Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tippers and Change

(Donna Branch-Gilby) Tucson, Arizona. Last month I wrote The Tipping Point and also discussed The Tippers as the set of individuals starting to find a voice regarding their frustration with community leadership. The Tucson community is growing past the one million mark, and an increasing number of people are starting to question how about fifteen or so people (most not elected) run the place. That's right. Fifteen people. They aren't difficult to identify. They like to sit on boards, chat profusely, feel important, and accomplish surprisingly little.

The distinction "tipper" in this context involves the first step, speaking out. Some, such as GOP Committee Man Bruce Ash, send emails and speak on radio shows. Some post on blogs. That it is easy to sit and pass judgment is duly noted, but as those who have seen "Network" know, step one is yelling.

(Barney Brenner) Some do actually bite the bullet and acknowledge the expression, "If you want something done right.."

They run for office. Just looking at the county board of supervisors for now, from the Democrats we have Donna Branch-Gilby challenging status quo county district 3 incumbent Sharon Bronson. One of the fundamental "tipping points" for Donna involved the ridiculous election integrity fiasco. Blogger Michael Bryan was all over the nonsense where county chieftain Huckelberry, whose administration is strangely accountable for county election machines and vote counts, didn't want to release information despite the inconvenient law that required him to do so. Bronson backed the administration's plan to refuse to release the data. Why? Well, ask Sharon. Donna's doing more than asking.

(Joe Higgins) All tippers with whom I have communicated share the common cry for accountability, integrity, and transparency in government. They don't want the tenth floor administrators just doing whatever they feel like. As Policon and others have pointed out, if you look at who sits on the boards of all these alphabet soup organizations like TREO, SALC, the Downtown Tucson Partnership, MTCVB, and so on, you see the same fifteen people.

For the Republicans in county district 3, we have successful businessman Barney Brenner. Ask Barney about getting permits in the county. Barney will have his work cut out for him in the general election regardless of who wins the primary. Speaking of primaries, causing some GOP consternation is another successful businessman, Joe Higgins, challenging county district 1 incumbent Ann Day in the primary. Some have asserted that Joe's motivation has roots tracing to Al Melvin. I am more inclined to think that Joe's motivation traces back to Joe Higgins, but make no mistake, others encouraged him to run, and not Al. County District 1 will elect the Republican, so Joe's prevailing over Ann Day won't disrupt Ray Carroll's widely acknowledged desire for change in the county administration. He is short one vote. While a Democrat, Branch-Gilby is a change agent and not something to chuckle about.

Good luck all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of these people stand a chance.

5/13/2008 7:57 PM  
Anonymous Mariana said...


5/13/2008 8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anon2 said...

Mariana, he has a point that they face an uphill battle.

Joe will have to politically correctly point out that Day is an idiot, not easy since she is sister of revered Sandra and enjoys favors by virtue of family relations.

If Branch-Gilby wins over Sharon Bronson, she will win the general election against Barney. Just look at the voter registrations.

Branch-Gilby would ally with Carroll about election integrity. Also, she brings water to the table, a very serious issue.

What x4mr did not mention is that someone (name escapes me) is also looking at challenging Elias, and I think someone is challenging Valadez.

I would love to see all local incumbents lose. I agree with x4mr. Ray Carroll is probably the only supervisor that is not a Chuckleberry yaysayer.

5/15/2008 12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ann Day has that Nancy Reagan look... Valium, and lots of it. Carroll is the only one honest enough to release some real budget figures. Like the 6.5 million loaned from the General Fund to the Stadium District. Loaned? Who the hell is paying it back? It is audit time folks. Long overdue. How do the voters know whether or not we have an Orange Countly Crash on the horizon?

6/05/2008 2:01 AM  

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