Thursday, October 04, 2007

SCHIP Veto Repercussions

Tucson, Arizona. I made some remarks over at Sonoran Alliance (link at blogroll) about the political stupidity of the SCHIP veto and how it "threw the GOP under the bus."

Harsh language, perhaps, but I stand by the assertion, and the consequences have only begun to emerge as the development unfolds. Those watching the evening news know that a medical group immediately responded with ads already in the can in anticipation of the veto, ads praising democrats in Congress who supported the bill. Here in Tucson, the ads praise Congresswoman Giffords. To our north, Harry Mitchell gets free support on prime time news. As I said at SA, the astute of the GOP see the stupidity for what it is. The profits of big insurance are more important than millions of poor children. It has nothing to do with the cost of the program.

The veto also has nothing to do with the argument that the extension would result funds flowing towards the affluent. Those who argue this are lying or do not know the statistics. It helps the struggling. Of course, statistics don't get in the way of those howling about another non-event, the partial birth abortion, which virtually NEVER happens. Another statistic some won't like is that kids in abstinence programs are MORE likely to have an abortion (due to less use of birth control), but I digress.

Frankly, I find it increasingly difficult to avoid the conclusion that the White House simply does not care about this country, 100 percent dedicated to maximizing profits of a select few. That's it. They don't even care about the 2008 prospects for the GOP. They aren't running. With slightly different language on many occasions, Cheney has said, "Elections don't matter. We are going to do what we want. We're not running for re-election."

HE REALLY SAID THAT. More than once.

Danial Scarpinato has a very short piece today noting that AZ CD 8 (Giffords), and more surprisingly, AZ CD 5 (Mitchell), are listed as "leaning democrat" by a Congressional Quarterly report out today. The shift is not trivial, reinforcing other news that the GOP has created a train wreck for itself in 2008. Expect more GOP announcements from Congress of those stepping down after this term.

Perhaps completely unrelated, perhaps reflecting the mood, the judge rejected stall stalker idiot Larry Craig's attempt to withdraw his plea. Apparently the "resign but not resign" game plan isn't working out as planned. No scenario puts this guy in the next Congress.

The veto reinforces the conclusion that the White House priority is to $erve a select few without regard for the best interests of the country or protecting and defending its constitution. They have brutally broken both the constitution and many laws in complete defiance of any objections. They do not listen to the voice of the American people. Cheney is right. They will do whatever they want. They have betrayed the conservatives. They have betrayed the GOP. They have betrayed the United States of America. Cheney has words for anyone that doesn't like it.


Blogger Dustin said...

We have decided as a country that this is what we are. How can one believe otherwise? It was proven to me in 2004, and it is proven to me everyday they remain in power. It is obvious that they are not governing the country as a whole, but the 30% that supports them. I can respect a standing by a tough decision, but it has to be tempered with common sense. We have long gone past what is reasonable, and still nobody is applying the brakes.

Maybe all of this is not happening quickly enough for me, or maybe I'm a pessimist, but it should NEVER have gone this far. Everything we have stood for, and has worked for us for the last 200+ years is being unraveled in a mere decade. When self interest doesn't even work to check power (as it was designed to) what do we have left?

This has long gone past being about SCHIP, the war, or any of that other shit. The fact is, washington is supposed to work for us, and it has become crystal clear that they do not, they are not even pretending to listen or care any longer. And people wonder why we have low voter turn out.

sorry this has gotten so long. I just can't take it anymore. I need to back off from politics for a while.

10/04/2007 2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice, shame on me. Any of the 50.1% that voted for him in 2004 embarrassed yet? Damnit you oughta be!

10/04/2007 4:09 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


Don't you dare check out. Just thicken that skin and develop a dexterity with the emotions. We need intelligent people like yourself to be informed not so much for your own vote, which will be intelligent anyway, but for your ability to use your intellect to help turn the votes of others towards sanity.

I'm not suggesting you walk neighborhoods with a clipboard gathering signatures or become a party activist, but at least pay attention so you can engage in informed discourse as part of the solution.

I know it's painful. I know it's hard. You don't think I have the desire to check out? I had a #$@#$ econometrics midterm today.

I value your readership and your comments. You are part of the solution. Stay informed here or elsewhere, and spread the word. We need to take this country back, and if we fail, we need to fail having at least made an effort we can stand for.

Now is the worst time to check out. We're about to enter 2008, the Super Bowl of politics. The wolf is at the door. It is time to wake up and grab the gun, not go to bed.

Regarding length, your thoughts are welcome here. Say all you want.

Think it's rough here or in the press? Imagine being Giffords or Mitchell, seeing this GOP shit front and center live on the floor in Washington, gaining support and casting your vote for sanity only to have it shot down.

10/04/2007 9:13 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

I'm not checking out, but I needed to cool off. It just feels so personal, and insulting.

10/05/2007 7:54 AM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Believe me, I understand.

The Larry Craig thing is beyond beyond. Staying means further discussion, perhaps a trial of some kind, investigations. For what?

I'm stunned. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for the GOP. They are in deep. As I think you said at the next post, it is painful to watch.

I think it is going to get worse.

10/05/2007 9:40 AM  

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