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Capturing Recent Learnings

Tucson, Arizona. (Lot 175 typical weekday - NW intersection is Franklin & Church). The reader is clearly already aware of said non-outcome (relatively speaking) of the recent Steve Leal call for Tucson City Manager Mike Hein's resignation / termination. We all know it didn't happen.

What did happen, and not by design (I speculate) was the discussion Web 2.0 made possible as a result of the, shall we say, eruption of discontent. First, we have Rob O'Dell's properly vetted story on the subject that was published in the Saturday Star.

What the paper did or did not anticipate was the thread of comments that followed the story, and while such threads can prove rough terrain with ore as tough as caliche, they can still yield gems and precious metals. I wish to honor and thank those who furnished the following:

AZ Star #39 Jefferson Smith
I heard a very disturbing rumor yesterday. The rumor was that Larry Hecker, the "civic activist" that the Star keeps quoting in support of Hein, is actually Hein's personal attorney.

Perhaps O'Dell could check into this rumor and either confirm or deny it, since he's the one who keeps going to this source.

We know that Hecker was the front man for the developers in fighting Kromko's water initiative last year. These are the same guys who leveraged the Council into hiring Hein as manager, even though he hadn't even applied for the job. Makes you wonder, doesn't it, just why he supports Hein so adamantly. Oh, I forgot, just connect the dots.

AZ Star #67 Mike Lane
Yes they need an independent audit. No, they do not need a mediator.
If the city manager can not communicate with his employers (the council) he needs to go. Mike Hein was city manager for Marana when mayor Bobby Sutton was pulling his illegal scams around Waste Management. (What did Hein know? who knows. He was only MARANA CITY MANAGER after all). Mike Hein was working for Chuck Huckelberry when it was exposed that the county was fixing road contracts as political favors. (Was Hein implicated? Who knows. The only result of that investigation was Dan Eckstrom -- Hein's protector -- stepping down in mid-term). Mike Hein worked for South Tucson, which has been a pit of crooked vipers for as long as anyone can remember.

Mike Hein worked for Nogales -- need I say more? Everyplace Hein has worked has ended up in scandal. Hein was put in at the City of Tucson at the behest of Don Diamond, Larry Hecker, Bob McMahon, and other big-time elites that run this town like their own personal feifdom. Included then were Fred Ronstadt, Jose Ibarra, and Kathleen Dunbar supported his coronation without a process. Their replacements (Ulich, Romero and Trasoff) should know better than to continue with this sleeze-bag.

The only way the council can regain any credibility with the public is to fire Hein and start a real public process to replace him -- UNLIKE THE CLOSED DOOR, BACK-ROOM DEALING THAT HIRED HIM TO BEGIN WITH. After the Council shows us they are serious about cleaning up the mess at city hall by firing this bum, then have an audit. Maybe then, and only then, we will believe what you say.

AZ Star #73 Christie D. (just thefacts)
1. #53 - Miranda already turned his back toward the best interest of public safety and our officers, he's already a puppet to Mike Hein.
#65 - Are you kidding me? Rick Myers was President of Southern Arizona Leadership Council when he and all the profit-minded members of SALC (Don diamond, Larry Hecker is just a close ally to them, Jim Click, Don Bourn, Ken Abrahams) led the effort (very persistently might I add) to skip any fair and public hiring process and put in Mike Hein. I can say this as a witness - I was working at SALC at that time and watched it happen. I know and actually respect Rick Myers but I disagree with what took place and having him as the auditor would be a colossal conflict of interest. and...
2. #67 - you are exactly right.

To Jefferson, Mike, and Christie, if no one else will acknowledge your coming forward, please accept what little I can offer here. Thank you.

From comments submitted here I have to reproduce a little, starting with Observer's poem about Tucson, Arizona:

Our dearly Hecker,
who art in cloth,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
in Tucson as it is in Cloth.
Give us this day our daily deal,
and forgive us our crimes,
as we forgive those who steal from others.

Lead us not into truthfulness,
but deliver us from scrutiny.

For thine is the cloth, and the power, and the money, for ever and ever, Amen.

