Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Other Meltdown

Unfortunately, Hillary learned little from the "come to Jesus" meeting I speculated took place before the last debate. I waited for more information to trickle in before posting.

In Ohio today, Hillary Clinton opened fire on Barack Obama about a couple of mailings, one on health care and the other on NAFTA. She invoked the name that makes Satan nervous, Karl Rove.

"I have to express my deep disappointment that he is continuing to send false and discredited mailings," Clinton said, "He says one thing in his speeches and then he turns around and does this."

It gets worse, "Shame on you, Barack Obama."

I want to throw up. Does she not see how this lands in the listening of the nation? The debate in Ohio is going to be a circus helping no one and harming individuals TBD, Clinton perhaps most of all.

What the reader must understand is that the mailings have been out for weeks. FactCheck posted about the mailing on February 4th. That's over two weeks ago. They are not new. Her response is. She is blasting him for something no worse than she has done, and we're not going to know this?

As took place in the debate, Clinton and Obama have some wrangling about health insurance involving a situation with poor families. She is willing to garnish wages. He is not. Both arguments have valid points. The other mailer calls her to account about her support for NAFTA.

She did support NAFTA and has spoken in favor of it on many occasions.

Oh, the humanity! The smart move is a positive, clean campaign through the 4th and a gracious, supportive resignation speech unifying the Democratic party behind its nominee. Dammit. Okay, Liza's take and my fears are realized. What she did today plasters the front pages of the Sunday papers and all of America is going to look for the fire beneath her smoke and find an anemic objection to language not the slightest more objectionable than her own mailings.

Whatever minuscule slivers remained of the possibility of the two running together just evaporated.

Obama crossed no line. He didn't plagiarize and we know it. His literature complies with established practice and the game BOTH campaigns are playing, and we know it. In New Hampshire she used a misleading mailer about him on abortion. In Wisconsin, she hit him with a misleading mailer about health care. Now she cries foul? I am running out of sympathy. If she thinks she is the superior candidate then she needs to say that and support her assertion. She is not a better president because she has a beef with a mailing no different from her own material.

On the contrary, how she has run her campaign suggests pathetic leadership, flawed vision, weak organizational skills, terrible planning, poor decision making, and questionable ethics. Give her a shot of concentrated evil to replace "questionable ethics" with "distilled malice" and she's no different from who is in the White House today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Confession: When I saw this my first thought was wondering what you might say about this.

You did not disappoint. A better case of the pot accusing the kettle would be hard to find. Thanks for the links.

My respect for HRC is completely blown.

2/23/2008 9:05 PM  
Blogger Casey DeLorme, APR said...

In an interesting bit of how we perceive someone from bits. I was at my (scab) cigar bar here and just the "Shame on you..." sound bite played. The entire room looked up with disgust on faces, like the real personality had suddenly shown through. We knew nothing of the rest of the story. She came across as desperate. My holding out for a VP nod... dissolved.

2/24/2008 8:18 AM  
Blogger roger said...

Let me share my "where I was moment" as well...I was at No Anchovies yesterday afternoon and pulled up for a nice Nimbus Oatmeal Stout...I look up above the bar and see the "Shame on you Barack Obama"...

This is desperate, first and foremost.

She is blatantly trying to attack, but again come out looking like a victim by declaring that she has been wrongly attacked.

I think it was done to energize supporters (I bet she raised some money yesterday).

I bet it was done to get her in the news cycle when her campaign is running out of money and attention in some ways. Obama, this time has 12 days to campaign and erase the lead.

She knows that labor is starting to move away from her in Ohio. It is scary...that support was hers...especially in the bad economy there. NAFTA is a dirty word...and she did support it...and has for a long time. I hope that the fact checkers will get to work on this part of her record. This wasn't just desperate, it was needed to take peoples eye off this ball...but it may have refocused people.

Obama needs to simply do what he has been doing. Respond briefly and strongly with facts. Then ignore her and go back to campaigning his tail off. The more people that see him the more he wins.

2/24/2008 8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not the anon above.

When I saw her on television waiving those mailings and acting all bent out of shape, I also felt like throwing up. As x4mr says, the mailings she objects to are no different at all from the stuff she's peddling about Obama.

This is a meltdown, and it's painful. She may or may not lose her seat in the senate, but she has blown her standing in US public.

I hope she loses badly, a complete drubbing. Then she shut the $#$# up.

2/24/2008 1:01 PM  
Blogger roger said...

Her campaign is disgusting...look at this!!!

I am not sure I could vote for her now....really. If she gets the nomination, I might vote McCain or Nadar.

Check this out!

2/25/2008 10:29 AM  

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