Friday, November 23, 2007

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

NIN Year Zero


_1. Hyperpower
_2. The Beginning of the End (Video)
_3. Survivalism (Video)
_4. The Good Soldier (Video)
_5. Vessel
_6. Me, I'm Not (Matrix Video) (Pi Video)
_7. Capital G (Video)
_8. My Violent Heart (Video)
_9. The Warning (Mental Video) (Moral Video)
_10. God Given (Video)
_11. Meet Your Master (Video) (Children of Men Video)
_12. The Greater Good (Video) (Fight Club Video)
_13. The Great Destroyer (Video A) (Video X)
_14. Another Version of the Truth (Chernobyl Video) (Ethnicity Video)
_15. In This Twilight (Video)
_16. Zero Sum (Video)


_Art is Resistance Flyer
_Art is Resistance
_I am Trying to Believe
_Another Version of the Truth
_The Price of Treason
_Open Source Resistance
_Operation Swamp 0000
_Operation Chip Sweep
_Be the Hammer
_Angry Sniper Recording
_Consolidated Mail Systems
_United States Wiretap
_105th Airborne Crusaders
_The Church of Plano
_The Mailstrom
_The Drug Opal



Anonymous The Navigator said...

Breathtaking. You just keep breaking barriers.

Anyone that thinks this post isn't political is an idiot.

The Ethnicity Video is tear jerking.


11/24/2007 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Reznor is a genius. Capital G is great, and I agree with Nav about Ethnicity.

In terms of blogger creativity, you rule. The imagery, overall look, depth, writing, style.

I even enjoy your rants.

Keep it up.

11/24/2007 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are praising this stupid blogger. The man is obviously a loser and a failure with no life.

It makes sense he's divorced (failed in his marriage) his company failed and he even complains about a class being hard, like we're supposed to care about his stupid math class. Classes are easy for smart people. Duh?! How can he be any good as a math teacher if taking math is hard for him? Hello?

Like most bloggers, he is obviously messed up and has no life, and whenever he fails, which is all the time, he's going to say its anothers fault. He's over 40 and a groupie for a rock band? What does that tell you? How embarrassing, some over the hill loser going to a concert and bashing his head against people have his age. They probably laugh at him the whole time. If he grew up, he would listen to dignified music, not stupid metal trash full of screaming and swearing for head banger drug users.

How can anyone be stupid enough to think drug addicts and rock bands know anything about politics? And neither does x4mer. He just reads the news and then slants everything to his left wing stupidity. Our government has a job to do. Hello? It does what is necessary to save the world from terrorism, and he just complains. The man likes Al Gore. What does that tell you? What if a wimp like Gore was president when the terrorist fachists attacked?

Did you notice we are winning the war? Bush said all along that it was going to be long and hard, but that we will prevail. We are winning the war and George W. Bush will go down in history as a hero who had courage to do the right thing with courage, and thank God for him. Notice that x4mer does not talk about how well the surge is working, how good things are getting in Iraq, how world opinion is starting to respect us again. That doesn't fit his picture, does it? I feel sorry for him, who has nothing to do but read the news and post his opinions no one cares about to make up having nothing to do.

How can you think there is anything original here? Blogs are for idiots and wackos. This is no different than those sick girls that put camrecorders in there bathrooms and post obscene pictures of themselves.

I don't know why anyone wastes there time reading blogs this dumb.

11/24/2007 5:04 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

anonymous (5:04 PM),
If blogs are for idiots and wackos I guess that explains why you are here writing a hate filled screed.

11/24/2007 7:02 PM  
Anonymous the doctor said...


Before I get to 5:04 anon, just want to say that I've spent at least an hour watching these videos, and they are incredible.

I LOVE Capital G: Don't try to tell me that some power can corrupt a person. You haven't had enough to know what it's like.

I'd already seen but it was fun to watch again. Track 14 is just beautiful, and I also agree with Nav that the Ethnicity video is quite moving. I almost did well up when they showed the three interlocked hands and wrists. After seeing that, watching "Twilight" was like being torn apart. The last one, which ends with "F Bush" caused me to shout "YES!!" out loud.

Now, anon (5:04), I concur entirely with Liza, but will go a little further. Your comment is quite possibly the most stupid I have read since I started blogging. Liza could have dissected your points one by one into shreds on the floor. You weren't worth her time.

Even the most optimistic with any sense would hesitate to say we are "winning." To say that Gore is a wimp is certified stupid.

x4mr can speak for himself (and then some), but I don't call people with his background failures, and your equating all math classes betrays an ignorance that makes you an embarrassment, as does your dismissal of NIN as mindless.

Get some twinkies and go back to Fox Noise and Rush. Stuff your head farther up your arse and tell yourself Bush is serving the country.

I don't know why anyone wastes there time reading blogs this dumb.

Take whatever scraps of intellect you can piece together in that pinhead of yours and ponder your final statement.

11/24/2007 7:42 PM  
Anonymous Lianna said...

