Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TREO Maintains Low Wage Haven

Tucson, Arizona. A few weeks ago I posted a story about Texas Instruments laying off 300 people. A couple weeks later the Citizen ran a piece noting that a Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities Inc. official said it actually is good news because 300 high-paying jobs will remain at the plant near Tucson International Airport. The lost jobs pay less, the official said.

Now, the lowest paying job at TI, the bottom of the bottom, pays just over $20K / year. The average wage of the lost jobs probably comes close to $26K/year. By TREO's own report, in two years it recruited six companies to town resulting in 1325 jobs. The average wage - a whopping $18.5K.

TREO says that losing 300 jobs paying an average around $26K/year is "good news" while their recruiting efforts result in a pathetic three companies per year with wages under a palty $19K / year. The Cloth Speaketh. Their self-proclaimed top priority - bringing high skilled, high wage jobs into town.

It gets better. Those familiar with this blog know I used to play in the workforce development game. I ran a tiny facility that helped train workers to upgrade their skills. My favorite program, a math class I taught personally, improved the wages of the average participant about $2.50 an hour (just over $5K / year) in only 12 weeks. Free to students, SAIAT charged the community $18,400 for four of the classes over a year. 60 students (about how many we could get) together raised their wages over $300K a year. A good program, no? SAIAT provided a variety of training services that trained close to 10,000 employees each year, making them smarter, better trained, more productive, helping their businesses compete.

In 2007, TREO slashed SAIAT's funding 55%, told County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry that SAIAT approved its own gutting (false), and entered into contracts with SAIAT board members without telling myself or the SAIAT board chairman. Oh, and these same two board members tried to fire me two months later. After tending to some necessary board "business" (removing said two board members) I tendered my resignation in May. For all details, see the "Something Else" link at the left. Months later, TREO cut SAIAT's funding to zero. My replacement, Former State Representative Carol Somers, is doing her best to keep the crippled place alive. Barring some extraordinary development (which is possible), she must be getting pretty close to the ground.

She can feel free to vilify me as she chooses, so long as she doesn't lie.

Paid more in one month than SAIAT 's funding for an entire year, TREO recruited six companies and 1325 jobs paying less than $19K a year, a woefully pathetic performance far beneath that of predecessors Steve Weathers or Robert Gonzales. Perhaps not in a legally rigorous sense, in principle TREO CEO Stench Roach, distilled swine, is a liar and a thief. Arizona is the fastest growing state in the entire country. Businesses and people are going to move here if we do nothing. I invite the reader to consider that TREO is such an abject failure of sheer incompetence that it PREVENTS companies and decent jobs from coming to Tucson. A company thinks about coming to town, and who do they meet, Wesley Mouch, a lifelong bureaucrat that has never run a business in his life? Mouch couldn't read a balance sheet if you tattooed it across his arse and handed him a mirror.

GTEC's performance far exceeded that of the current fiasco that paid close to $50K to fly a con-artist into town to talk for an hour about our need to foster creativity. What a crock. They have no money for SAIAT (we needed about $240,000 almost all of it for the lease and utilities of the state of the art facility), and then the city gives $280,000 in free rent to a downtown coffee shop.

Do you get that? The downtown coffee shop will attract "entrepreneurial spirit" and high paying jobs, not raising the skills of our workers. By the way, can I have $280 grand in free rent to start a fun place downtown? I've run a business. I'd start Matt's Omnivore Oasis featuring 21-inch LCD monitors all over the place and lightning fast wireless for your notebooks, draft Guinnies, drams of your favorite single malt, and an outdoor patio where you can fire up a great stick. Web 2.0 savvies can plug into to multi-port headphone jacks and share Facebook, YouTube, and their favorite iTunes.

TREO snarfs something like $4M of public funds each year.

For less than 1/16 of that, SAIAT helped train almost 10,000 real workers real skills that led to real wage increases. TREO took every penny previously provided to SAIAT.

I have a huge research result due Friday, a damned difficult Econometrics exam next Tuesday, a cutting edge business education partnership literature matrix due the next day. I like to produce and discuss results. TREO's not too keen on the results conversation.

Six companies and 1325 slave wage jobs in two years in a million+ population community in the fastest growing state in the nation. TERRIBLE. Hey, let's be fair. That blueprint sure looks nice.

The high wage jobs TREO produces are their own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as I can remember, the economic development of Tucson is a complete joke that employs copmlete idiots that collect fat salaries to sit in meetings and do nothing.

Seriously, they fly to Austin, Portland, talk dog shit, and nothing happens. All Snell has done since arriving is steal the funding of other efforts. He took everything form SAIAT, Goodwill, Rio Nuevo, and will probably take all funding from JobPath, MCTVB, and any other stream he can steal to pad his his own pocket.

I agree with you that he is seeking to steal of all of MTCVB funding for himself.

For what it's worth, I can tell you that the list of people who absolutely HATE Snell for the slimy piece of shit he is growing.

No one likes him.

As you noted somewhere, he took money from Goodwill. What scum.

11/13/2007 11:20 PM  
Anonymous D. Jeff. said...

I must have missed the assertion about TREO going after MTCVB's money. That would be a feat. MTCVB's budget is larger than TREO's.
If nothing else it would be fun to watch. The arrogant and incompetent going after the arrogant.

