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Brief self-indulgent post meant solely as a place marker. The ability to vote in Pima County is history via a signed release promptly requested by F. Ann Rodriguez. The state of Kentucky now endorses the driver's license and license plate, and as of this morning, the Tucson house I enjoyed is no longer mine.

Brick and heavy plaster kept it cooler than the newer spit and kleenex nonsense, and not a square inch of carpet in the entire place. Cool, clean tile and hardwood rule, and NO POOL. I had a pool once, along with the spit/kleenex house and the wife and the kids and the van and the garage and the dogs.

I will miss the Tucson house pictured above, the post wife house that provided extraordinary memories for a coming of age daughter and a couple dozen UHS kids. I miss the cigar shop.

It's been over five years, and I'm starting to get that for the rest of my life, a certain part of me will miss those dogs.


Blogger Liza said...

Nice little house, X4mr. It looks well tended.

Yeah, don't expect to ever get over the dogs.

7/09/2009 10:14 AM  
Blogger The Navigator said...

Congratulations on selling a house in this economy, especially in Arizona with all the foreclosures going on. I bet the buyer is pretty happy.

I would envision x4mr to have a pretty cool place. Because of his daughter, I bet it was ideal for teenage evenings, well decked out with HDTV, great sound, leather furniture, well stocked "kitchen." If I remember right, one evening x4mr came home to find her standing over a floor littered with semi-conscious UHS kids.

I also remember reading about your dogs. I find it horrid that your ex killed them without asking you if you would or could take them. Heartless.

7/09/2009 1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read your "Something Else."

Tragic, just tragic. It's amazing that they would destroy what took so much to create and had become so valuable just so they could steal some quick cash.

You're gifted, and they tossed you in the trash.

No worries. You can tell Pima Community College is enlightening the employees here by the skyrocketing wages and fantastic jobs available in this town.

7/09/2009 7:47 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Words will not capture what I experienced when my daughter told me that Lucky and Pidge, two perfectly healthy dogs, were put down to save money.

Yeah, Nav, it was a great house. It had the huge kitchen that includes the dining area on terrific tile, and the tile extended into the hallway and bathrooms. The huge kitchen/dining area opened perfectly into the living room area over hardwood floor, and yes, leather before terrific electronics.

I put pergo type flooring in the bedrooms.

Carpet sucks.

7/09/2009 9:57 PM  
Blogger Policon said...

What a long strange trip its been. Congrats, x4mr, on everything.. surviving the hits, moving ever toward the light, keeping this blog alive and well.

Cigar Man, thank you for your comments on the prior post. Pearls like "The TREO 'return on investment' is my favorite.." hit a chord between humor and deep sadness.

You, too, Liza; "While the charade goes on and on." Teeth won't unclench.

But, Cigar Man's comment, "The cloth is extremely resilient and nearly impossible to defeat," reminded me of the History HD channel's program the other night on the new metamaterials suddenly coming out of labs around the world (see Discover Magazine, March '09, "Metamaterial Revolution: The New Science of Making Anything Disappear.") Using nano-width carbon fibers laced with miniscule loops of copper wire and electically charged, scientists like John Pendry, have turned non-magnetic materials into magnetic ones. Non-chemical, structural changes that result in entirely different properties for materials. It's alchemy on a scale we've only dreamed about.

Perhaps our local "cloth" can only be turned into an honest, productive, transparent, egalitarian, friendly, and meritocratic cloth, or more bluntly stated, defeated, by changing the structure of the cloth using nano concepts. Duke's Professor David Smith produced nano sized cloth with pockets so fine that it literally traps and bends light to the point that it cloaks objects and make them invisible.

I used to believe we needed only a few good elections to get the right leaders in place and start on a path of constructive growth. But good leaders come only when the electorate chooses them. With a million people in town, each one is a nano sized fiber, if we excuse the million/billion disconnect.

The local democratic party's fabric has indeed built a self-reinforcing structure. Hell, its electic mail this very week pleads desperately for minions to secure ten permanent mail-in ballot requests from nanos. It is the sickening, throaty voice of the addiction beast fighting for its wicked life.

X4mr, we'll stay focused, if you will apply your newfound resources, knowledge, and vantage point to help us understand how to change the structure of our cloth at the extreme micro level. I recall Liza, last summer, saying something regarding the national election like, "I'm just so damned exhausted by the (Bush).." Fatigue makes cowards of us all, and many of us are running on empty. It's time for a game changing innovation in our battle, a brilliant insight, a monkey-wrench placed just so. A move seen ten-steps ahead, in a currently very chaotic political/economic environment.

7/10/2009 3:43 AM  
Blogger TexPatriate said...


Using your structure above, I maintain that this blog and the sunshine visibility that it has brought to the Cloth *is* that monkey wrench.

I think that all the work and sweat that X4mr has put in to this effort is paying off, but at glacial speed. That's not a criticism, either -- we all know how powerful glaciers are, even though we are seldom able to watch them work in realtime.

After all, a couple of years ago, the term "Cloth" really didn't mean much.

It does now.

7/10/2009 8:48 AM  
Blogger Cigar Man said...

Texpatriate is absolutely right. Stuff like this does occur at glacier speed, and x4mr has made a difference.

If you were to go back five years and count how often GTEC appeared in newspaper articles, and compare that to how often TREO is in the paper now, you would be shocked.

Look at how the press has bitch slapped Rio Nuevo all over the place. That also would not have happened two years ago. Was it me or someone else that likened it to the situation in Iran?

The regime is still in power. They still have control, but no one thinks of them the same. The respect or legitimacy is gone.

The PR people of the local cash cows, the Wells Fargo, TEP, Raytheon, etc., still dutifully write those checks to be on TREO's stupid partner list. However, now they shower after they do it.

Snell still gets his fat check, but the whole council and administrative people know full well he stole funding. It will be interesting to see how the city discusses the contract with DTP to manage Rio Nuevo projects.

The circus continues, but I think x4mr has changed the tune that the band plays during the show. The players still get to play, but it probably isn't as fun as it used to be.

7/10/2009 11:06 AM  
Blogger Policon said...

I guess glacial just isn't my speed. Where is Boris Yeltsin 2.0? Okay, in a high tech world, maybe it is x4mr and his ilk. He disclosed his real identity and steadily wins converts. Is it the '09 equivalent of standing on tanks?

Could it be Paton's "non-partisan" bill, or the state's retrieval of the Rio Nuevo reigns? Steve Kozatchik soundly defeating Nina "the mouth" Trashoff? Just the contrast at the table with Walkup and Romero would be brilliant. Shirley and Rodney might be okay if they were reacting to an x4mr-like practitioner of common sense rather than being dragged into the gutter by Trashoff, Uhlich, Romero, and Walkup.

Whatever it might be, I'm patience is thinning with just exposing and chipping away at our malevolent local power base. We need a surge of constructive change in the very SYSTEM that annoints local power.

7/11/2009 4:28 AM  

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