Monday, December 10, 2007

Gold Bee Pins

Tucson, Arizona. Tim Bee, Republican Arizona Senate President who is "soon deciding" whether to run for Congressional District 8 next year, has selected a potent campaign finance co-chair, Sandy Froman, the former President of the National Rifle Association.

Daniel Scarpinato has a brief post informing us that Sandy sent out a recent fund raising email blast soliciting donations. Apparently:

According to the alert, if you get five or more friends to donate to Bee’s campaign you’ll receive a "limited edition" gold Bee pin.

UPDATE:Per comment by Kris below, the email does not use the word "campaign" as in the above, but "exploratory committee." To guys like me, who cares? But for some the difference could be a big deal.

I already have a pin, shown above, my official x4mr blogger badge (note dimensions, Nav). I am still planning to attend the Republican cigar event up at the NW Anthony's. I will wear my pin. Tomorrow I finish Econometrics, my last course for the PhD. That warrants a bottle of Laphroaig, the Rolls Royce of your humble blogger's favorite drink.

I'll behave. I promise not to call the Eggplant an Eggplant. I will refrain from calling them a bunch of corporate whores.

At least through the third drink.


Blogger Sirocco said...

Good luck on the final, post how it goes. Does that complete the PhD or is the dissertation still remaining?

Where can I get my own x4mr pin?

12/10/2007 7:10 PM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

Noticed the dimensions immediately, x4mr. Of course your badge is 3x7.

I have a question regarding the italicized language. I did not receive the email, but is it not problematic to say "contribute to his campaign" prior to his announcement?

Are those Scarpinato's words, or were those words in the email? Did you get the email?

If the email reads as Scarpinato reports, I would be a nervous Bee.

12/10/2007 7:58 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

The e-mail said “five or more of your friends to make a donation to Tim's exploratory effort ...”

Depending on who is at the cigar event Eggplant may be the polite term.

12/10/2007 8:22 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


Thanks for the good wishes. I'll be okay, and I still have the dissertation to go. I finish May 2009. Sorry, no x4mr pin, even though I know you would faithfully wear it every day.


Yep. Of course 3x7. Your point about the wording of the email is interesting. As I was preparing this reply, Kris submitted a comment.


THANK YOU! Scarpinato is known for injecting a twist here and there. If I were Bee's people, I'd be pretty angry. The words I italicized are directly from the article.

Was Daniel's wording deliberate or a slip? I don't know.

As for Eggplant, I won't pick a fight, but if the folks at the event think what I think, I will be happy to join the vilification of the most disastrous presidency in the history of this great nation.

12/10/2007 8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the dimensions of US paper currency? Is it 3x7?

x4mr's badge sure seems to have the shape of a dollar bill.

12/10/2007 9:22 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

republican cigar event? Way to break the stereotype guys! I hope they are wearing blue suits and american flag lapel pins as well.

I had a friend just go through the phd process, isn't there also some kind of board as well as a dissertation?

12/11/2007 7:31 AM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Bah! I was going to offer to buy the Laphroaig ... but you're gonna have to wait until May 2009.

12/11/2007 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot that you love is my favorite scotch along with Oban. Great choice and good luck with that Phd. It is a long long process, and is quite an acomplishment.

As for Bee's fundraising letter...good luck are only down about a million right now...AND you appear to have a very serious former GOPer running as an independent...just to muddy the waters and split your vote. Finally, Mr. Bee, while you are trying to decide if you should run, why don't you do a little work on the financial mess that has occurred in our state on YOUR watch.

As things stand right now, this guy has absolutely no chance of beating Giffords.

12/11/2007 12:11 PM  

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