Monday, January 25, 2010

Outside Agency Funding

If the press ever covered these revisions, I didn't see it. Below are solid data on the budget revisions by the Tucson City Council regarding outside agencies, some of them pure Cloth, some of them worthwhile endeavors. The first number is the original budget amount adopted by the Council. The second number is the revised figure after reductions implemented to help balance the budget. The default cut, minus exceptions, was 60%. Pure Cloth are red. Partial Cloth are purple. Cloth free (that I can confirm) are green. This city will throw domestic violence victims in the street before it will touch funds allocated to the Clothmeisters.

Economic and Workforce Development
Critical Path Institute (C-Path) - $158,440 to $79,220 (50%)
DTP Business Improvement District (BID) - $280,020 to 224,016 (20%)
JobPath - $380,250 to $184,006 (50%)
MTCVB - $4,036,350 to $3,115,740 (23%)
Pro Neighborhoods - $68,450 to $44,325 (35%)
School Plus Jobs - $471,510 to $188,604 (60%)
TREO - $1,242,700 to $994,160 (20%)
TOTAL Economic and Workforce Development - $6,637,720 to $4,830,071 (27.2%)

Arts and Cultural Enrichment
Tucson-Pima Arts Council - $525,530 to $376,999 (20%)
El Centro Cultural de las Americas - $9,140 to $3,656 (60%)
Tucson Botanical Gardens - $41,120 to $16,448 (60%)
Tucson Children's Museum - $35,640 to $14,256 (60%)
Tucson Museum of Art - $65,240 to $26,096 (60%)
Tucson Sister Cities Association - $12,190 to $4,876 (60%)
Tucson Pops Orchestra - $22,820 to Nothing (100%)
TOTAL Arts and Cultural Enrichment - $711,680 to $442,331 (38%)

Human Services
88-Crime - $12,610 to $5,044 (60%)
Community Mediation Program - $41,700 to $16,680 (60%)
Human Services Plan - $1,882,570 to $1,526,074 (20%)
Humane Society of Southern Arizona - $13,710 to $5,484 (60%)

Metropolitan Education Commission - $53,870 to $21,548 (60%)
Pima County / Tucson Women's Commission - $39,360 to $15,744 (60%)
Subtotal Human Services - $2,043,820 to $1,590,574 (22%)

Civic/Special Community Events
City Co-Sponsored Events - $258,570 to 258,570 (0%)
El Tour/Perimeter Bicycling Association of America - $22,820 to $9,128 (60%)
Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair - $9,510 to $3,804 (60%)

Tucson Gem and Mineral Society - $27,420 to $13,710 (50%)
Subtotal Events - $318,320 to $285,212 (10%)

Access Tucson - $758,740 to $379,372 (50%)
YMCA - $88,410 to $88,410

TOTAL OUTSIDE AGENCY FUNDING - $12,099,420 to $9,156,700 (24.3%)

The colossus (Downtown Tucson Partnership) is so mighty and powerful it transcends the outside agency conversation. The Business Improvement District is just a tiny morsel on its vast smorgasbord. I doubt DTP saw a thin red cent cut from its raging torrent of city funds. Cuts to the other big dog, MTCVB, are perhaps limited due to laws regarding the bed tax paid by the region's hotel and resorts, but $900K is $900K. That was pure Cloth gravy the city recovered. MTCVB will have to cancel the luncheon in Prescott.

Word is that Council Member Shirley Scott rose to TREO's defense and kept the cut to a modest 20%, apparently buying the assertion that TREO somehow had something to do with results produced by the University's Tech Park and others. Word is that she was also impressed by the new taco truck on South 12th.

Jobpath got slammed, but for the real picture, you have to find the County side of things. Jobpath is pure Pima County Interfaith Council (PCIC), whose strings extend far more into County coffers than City. Declining Eckstrom influence may spell the end of Jobpath over the next few years. PCC will be irritated as Jobpath was quite the cash cow. The $200K reduction translates to 4 fewer students.

My heart goes out to the Arts, Culture, and Human Services organizations that had tiny stipends cut to almost nothing. This is just stupid. The city protects TREO (cash reserves over $1M) and hacks the Children's Museum from $35K to $14K. They drown MTCVB in millions and bleed the Botanical Gardens. It's so clear who are Cloth and who have soul.

That's just the terror of the situation. Access Tucson, an inexpensive and incredibly productive vehicle for giving those without money a chance to express themselves, got butchered. Yes, some of the stuff is weird, but that's the point. It fuels a lot of expression for a song. I produced two short films there in the early 90s.

The city slammed the Community Mediation Program. This program provides low cost mediation services for struggling families, pregnant moms in fragile marriages, couples on the brink, relationships in pain, the challenged teetering on the brink of violence and addiction. Uh, yeah.

What the likes of Snell, Shelko, Lyons, Hecker, and the rest will never understand is that the money they guzzle for themselves takes money from other efforts. Real people are dead today so TREO, DTP, MTCVB, and their ilk can have an extra million in the bank. Think I exaggerate?

Don't take my word for it. Look at the numbers. Investigate and think. What do you see?



Blogger The Navigator said...

It is very clear who is Cloth and who has soul. It is also very clear who the city council cares about.

The non-profits that have a heart and truly serve others, like the Children's Museum, the Mediation program, 88-CRIME, are the one most brutally cut. The greedy filth of TREO get to keep stuffing their wallets while contributing nothing to the real people of the town.


1/26/2010 2:36 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

I'm not sure what it takes to send a message to the City Council. Torches and pitchforks?

1/26/2010 3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anon2 said...

Liza, Guess we can start with the recall...

1/26/2010 4:07 PM  
Anonymous Observer said...

The Tucson First people seeking the ouster of Clothified Camper were planning to protest the State of the City speech at the TCC this week.

They were asked to cancel the protest. Those doing the asking suggested the favor would be returned. The protest has been canceled.

The Tucson Choices blog links to this post. I think it was x4mr who wrote once about TREO going after the funding for the Brewster Center for Domestic Violence. That sounds about right.

What happens when Snell finds an unconscious rape victim?

He takes her purse.

What's sick, and the figures show it, is that this is true.

1/26/2010 6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anon2 said...

Clothmeister Rick Meyers (sp) -- ex IBM -- confirmed to Arizona Board of Regents

1/28/2010 1:01 PM  

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