tea” or “Not R”). The rift follows from cracks forming in the charade Republicans have used to dupe a particular group for over 40 years, with roots as far back as the Nixon administration. Names have changed over time (Falwell’s “Moral Majority” during the 70s), and the manipulation has been so successful that the puppets can perform double think in true 1984 fashion as they look at the party they think they are in. They can look directly at Not R and see R. They can look at R and see Not R.

Consider the primary between JD Hayworth (not R) and John McCain (R). For all practical purposes, Senators McCain and Kyl, Reps. Shadegg, Franks, and Flake ARE the Arizona GOP. They are as R as R gets. McCain got the R nod for President. R includes Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, Steve Forbes, Bill Bennett, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Haley Barbour, Mitch McConnell, Tom Delay, Eric Cantor, Jeb Bush. They are not RINO's. They are capital R with a star on top. R's agenda has remained unchanged for decades: more wealth for the wealthy. During 2000-2006, R had both hands on the wheel. They drove where? Teaville? Fiscal responsibility? They were solid R with policies that funneled trillions to corporations. They passed the unfunded $500+ B drug bill for Big Pharma. Cheney and his war profiteers laughed, “Reagan showed us that deficits don’t matter.”

Tucson’s acronyms/R consist of the likes of Don Diamond and Jim Click (now that's a pair with little interest in money), Jonathan Paton, Tim Bee, Bruce Ash, Vic Williams, Duff Hearon, Wayne Peat, Mike Hellon, the Kemmerly’s of Kemmerly Homes, Elaine Arena of Arena Consulting, Stuart Goodman of Goodman PR, Paul Manley of Johnson&Manley, Pete Herder of Herder Co., Bruce Beach of Beach Fleishman. Think this poverty stricken bunch is fretting about Planned Parenthood? I can just hear Diamond and Click talking strategy to fight the homosexual lobby.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

By making it impossible for government to function, Republicans are playing with fire.

2/16/2010 12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anon2 said...

Not sure why you are ignoring those who have called for a third party, and in some cases, formed third parties. There's the Constitution Party.

This from the Conservative Party website:

The Conservative Party has no desire to rehabilitate the Republican Party, or any other existing political party for that matter. Our mission is to “right the course,” to re-establish the limits and boundaries of Government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

All in all, I like what you've written. What's important to see is that Republicans have become a bunch of hypocritical scumbags, and John McCain is one of the biggest scumbags of them all.

2/16/2010 1:59 PM  
Anonymous George Washington said...

How can you not see that the resurgence of the conservative movement is just beginning? We get stronger everyday, and the hypocrites are scared.

Republicans are too frightened to work with Obama precisely because they know the conservatives are "waking up" and big time.

JD Hayworth is going to trounce McCain, and that is going to be a big wake up call for everyone.

2/16/2010 3:19 PM  
Anonymous Observer said...

The listing of names really underscores the difference between those interested in concentrating wealth and those devoted to a certain philosophy.

Not sure if I agree with you that the "GOP proper" has the horsepower to simply crush Hayworth and Kelly like bugs. I'll believe when I see it.

The endorsements racked up by McCain certainly support your view, but I'll believe it when I see it. McCain joked about whether Hayworth had any real support. I would ask that question of McCain, given recent history. Does he still have real support?

2/16/2010 6:36 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

The R hypocrisy is staggering, and tea, whether you like them or not, are not hypocrites.

I have five times the respect for Hayworth, not that I like him, than I have for McCain. McCain is sheer fraud. The R's are fraud.

The "No" party would rather see the whole country fail before anyone other than them can accomplish anything.

I hope Hayworth wins, and Kelly cares about the people of the district. Paton cares about himself.

2/16/2010 9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politics aside, what's the story about those people in the pool?

2/17/2010 8:51 AM  
Anonymous Observer said...

Some of the conservative blogs are now saying that all the Republicans endorsing McCain aren't really endorsing him, and did so before they knew Hayworth was running.

The fact that some of the biggest endorsements came out in the last two weeks isn't mentioned.

2/17/2010 5:49 PM  

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