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HRC A Disastrous VP Choice

(Jim Webb with Obama) The mainstream media in its lust for everything Clinton is still fanning the flames regarding coverage of her campaign as if it were she, and not Barack Obama, who prevailed. Nim wits are feeding into the frenzy, with CNN publishing a poll saying most democrats want to see her as the Vice President on the ticket. Who are these idiots?

Does Hillary strike the reader as someone content and pleased to assume the VP role? Obama would need food-tasters and a special car like the Pope-Mobile. Further, every Obama act and initiative would be cast by the media in the light of how it plays with HRC. I can already hear the talking heads bantering about her position on every move he makes, and with her as VP, what about Bill?

(Mark Warner) While Hillary may represent philosophical change over Eggplant’s policy of stupidity, deception, and the greatest failure possible in every circumstance, she does not represent change in terms of tactics, outlooks, and perspective. She is not a change agent, and a whole set of Republicans (and some Democrats and Independents are getting there) just foam at the mouth at the thought of the woman.

Obama himself generates the rock star enthusiasm and the hunger for change. His running mate should balance this with stability, an experienced player who will be respected. Key names that come to mind are Jim Webb, Mark Warner, Sam Nunn, or Wesley Clark. All provide solid political infrastructure in areas where Obama could use some fortification.

Does the reader really believe Obama truly respects or likes HRC? Of course he will praise her in public, but no one with any sense would interpret his selection of her as anything other than caving to pressure, a terrible move for one seeking the White House. It’s reflects weakness, not leadership, and will be seen as such. Selecting HRC will look weak.

(Sam Nunn) If HRC is authentic (a skinny branch indeed) about her commitment to the struggling Americans in this country scraping by while GOP pigs discover new dimensions of financial obesity, she should know where she can make the biggest difference. Go back to the Senate, Senator Clinton, and take Harry Reid’s place as its leader. Establish a strong tie with the Speaker of the House. Create a Congress that can work with the president to start repairing the unspeakable damage inflicted in the last seven years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't pick her. But if he does she should learn how to behave nicely with her boss:

1). Don't insinuate you are needed because your boss may be assassinated.

2). Don't lie and convince uneducated people that your millions are working for the underprivileged (ex. counting stolen MI and FL votes).

3). Don't undermine your boss.

If he picks her she'll be one big headache for 8 years and cause him a lot of grief.

6/07/2008 2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree completely. CNN didn't call me when they conducted that poll about Hillary. I am a white woman in my 70's and am a staunch supporter of Obama. I fervently hope Obama DOES NOT select Hillary as his VP. Perhaps I am being cynical but I believe she would accept only if she anticipated becoming President some time along the way.

6/07/2008 7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is a hypocrite. Although protesting gender stereotypes, she drops lines like "It's not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it's over." and "What does Hillary Clinton want?" Lines like this have only one purpose... to inflame the ire of her disgruntled feminist base. These people are all about payback, female power and revenge and HRC, knowing that, makes these incendiary comments despite claiming not to rely on any advantage provided her through being female. It is just like playing the race card and completely undermines her integrity.

6/07/2008 9:59 AM  
Blogger TexPatriate said...

If Obama does something stupid and chooses Hillary as his VP, he might as well resign himself to being the meat in the Clinton sandwich for the next 4 years. Anyone who doesn't think that Billary will crush any momentum that he might bring to the table is just ignoring the blindingly obvious.

6/07/2008 10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 56 year old, white, single woman. I did not want this particular woman to be president and I am tired of the constant feed from the media saying the people want "Hillary" for VP and that it is a "dream ticket". No way! Absolutely not! After Obama's win all we heard about was Hillary Clinton. Please STOP. I voted for Obama to become president. Vice Presidents become presidents if something happens....again, no way!

6/07/2008 11:33 AM  
Blogger The Navigator said...

Not only my two cents, but five hundred bucks, concurs with the above.

I share x4mr's confusion and the anon's above about the press and why they are inflating the VP conversation, and I completely fail to understand those who think she would bring unity to the party.

She would bring the exact opposite, infighting and dissension within the same ticket. It would be the "meltdown scenario" all over again.

As x4mr has said, Obama is a pro. He has to see what we see and know that putting her on the ticket is a nothing but a nightmare. X4mr is right, she should go back to the Senate and do her job.

I think he is just going through the motions to let her vent her piece and then he will start to move forward.

Regarding a sane choice for VP, I agree with the options x4mr presented. I hate to say it, but I think the race/gender is sufficiently stretched with Obama at the top. A white male belongs at his side. He should not pick Richardson.

