Friday, February 15, 2008

Meltdown vs Possibility

The Boston Globe has a piece where Howard Wolfson of the Clinton campaign comes right out and declares that if Obama wins the majority vote, Clinton will do everything possible to wrestle the nomination away from the the will of the Democratic party voters.

Clinton advisers rejected the notion that the candidate -- and the party -- would be badly wounded in the general election if the nominee were essentially selected by a group of party insiders.

Read that three times, four times, five times. The above statement is high octane Independent repellent. Speaking as an Independent, the Clinton campaign can F itself.

Barack Obama now out raises Hillary Clinton by two to one. Our struggling population does not part with its money lightly. Small donations from those who have little to spare stream into the Obama campaign. Rumors are escalating that both Al Gore and John Edwards are merely choosing when, not if, to endorse Obama. Can you get either endorsing her?! Increasing numbers of super delegates formally solid behind Clinton are starting to ask deep questions.

Our comprehension lags the depth and breadth of this phenomenon. Some on the McCain campaign have voiced concern about facing Obama, feeling a spiritual conflict about attacking something they are not sure they understand. (Hillary has no spiritual conflict.) Rumors are that one top McCain official will resign at once if Obama wins the Democratic nomination, willing to work on a campaign against Clinton, but unwilling to work on one against Obama.

Cigar Man observed that Navigator and I are "functionalists" who believe good prevails over evil, that competence wins over the inept. I (and Navigator I would presume) have been around the block to have seen plenty of tragedy, but Cigar Man is right. I do have a certain deeply seated conviction that we move forward, not backward. The 2000 election, straight from the depths of Hell and signed by Satan himself, put soulless self-serving demons into the White House at unspeakable loss of life, money, good will, reputation, world standing, economic well being, quality of life, and future prospects.

Forces beyond my comprehension have created a possibility the status quo is seeking to undermine. The Clintons of 2008 have thrown their own souls under the bus, mocking inspiration and possibility sixteen years after Bill Clinton blasted Bush for mocking "vision." Bush dismissed Clinton's "vision thing." Hillary dismisses Obama's "possibility thing."

I feel 1992 all over again, only five times more shrill with a lot more blood, a lot more tears, and infinitely more at stake. In 1992, we were in a stuffy room wanting fresh air. In 2008, we are drowning.

Can either Clinton or McCain pick nits with Obama? Who checks the weather before leaping out of a burning building?

Perhaps Hillary Clinton will come out with a statement correcting Wolfson about her disregard for the will of the voters in her party. May someone ask Senator Clinton the point blank question. Will she execute the meltdown scenario? Does she truly believe she has the right to work the machine to steal a nomination in the face of overwhelming support for her opponent? Hillary Clinton needs to clarify her position. If indeed she confirms Wolfson, she cements my condemnation of her candidacy and all who support it.

If you want to see everything ugly and hideous about this nation, watch the venom rising up to defeat a phenomenon delivered not from Satan, but from the top, one that offers promise, possibility, inspiration, and a chance for peace, sustainability, equity, and the development of people towards a better world. Of course Obama is an imperfect human being like the rest of us, but inspired and inspiring, he is in touch with something that comes from a place higher than a human being. With less experience, Abraham Lincoln, a senator from Illinois, the greatest president in the history of this nation, faced the only mess greater than the one in front of us. He saved the country and emancipated the slaves. The time has come for Barack Obama, another senator from Illinois, to do the same. With our support, yes, he can.

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Blogger Liza said...

Awesome post. I do not know how you do this on such short notice.

A campaign spokesperson like Howard Wolfson, Hillary's communications director, does not speak out of school. There is a reason and there is a message.

The first thing to remember is that the Clintons fight dirty. Karl Rove could learn a thing or two from the Clintons. The Clintons, of course, think they compensate for their dirty campaign tactics by their brilliant leadership, once in office. Everyone will forget and see that the Clintons were right all along.

I believe that the message being sent by the Billary people is a throwback to the original "inevitability" message. Hillary has more than one way to win this, they are saying, so vote for her or stay home, because we intend to bag this one and we can.

They apparently feel that this message will help them in Ohio which is considered to be pivotal to their campaign, not only for the delegates but to call a halt to the Obama winning streak in one of the big states. Billary, Inc. thinks that if Hillary wins Ohio, she might still win the popular vote, and it will be unnecessary to proceed to the "meltdown scenario." That is what they truly hope for.

I have seen one poll that shows Hillary ahead in Ohio and Pennsylvania and this poll was quoted in Columbus and Cleveland newspapers. Supposedly they interviewed "likely voters" which means people who voted in the last presidential primary in 2004. That would make it a very unreliable poll and I noticed that it isn't getting much publicity probably for that reason. However, I'm sure it gives Billary some hope.

Hillary, for her part, seems to be dragging her size 14 ass all over Ohio essentially calling Obama a gasbag. "Speeches will not put food on your table" she shrieks. Apparently, attacking Obama WILL put food on the table because that is about all she does anymore.

Bill has been muzzled, it seems, after the entire nation screamed for him to shut up. Either that or he has found a 25 year old distraction.

2/15/2008 10:08 AM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

You are the Beatles of blogs.

I have no clue how many read here or how popular.., but I once made a compilation of songs from the mid sixties to early seventies, about five hours of music.

When a Beatles song came on, it had a different quality. They were just so good.

I am indeed a functionalist with a faith in the bloody and sloppy progress of humanity in spite of itself. I will go out on a limb and declare that we are smarter than Clinton thinks. She cannot pull this off and will fail.

She may narrow the gap. I understand Liza's comment, but the very strategy betrays its own cynicism and flawed thinking. Clinton's "inevitability" in fact fuels defiance. Instead of suppressing enthusiasm for Obama, she provokes it.

She is trying to blow the fire out. Fan those flames.

2/15/2008 10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Nav. The Dems at the top have to see what we see.

What I find most interesting about the post is that part about a top McCain person willing to work against Clinton but not against Obama.

That points to something.

2/15/2008 12:55 PM  
Blogger AZW88 said...

Some of us discussed this scenario last night at Drinking Liberally.
Some feel that it is the role of the SuperDelegates to act as a moderating force, tempering the liberal wing of the party that tends to have more involvement in the primary system. The point was also made that they also bring their knowledge and experience to the process, and would vote on who they feel would make the best candidate.

Others, yours truly included, feel that the SD's should vote more along lines of how their state voted or vote for the clear leader if no candidate gets the full delegate count needed. (ie if Obama wins a majority of the states and has a clear delegate lead, they should fall behind him, vise-versa for Clinton)

If Clinton pulls a stunt and tries and strong-arms SD's in a back-room coup at the convention, she will have handed the next two terms to the republicans, since the Democratic Party will be seriously fractured. I would even vote for someone like Nader or Bloomberg (and you KNOW that one or both of these gentlemen would jump into the race full-force if it does happen) before I'd vote for someone that strong-armed their way into the party nomination.

It is interesting that no one talks about Obama pulling a stunt like this.... We KNOW it is not his style... and that makes him an even stronger candidate.

2/15/2008 1:31 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


Bullseye. That is exactly my sentiment. To win, she has to win.

That just about everyone is discussing the concern reflects public opinion of her character, and this latest shift to saying "speeches don't put food on the table" is pathetic.

2/15/2008 3:01 PM  

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