Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Tale of Two Regionalisms

I recently met GOP candidate Joe Higgins, who is challenging Pima County Supervisor Ann Day. Joe wanted to discuss various issues, SAIAT, and the notion of the employee development resource center TREO destroyed. His candidacy is no joke to the consternation of some. Joe has Web 2.0 awareness beyond that of his opponent. He has a web site and has posted a series of youtube videos online. One of them posits a favorable view of "regionalism" and mentions TREO as a positive example. Joe speaks favorably of "coming together" and eliminating turf war and duplication.

When we met I told Joe how TREO hijacked over $200 thousand in funding allotted for other agencies to pad its own pockets fully knowing one of them would have to close. While organizing into larger groups to increase efficiency and reduce duplication makes sense in theory, in reality ending turf wars by giving all of the turf to a slab of swine does not serve progress. Forget about SAIAT or MAC and just consider Goodwill. Who takes $30 thousand allotted for Goodwill, puts it in the bank, and brags about the move as improving financial performance? SCUM.

I emailed Joe Higgins, and to his credit he replied quickly. It immediately became apparent that we live in different contexts, his involving fragmented jurisdictions (Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Pima County, etc.) while mine applies to non-profit agencies. The TREO (a non-profit) reference confused me. He is calling for the different jurisdictions to get at the same table, not a bad idea. Again we face semantics. What is "regionalism"? Clearly the need for greater communication, collaboration, cooperation, and organization exists. Clearly turf wars erupt. His vision is probably spot on.

However, my frame on non-profits sees clothmeisters commandeer and usurp entirely for personal gain and agenda. Who expanded the perfectly functional Tucson Downtown Alliance to create the larger cloth driven Downtown Tucson Partnership? Why do more when you can do less at twice the price? Who was served by that move?

Consider the non-profit agencies assisting people who find themselves in troubled times. They include Goodwill Industries, The Brewster Center, Chicanos Por La Causa, The Community Food Bank, Tucson Urban League, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and others. Well, they are all just helping people, right? What a duplication of effort. They all probably have their own accountant. What we would save if we created the Tucson Regional Assistance Authority (TRAA).

Let’s shut down Goodwill, The Brewster Center, Chicano por la Causa, The Community Food Bank. Get rid of all of them and create one "authority" that will spend six figure sums to create a fancy logo, web site, and buy ridiculously expensive furniture for a dozen do nothing VP's that sit in meetings with overpaid consultants to produce pamphlets. Those battered women can just go to Pima Community College.

Think I exaggerate?


Blogger Cigar Man said...

Touche, x4mr.

You have come a long way. Everything that happens to you is a learning experience. You are a certified sponge. I'm surprised Navigator didn't post the following before I now do:

He who dies knowing the most wins.

Like you, I am now considering moving. Workforce development in this town is just #%$%#. I am NOT pointing a finger at the U of A. In fact, I would say the U of A is a pearl before swine, a gem that is not sufficiently appreciated.

Pima College is a top heavy cash cow. If you only knew how many people make how much money to do almost nothing. I know people that make $125,000+ and do not do a single thing.

PCC is exactly the "Tucson Regional Community College Authority."

5/18/2008 3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Snell is a sociopath, a twisted, self-serving demon. He serves himself, himself, and himself. The jerk is as predictable as all self-absorbed jerks. In the back of his mind the tape never stops running, "What's best for me? What's best for me?"

If you have to shake hands with this wretched beast, check for lost fingers and wash with soap at once.

I finally think I know who you are, Cigar Man.

5/18/2008 5:52 PM  
Anonymous anon2 said...

To say that TREO shut SAIAT down is not entirely accurate.

It is more accurate to say that TREO stole SAIAT's funding, infiltrated its board, and tried to take it over.

x4mr fired their moles, told TREO to f themselves, and resigned. His replacement had no clue and the place imploded at once.

5/19/2008 11:15 AM  

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