Finally, I must acknowledge Liza. We might inflict a scratch or bruise on one another along the path, but I say with confidence that we stand on the same side against tyranny and the slaughter of the defenseless and innocent. Safe words on paper, but not so safe in reality. Liza has seen, up close and for real, some of what I have seen that tears at my heart and provokes rage.

I have seen the well meaning, adept, and hard working pack up belongings into boxes so shit like Snell, Lyons, Hein, Hecker, and the rest can fatten their wallets.

(The same lot on a weekend. Now where do those parking payments go? Since they have no employees, who collects and deposits the payments, and where?) I think Cigar Man is right. Progress is slow, but Web 2.0 is altering the terrain. For example, suppose I just happened to receive an email that the DDC Federal Tax ID is 86-0372238. I like where it discusses the compensation of the top five employees and it reads, "NO EMPLOYEES/NO PAYMENTS."

Think about that, a company where no one gets paid anything. See, the way that it works is that the master non-profit creates subsidiaries that CAN pay people, and that's where folks get rich.

Don't believe me about a company that has no employees and pays no one a thing? Read it yourself.


Blogger Policon said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7/03/2008 5:11 AM  
Blogger Policon said...


7/03/2008 10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Everybody knows the game is fixed.
The poor get poor.
The rich get rich.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.

7/03/2008 10:18 AM  
Blogger Cigar Man said...

Experienced bloggers know that the first post after one that has been deleted by its author is usually by that author, so what is most likely is that Policon got up sometime before five, visited some blogs, read x4mr's story, and knowing about the travesty, vented in spades.

Then, several hours later, he returned to the blog, saw his seething rage, and exclaimed something like, "Holy F#@#$#%!!" and promptly deleted his rant.

Then he posted his short remark we see above.

Anon is right. The game is fixed, and a little blogger like x4mr isn't going to change a thing.

About ten or fifteen years ago, Tucson and Albuquerque were about the same. Since then, Albuquerque's leadership has served the people of Albuquerque, and it shows.

Tucson's leadership has served a small number of suits who insure they continue to do the same. Why do you think they select scum to head TREO, DTP, etc.?

May Lyons die in agony for tossing that woman in the street. May incurable bone cancer rot him from the inside out.

7/03/2008 10:57 AM  
Blogger Policon said...

No, I turned a few different phrases.


Looks like you found it, x4mr.

Take a peak at the 2007 return (free on $2,382 for meals and entertainment. You also found the only company in America with no employees, and no officer compensation that still spends thousands wining and dining those non-existent employees and non-compensated officers.

Who else is on DDC's board? Subsidiary boards?

Loaded with cloth, you say? Lyons, and Heckers, and "Oh, my!" EVEN AN ELECTED! Who could be that dumb you ask? You get only one guess, since this one is so easy.

Rumor has it that even a university president's wife served until she realized what was happening and couldn't get her cut.

Imagine Snell's fury when he finds out he couldn't get his piggy little nose into this one. Think we'll lose him to New Orleans?

Money corrupts, and you found a mother lode.

But, how was the Tucson Cloth able to get the IRS to go along with a non-profit company who bought its assets with money gifted to it by City of Tucson, then paid all its profit out to officers down at the "FOR PROFIT" subsidiary level FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS? Does the cloth have operatives in the IRS?

Or are these cloth so brazen they flaunt their corruption in the face of the IRS?

Kennedy's salary in the subsidiaries= $48,000/year x 20 years= $960,000. And he can still sign his name on 20 years of DDC tax returns that say "NONE" for officer's compensation?


This rotten door should be easy to kick in.

What's up next on the hunt for red cockroach cloth? Can you see them running from the light?

7/03/2008 11:54 AM  
Anonymous Observer said...

Well, this is intense, but Policon underestimates the inertia. Nothing will happen quickly. Having driven by that lot on countless occasions, I can vouch for "your" photos accurately depicting that many cars park there each day during the week. Someone is getting paid.

Where does that money go?

You venture into uncharted waters, x4mr. Be sure to stand grounded in truth. It is your defense. The cloth would love to hack you to pieces. Instead, they don't engage at all. I would interpret lack of engagement as success. If they ever choose to hit you, it will occur when you slip.


7/03/2008 5:11 PM  

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