Monday, February 11, 2008

The Regional Water Authority

Tucson, Arizona. One of the reasons Southern Arizona lacks the ability to fully compete with other regions is that it allows self-serving yahoos to manipulate the government to serve themselves. They love using the word "regional."

The City Council abdicated economic development, handing it to the Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities and a lying stealing roach with his band of "bohemians for a transmission plant" that fly to Portland and Madagascar to discuss cloth over great food and drink.

Next, they abdicated transportation with the Regional Transportation Authority, which hasn't already started to back peddle on what it can do for what. The RTA isn't about anyone making any money.

What else can we screw up? Surely there is another train wreck we can hand to the overpaid overdressed banquet crowd. We live in the desert!

Let's create the Tucson Regional Water Authority! TRWA. Screw Tucson Water and nuke any accountability for sensible water planning. We don't need no stinking water in Tucson, Arizona! Let's rake in some cash. Surely a nationwide search could find a lying, stealing suit with the character credentials to destroy the decent and promote the inept and inefficient. How about Buford Smell? Buford wears a suit and gets city funds to renovate bankrupt convenience stores into Pay Day Loan centers. He then gets economic development agencies to pay his rent. Smell inhales cash. He buys his cars at the right dealership and contributes most handsomely to local candidates.

He'd fit right in. Buford Smell for CEO of the Tucson Regional Water Authority.

Up next: The Tucson Regional Education Authority, TREA. Get the government out of education. Why does Linda need a subsidy to train those kids? If TUSD were doing something worthwhile, they could be self-sustaining. Buford's brother, Joe, knows a lot about education and training. He sat through a class once. If we toss Linda, stop funding education, and put Joe Smell in charge, we save all that money we waste subsidizing our schools.

Who cares about the kids that can't pay $14K/year to attend first grade? The families that can't manage $168,000 over twelve whole years just don't have any commitment to their own children or any sense of accountability or responsibility.

WATER. A train wreck coming soon. Think another zero on that monthly bill for those of you well inside city limits. For the most recently built homes, like Sahuarita, think a notice that provides a date. After that date, the faucet is dry. Try selling the place now.

I do not exaggerate. You have two years. You might have five. You do not have ten. Details will unfold. If your house was built in the last few years, check your water rights to the gnat's ass. The developers, in the deeds, intentionally transferred the responsibility for the train wreck to the homeowners.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how x4mr found out about this, but he speaks the truth, although with a little more drama.

Faucets will not be turned off, but it is going to get VERY ugly. The homes x4mr refers to are those that have water rights attached to remote recharge districts that vouched for their rights, but themselves have no rights. It's a scam.

The scheme is not unlike the mortgage crisis now taking place.

As in many areas of governance, we borrow and borrow and borrow like there is no tomorrow.

Then a certain bill comes due. Also, not to criticize, but x4mr makes it sound like a Southern AZ only issue. Not true.

Maricopa is just as screwed, if not more screwed. I can make the water situation easy to understand: We have built more than we can hydrate, and games were played to hide this fact.

Arizona builders have f***ed the rest of us on water to get their profits, and x4mr is right, the deeds pass the financial responsibility of paying for the mess onto the homeowners.

2/11/2008 11:42 AM  
Blogger thinkright said...

Not sure, but there is something in the AZ State Consititution that requires each Town to take responsibility for its own water.

2/11/2008 12:40 PM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

Just when I think my understanding of SAIAT is complete, you write something that causes me to realize something I hadn't seen before.

Your remarks about education, obviously an exaggeration to make your point, just nailed something for me. The absurdity of the suits and what happened at SAIAT is just mind boggling.

The culture of this nation has drifted from individual liberty to earn a living by providing value to just taking money any way one can. We accept cheating and cutting corners and deferring true costs for the quick buck.

In a sane society, Pay Day loans would be banned or controlled to protect the vulnerable. In a sane society, prescription drugs would not be advertised. In a sane society, we would understand the value of highly educated population and what it takes to get one.

I read your paper. Wow. You're my hero.

2/11/2008 1:22 PM  
Anonymous In the know said...

Whether faucets are shut off may be irrelevant if the costs are so high the water cannot be purchased. Inside Tucson proper, the mess will translate to massive increases in price. Water bills will easily go triple digit per month.

For the truly screwed, the mess involves having to buy VERY EXPENSIVE water from elsewhere DIRECTLY. Recently built developments in Maricopa and Pima are affected. At some point, the fake promises will be called upon and everything hits the fan.

Thinkright, it has to do with deals between different areas. Whoever said it was a scam is right. The entire town of Sahuarita is counting on water rights from a promise that is pure air and zero substance. When the day comes that it truly has to get water, how? With whose billions?

How can the town come up with $185,000 PER HOME to create infrastructure? The homeowners are legally responsible to pay.

Perhaps not in 2008, but soon, water is going to be the biggest local issue in Arizona. Smart politicians will get very smart about water if they want to get elected, even the ones running for congress.

I don't know about a "Regional Agency" but because of the amount of money involved, "Buford Smell" will figure out a way get a piece of the pie.

2/11/2008 2:33 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

man, I need to skip this stupid fucking town, and quick.

2/11/2008 3:00 PM  

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