Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Economic Development II

Tucson, Arizona. I posted yesterday about the announcement that Stanley Inc. would over the next year and a half or so hire 150 people at about $11/hour to make passports, stating that it would happen anyway. Let me peel the onion a little on that assertion.

I invite the reader to consider that all vacant commercial property is a vacuum agents work hard to fill. Commercial real estate agents, most notably Picor, Bourne Partners, Richard Ellis, Daimond Ventures, and many others spend every day trying to recruit tenants to move into vacant commercial property or new property.

Sharp people work hard to find tenants for these developments. Real professionals with real jobs produce results, and guess what happens when they succeed?

The economic development crowd takes credit. Prior to TREO we had GTEC, and its director Steve Weathers infuriated a set of people when the UA Tech Park, per the efforts of Bruce Wright and John Grabo (and I am sure some others) brought Citi-Group (Citi-Card?) to the Tech Park, a huge tenant that I think has gone triple digit in employment. GTEC took credit for the development.

Same behavior, different acronym. Word is that Bourne Partners brought Stanley to town for the purposes of having a tenant pay rent. Bourne is doing its job for the landlord. Find a tenant. If they pay their workers $8/hr or $80/hr, a tenant paying market rent is a tenant paying rent.

TREO didn't have jack to do with jack. They are far too busy meeting to work on a Gantt chart for the production of a plan to develop a strategy for developing action items required to produce committees and schedules to discuss the procedures for the development of networks and relationships that foster communication for the development of initiatives that promote action towards the fulfillment of weaving the community fabric into a cohesive cloth that eliminates duplication of effort and consolidates effective action in creating the appearance that someone somewhere is actually doing something. Let's distribute another questionnaire, but this time let's partner with the chamber.

Maybe they'll hire Bablove Ridgewood Workgroup to create a logo promoting creative spirit we can post on a billboard in DC. We can plaster Roach's snout next to a diode and an effeminate tattooed guy playing a flute.

I could run SAIAT for an entire year and support the real training of over 10,000 Tucsonans for the price TREO paid Ohio consultants to produce a blueprint that has resulted in what? I could run SAIAT on Roach's and Mouch's salaries alone. Instead, this town pumps $1/4 M + to two people, dishonorable do nothings, and shuts down an entire training institute. TREO knowingly and willfully destroyed an organization that helped real people earn real promotions and raises. It helped local companies become more competitive so they could expand and hire more workers.

Why did TREO shut SAIAT down? For the money.

They took all of it.


Anonymous The Navigator said...

x4mr, I have a request. When SAIAT closes, and I am sure you have its tombstone prepared, post the tombstone and epitaph, and call it a wrap. Forget about TREO, economic development, and all of those idiots.

Move on. They are unworthy of your thoughts or energy. You tried to help. For whatever reason, they killed you. Move on.

12/12/2007 9:12 AM  
Anonymous the doctor said...

Terrific blog and keep up the great work. Some of your posts are fantastic.

I agree with Nav about TREO. Post SAIAT's tombstone at the appropriate time and close the file. I imagine it will be about the time when you complete your dissertation that TREO will produce another glossy blueprint.

12/12/2007 1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, let the guy rant. It's probably therapeutic and cheaper than seeing a therapist.

At least he's not posting photos of a girl's crushed head. I'm eager to see the tombstone. I'll bet he does a good job.

It will be interesting to see who moves into the facility. It's a great location.

12/12/2007 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet one of those commercial real estate companies has a tenant all ready to move in!

12/13/2007 3:42 PM  

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