I found this page googling "Year Zero."

To see almost an entire album posted as videos is incredible. Maybe people have been doing it for some time, but I am never seen anything like this before, and it's amazing. Great job.

I wept briefly during "The Good Soldier." I have a friend over there, and seeing that footage to that song got to me.

Other than your profile, x4mr, I know nothing about you, but I think the anon above is the wacko.

11/24/2007 8:23 PM  
Anonymous Can't Sleep said...

It's late, and I am at my computer, and I am here. I just watched most of these videos.

God help us all.

What is the cause of the insanity? What fuels the madness to justify such brutal exploitation?

I honestly don't want a penny if it costs the blood of a child. Who could? My heart aches.

I am old. I cough and choke a lot. Day and night and time don't mean so much. I can barely hear, but I could get the songs loud enough. The number 14 made me cry. Thank you. It was a good cry, a cry because I know I am not the only one who actually cares.

God bless the people that made all those videos you linked to, and God bless you for the linking. I pray that somehow we survive the madness.

It really doesn't matter if I sleep tonight. I'll just wait for exhaustion. It will come. It always does.

11/25/2007 1:48 AM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

I fear for you, doctor.

I think watching those videos altered your mind.

"Take whatever scraps of intellect you can piece together in that pinhead of yours and ponder your final statement."

That sounds eerily x4mr potent. I can feel your anger. I don't recall who wrote about the journey to the psycho-verse.

Give in to your rage. Start your own blog, and your journey to the psycho-verse will be complete.

Forever will it dominate your destiny.

11/25/2007 12:43 PM  
Anonymous 428571 said...

Really listen to God Given and you will get it is the best music ever written.

Hey man, please don't make a sound
Take a look around, can't you see what's right in front of you
Have a little taste, no more time to waste
You don't wanna get left behind cause it's all coming down right now

How hard is it to see
Put your faith in me
I sure wouldn't want to be friends with the wrong piece of wood
You should get where you belong
Everything you know is wrong
Come on, sing along, everybody now

God given

And it gives us sight
And we see the light
And it burned so bright
Now we know we're right
And His Kingdom Come
And Thy will be done
We've just begun
We're the chosen ones

Wait, step into the light
How can this be right?
I'm afraid we're going to ask you to leave
This you cannot win
With the color of your skin
You won't be getting into the Promised Land
It's just another case
You people still don't know your place
Step aside, out the way, wipe that look of your face
'Cause we are the divine
Separated from the swine

Come on, sing along, everybody now
God given

And it gives us sight
And we see the light
And it burned so bright
Now we know we're right
And His Kingdom Come
And Thy will be done
We've just begun
We're the chosen ones

Fantastic blog.

11/25/2007 3:15 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Hey #3,

Yeah, God Given is pretty incredible stuff. The entire album is terrific.


Your comment to the doc is hilarious. I broke out laughing, and it is perhaps more true than you think.


Great comment!! Heed Navigator's warning well. Cross into the psycho-verse perspective and everything shifts. The train of associative thought shifts to a different track and there is no turning back.

I don't know what would be my favorite track on Year Zero. The CD with quality sound is different from the videos. Me, I'm Not and Capital G are extraordinary accomplishments.

The ridiculous anon comment above actually cracked me up as entertainment value, and I am being authentic. The bit about the math had me in stitches.

When anonymous comments are like that, I sometimes wonder if it's Sirocco or Navigator (I don't think Liza or Dustin are the type, and Republicans aren't creative like that) just posting for fun to mess with me.

So far, the only blog comments that managed to get to me in terms of really infuriating or offensive came from a complete kook named Carmi, who posted at blogger as "wearetribal."

That guy was off the deep end and for some reason could really boil my blood. He said Patty Weiss was in the race for therapy and that Jeff Latas knew nothing except "where to crash the plane."

Stacy's blog was active at that time, and she kicked the jerk off her site. If I recall, Liza exchanged some choice words with the goon at TDP.

11/25/2007 11:06 PM  
Anonymous . said...

You point to the profound.

Sad but true, we inhabit a world with many morons.

Check your traffic.

Your voice just got a new microphone.

Time to TALK. Got something to say, x4mr, or are you just another blogophile jerking off?

11/26/2007 1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dot,
You think x4mr isn't talking?

11/26/2007 10:51 PM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

"So far, the only blog comments that managed to get to me in terms of really infuriating or offensive came from a complete kook named Carmi, who posted at blogger as "wearetribal."

Heh, wish I had seen this comment before ...

What's kind of funny is I _know_ Carmi (and his brothers), we went to high school and undergrad together. He's not stupid by any measure, but he definitely is adamant in his beliefs, and emphatic in expressing them.

I disagreed with him, but he never got to the point of pissing me off ... but I suspect that's because I knew him well in the past. We all tend to overlook sins in those we know that we wouldn't put up with in those we don't.

Still, interesting to know what can get under your skin.

12/03/2007 3:41 PM  

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