Thursday, January 28, 2010

Choir Blogging

I've received emails about my That’s All Folks! on New Year’s Day. At the time I’d been stricken with a "blogger malaise" I could not distinguish or understand. I knew that it was there and had to stop, unable to do "IT" anymore. Of course, what is "IT"? What "voice" did I lose? The answer was not simple and involved months of pondering.

At a comment exchange mostly between myself and Framer, I said that I refused to become a "broken record" blog. This led to additional reflection, and at last the bulb turned on. I am pleased that I now have the distinction, "Choir Blogging." It nails it.

Choir Blogging. Noun. Blog content mirroring talk radio that distorts or fabricates issues to praise or condemn political figures. What distinguishes Choir Blogging is that it accomplishes absolutely nothing – the message is only heard by its own "Choir" - those already sharing the sentiments of the material.

Choir Blogging:

- criticizing how many times Obama mentions himself in a speech
- concern about whether or not Obama wore a flag pin
- noise about Obama's courtesy bow in Japan
- asserting that attending a global warming conference is an outrage
- alleging that Giffords spends all of her time in Houston
- making a fuss about Giffords car (Toyota 4-Runner). GOP superstar Scott Brown drives what?
- emphasizing Obama's middle name like it means something
- asserting Obama is a Muslim
- anything about Obama smoking a cigarette
- applying labels like socialist or socialism with no regard for what the words mean

I could go on, and the lefty blogs, self included, are guilty as well. When Michael Steele made his remark, "I'm the cow standing in front of the train," I posted footage of a real cow in front of a real train, which turned out badly for the cow. Entertaining perhaps, but it was Choir blogging.

Criticism, even a brutal bashing, is not necessarily Choir Blogging. To make anything out of Jesse Kelly's inability to score the "KellyforCongress" URL is Choir Blogging. Who cares? However, it's not Choir Blogging to note that Paton's campaign website still sucks.



Blogger The Navigator said...

What you are distinguishing is not new, but what is interesting is that you experienced for yourself a loss of energy and enthusiasm and struggled with why you found yourself with little to say. You would give up blogging before posting empty headed nonsense and silly angles in order to make so and so look good or look bad.

I think it was Cigar Man (long time ago) that said it was about "looking good" and "looking bad."

If I understand your distinction, and I think I do, you are pointing out the effort to manufacture something out of nothing, substance out of meaningless drivel. The same people that bash Giffords about her 4-Runner fall all over each other worshiping GOP Messiah Scott Brown and his huge GMC.

The point, indeed, is that there is no point.

I thought of some other headlines:

Congressman snores so bad his wife sleeps in another room.

Aides have to correct Senator’s spelling.

Congresswoman ruins blouse eating patty melt!

The one about Obama bowing in Japan...

Since I'm already commenting, I want to add that I think parts of Obama's speech, especially near the end, were great. His call for the end of "You lose, I win" thinking was so perfect.

It is infuriating to watch the scum try to tear him down.

1/28/2010 1:07 PM  
Anonymous Observer said...

A useful distinction that I have been noticing myself. Blogs do this all the time, and it is just like talk radio.

I would emphasize x4mr's point that criticism, even nasty criticism, is not necessarily Choir Blogging. I am more than disgusted by what is coming out about John Edwards (sex tape, etc.). As far as I'm concerned, that asshole deserves the condemnation blogs or other media may produce.

Choir blogging is making hype over sheer nothing. It alters no opinion and provides no useful info. It makes the choir smile since it is making someone the choir already dislikes look bad.

Remember the hype about Obama "apologizing for the US" because he treated other world leaders with respect and said he would listen to them? Talk about trying to make a big deal out of nothing, and just as x4mr said, the only people who bought into it were already in "the choir" - the people solidly against Obama. No opinions changed at all.

1/29/2010 1:54 PM  

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