11/13/2007 11:59 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

I am looking forward to living in Bohemian, artsy luxury.

11/14/2007 8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever sat in on one of these meetings?

They are unbelievable. They talk and talk and talk without saying anything. They show graphs and charts

It is a perfect example of emperor with no clothes.

Tucson is a town for retirees, period. We have retirees and the Don Diamonds who build for them, the Jim Click's who sell them cars, and the McMahon's who serve them fancy food. We also have the resort and golf course for the visiting elite, and the businesses that serve them.

I have an idea. Let's build a huge fancy hotel downtown. It may have been x4mr, or it may have been someone else who noted that no one would stay at La Poloma, Ventana Canyon, Starr Pass, or El Conquistador when they can stay in DOWNTOWN TUCSON.

After all, isn't downtown supposed to have a great coffee shop that gets a quarter million a year in free rent?

How to get a high paying job if you live in Tucson:

1. Move to Phoenix.
2. Work for TREO.

How to get fired in Tucson:

1. Do something tangible to train the workforce.

I can imagine how x4mr drove these airheads crazy. Engineers and morons don't mix.

I like your idea of the Omnivore Oasis, x4mr. In the summer you could have chllers and those misting devices cool the patio to a comfortable oasis in the desert where people can have an ice cold beer and a good smoke.

You would probably be very successful, except the politicos would do everything they could to destroy you.

11/14/2007 1:06 PM  
Anonymous the doctor said...

"he couldn't read a balance sheet if you tattooed it across his arse and handed him a mirror"

Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!
Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

(catching breath)

Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!
Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

Oh, the visual of some idiot holding a mirror up to his butt to read a financial statement.

Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!
Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

Oh, gawd!!!

Your irreverence is just delicious!

11/14/2007 6:22 PM  
Anonymous George Stevens said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11/14/2007 11:45 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Sorry, but that was a little over the top. Someone apparently thinks less of Snell than I do.

At any rate, his wanting to take over the Chamber of Commerce was new.

I had not heard that one and have no idea if there is any truth behind it.

11/15/2007 9:28 AM  
Blogger roger said...

Here is the example of our business community talking out of both sides of their arses!!!

TREOs little side show discusses the massive problem of education and the low trained workforce as the major reason why we are not attracting jobs. The suggest improvements in education and suggest attracting "the creative class".

When noting that we have one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation, with forces moving towards Prop. 13 to cut them more, with the fact that we have one of the worst education systems because of it, and that politics in this state are what are harming our business environment...I got something like this as a response...

Well...the business community won't like higher property taxes...there is a lot of administration that can consolidated in schools.

I also noted that we wanted to be like Portland and Austin, but that they have massive property taxes funding the best of schools in the nation. I noted that their governments were progressive...AND...that they actually still have a thriving business community that makes ours look silly.

Right on Matt...you said it all!

They are so full of crap...live in your dustbowl TREO! Stop Prop 13 if you believe what you say. Increase funding for schools PINHEADS.

11/15/2007 3:12 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

wow x4mr, looks like you've finally touched a nerve somewhere.

11/15/2007 3:58 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Respecting his anonymity, I will just note that Roger is in a position to REALLY know what he is talking about.

Roger has a Phd related to this very subject. He can provide academic rigor to what I learned on the street.

TREO is a greedy snake interested in talking nonsense and gobbling ever increasing sums of public money by usurping the funds of other organizations associated with economic development. I have heard about the MCTVB being slated for turnover, true or not.

The vitriolic comment I deleted went much further, even asserting that TREO wanted to take over the Chamber of Commerce. That's a bit hard to swallow.

With each week, my emotional distance from the idiots grows. I read the news and just shake my head. What a charade.

Just wait. Soon we'll see an article about the lot of them flying to Hawaii, France, Tahiti, the Bahamas, Belize, and Myrtle Beach to explore weaving the economic cloth of entrepreneurial creativity and venture capital resonance among creative communities. Dr. Florida will be paid $75,000 to facilitate brain storming sessions at a resort in Switzerland.

Roach, Major, and Mouch will drink and dine at taxpayer expense while doing less than nothing, capital Z Zilch, for a single working person in this town.

Hey, the stats about pathetic positions paying less than $19K came from THEM, not me.

With a population exceeding 1,000,000 inside the fastest growing state in the country, they can't do a single damned thing with a budget of $4 M.

With $250K, I helped train almost 10,000 workers a year.

TREO took every penny.

11/15/2007 5:52 PM  
Anonymous Regular Reader Who Cares said...

Please take the satisfaction that you helped many, many people.

You really did. You altered lives. I know some of them. Because of you, there are people on this planet living at a completely higher level economically, spiritually, and in attaining their possibilities, and all of this translates directly to their children.

You take external credit for your results, but not the deep internal credits, which would move you deeply and leave you completely unconcerned with the animals that destroyed your ability to continue your work.

You commit a great error if you allow the discontinuation of your work to reflect on its value.

At SAIAT, regarding funding, you cast pearls before swine. You have removed the swine from your life.

Move on, x4mr. It's time to produce product for a principled and intelligent audience.

The less you think about TREO, the better. They are unworthy of a single moment.

11/16/2007 9:21 PM  

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