6/07/2008 11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do hope Obama doesn't pick Clinton as his running mate. Then Obama will lose to McCain and we'll have a trustworthy man as president.

6/07/2008 12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama as president - Yes we can. Hillary Clinton as Vice President - NO WE SHOULDN'T!!!!!!

6/07/2008 12:59 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

I had this conversation with texpatriate today actually. She is in the Navigator camp, and feels the Dems will pick a "bland" white man as VP.

I do agree with X4mr that we are "minoritied out", which knocks out someone like Bill Richardson. However, I do think Clinton running so strongly in her own right would make a white woman pass muster for the VP slot ... as long as that woman isn't Clinton.

6/07/2008 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James Webb is a blatant sexist. With the unity of the Democratic party at stake it would be suicidal to make this choice.

Senator Clinton said she endorses you. To me, that means he gets another listen. (He had nothing to say when last I looked that addresses any my issues or concerns, a 50-something artist who can only work part time (sacrificing potential retirement savings) due to family caregiving responsibilities) He isn't saying a blasted thing. Obama will win or lose based on how, and how quickly, he brings the 18 million of us to his side. Why this critical situtation in what should be his constituency doesn't have his complete attention turned to this doesn't bode well for him as it is.

6/08/2008 9:05 AM  
Blogger Sirocco said...


What's to say he doesn't have his attention focused on it? Are you claiming McCain better addresses your issues and concerns? If so, please give examples.

As a thought experiment, imagine a role reversal, where Hillary won a narrow, closely contested nomination. Do you think Obama would be seriously considered for her VP slot, no matter how upset those who backed him might feel about events?

I actually believe he would merit some consideration from her, but that his chances of gaining the slot would be quite slim ... and for many of the same reasons (minus the Bill baggage) why Clinton is not likely to be on Obama's slate.

6/08/2008 3:14 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Clinton will not be Obama’s VP choice for a multitude of reasons, many of which have been addressed right here in the post and comments.

Clinton will most likely be offered a cabinet position in the Obama administration. If this happens, she will lead the effort to legislate the health care reform that the Democrats have promised the American people. I expect Hillary to accept, given that this could potentially be the most significant Democratic social reform bill passed since the Johnson administration.

Most Clinton supporters will be appeased if Hillary is responsible for health care reform. People see this as her signature issue, and most of her supporters will agree that it will be a full time and worthwhile use of her talents.

In fact, most of the Democratic presidential contenders are likely to find their way into the Obama administration.

I have no prediction for Obama's vice president, but I will be very, very surprised if it’s Hillary.

6/08/2008 3:41 PM  
Blogger Framer said...

Do any of you actually know a Hillary supporter? I know several and they are not that hard to find. In fact, I believe there were more of them in Arizona than Obama supporters.

Picking another woman than Hillary would be absolute disaster for Obama. Those supporters aren't just looking for a woman on the ticket, they want Hillary. A lot of Obama supporters keep trying to stick a fork on the eye of people who like Hillary. I would strongly advise you stop doing this as you have no idea where these people are at right now.

If you want a taste, google PUMA PAC. These are your neighbors.

Good luck with that.

6/08/2008 8:24 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Heh ... I started as a Hillary supporter, and know many. I disagree with your assertion.

As with many large groups there are some number of "extremists", but judging a very large number of people by their most extreme elements is a flawed argument. Of course, it's an argument made all the time these days.

6/09/2008 5:43 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

I think Sirocco and I are on a similar page. I thought well of Clinton until January/February when her head spun around.

Like the disgruntled social conservatives, the "Hillary or bust" crowd needs to get a grip. The Supreme court argument, the economy, the war, and the issues will scream loud in September and October. Do you really think these mostly staunch pro-choice Hillary fans are going to vote for McCain?

I do agree with Framer that Obama should not slap Hillary in the face with the selection of a different woman as VP. He won't.

My sentiments remain as originally posted. HRC as VP is a DISASTER. Obama should select a stabilizing and solid VP like those I mentioned, and Hillary should be well recognized with one of the possibilities people have raised, be it Senate leadership, a prominent cabinet spot, or TBD.

6/09/2008 10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly X4MR... all the Clinton supporters who claim Obama had better do something to win them over are just talking otu of their neck.
To say that Obama will lose the Clinton sopporters' vote in a race against McCain is a joke. Everytime I hear Clinton supporters claim that Obama needs to win their 18 million votes I laugh at the ridiculousness of that claim.

6/10/2008 9:47 PM  

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