Thursday, October 04, 2007

Party Becomes Circus

Larry Craig announced his resignation, then deferred it upon overturn of his guilty plea, and now, guilty plea upheld, has refused to resign tossing us the bone that like four other GOP Senators he will not seek re-election. What a nightmare. The implosion of the hypocrite party continues as a complete idiot fails to recognize that EVERYONE wants him to disappear yesterday.

Craig's denial dishonors Congress and the GOP. Bush's veto dishonors the GOP. Does anyone in the GOP care about the GOP? In an interesting irony, the GOP has infested itself with filth. The fish rots from the head, and Rove's poison has metastasized the malignancy descending the party into a circus where self-serving snakes seek selfish short term gains with neither conscience nor concern for the country or the American people, their future, or even the future of their own party.

The Outrage Cometh was posted here a couple weeks ago. The furor has arrived. The astute blast the veto, including ultra liberal Senator Orrin Hatch, one of the sponsors of the bill. Seeing the veto coming, the Democrats pounced on a plethora of political passions against a party / circus hellbent on pursuing profit for pals at all human cost. The CEO's of Exxon, Halliburton, Pfizer, ADM, and the rest of Dick's friends need some extra cash. Let's take it from health care for poor kids. Okay, big insurance, not big oil, gets these goodies. 10 million poor kids thrown out of health care for a couple dozen of Dick's pals. Yes, I oversimplify, but not by much.

After the shameless squander of a surplus, unprecedented pork, and obscene tax cuts for the richest of the rich, the GOP states SCHIP is "too expensive" with the most outrageous lie imaginable given that the bill is funded by tobacco tax increases. The motivating factor has nothing to do with cost, but instead comes from health insurance revenue for Dick's pals. The state programs SCHIP makes possible allow for more cost effective health coverage, eating into the health insurance industry's profits.

In your humble blogger's opinion, we have surpassed the split of 1974 or the 1960's. I think we have to go back to the mid-1800's right before the Civil War to find a time when this country faced such division and hatred. Then, the bifurcation involved slavery. Now, it also involves slavery, but at a more sophisticated level. I am not predicting a scenario where we grab bayonets and gut each other, but we are headed for something intense. The 2008 election will be brutal.

For the sake of all of us, it had better be, or our days of democracy are over.


Blogger Dustin said...

I wonder how far all of this will go. It's almost painful to watch. I think there is a method in this madness. Either the republicans not seeking re-election are shedding any veneer of concern for their constituants, or they are clearing the way for the new fresh faces of their party. I'm inclined to think they are clearing the way, knowing that they are weighted down with their decisions of the past few years. New republicans fighting for the seat will not have any of this weighing them down, and would stand a better chance of getting elected, especially in a stand up brawl with the challenging democrat.

With the republicans, party loyalty trumps all, and I think what we're seeing is that dynamic in action.

10/05/2007 7:46 AM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Loyalty certainly seems to trump all so far ... it will be interesting to see if that lasts as the calendar turns to 2008 and the election draws closer.

Without question there are some serious fissures developing between the social and fiscal wings of the party. Still, so far whenever a key vote has come up the two factions have united to prevent any change in our current course, the same course the large majority of Americans insist is misguided.

In 2008 something is going to have to give - loyalty or seats. Republicans can continue to remain loyal to losing policies and get crushed at the polls, or they can start to disavow administration positions and start supporting legislation voters want.

10/05/2007 7:56 AM  
Blogger Dustin said...

I was listening to glenn beck interview ann coulter this morning (yes, I feel icky). I had underestimated the conservative disdain for anything democrat. They were talking about supporting candidates they didn't even seem to like, insisting that the current republicans were not even conservative. While I agree with that asessment, I don't think it's in the way they might think. Even so, loyalty will only get them that 30%, and that's in the current climate.

I would say playing to the base is a good way to alienate the rest of the party that's needed. Rove overestimated the size of his base. Democrats would be wise to learn that lesson, and not overestimate their own support (not necessarily party base). We have seen how that turned out, not being republican just isn't enough.

10/05/2007 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Francine Shacter said...

As I understand it, the tobacco industry was displeased with the extra tax on cigarettes - that's to which (to whom?) Bush was pandering. Any which way, it is quite beyond disgusting. And even more disgusting is the blatant dishonesty about the provisions of the Schip bill he vetoed. Bush claims it is an insidious way to bring about socialized medicine. Give me a break!!!!!

10/05/2007 1:11 PM  
Anonymous the doctor said...

What is Larry Craig thinking?

Does anyone know? What a pathetic and disgusting character. Imagine having to work with him.

"Good" incumbent republicans, maybe someone like Orrin Hatch, are probably safe, but I think the prowar types and ANY that can be attacked with corruption and pork (the Alaskan bridge) charges are on thin ice.

I think x4mr is right about lots of republicans not running again in 2008. I think it would be hard to campaign and give speeches, etc., during these times.

Democrats have at least 6 or 7 clubs they can hit with from the war to the deficit to health insurance to global warming to gap between rich and poor to education, I mean, everything is terrible.

I can't remember where I saw it, and x4mr, this would make a good story, but somewhere I saw that the administration is secretive so that it can hide how incompetent it is.

It is incompetent, through and through. Ten years from now, that's what we'll know. Everything it does is pure incompetence.

10/05/2007 1:19 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


I completely agree. Bush has chosen blind loyalty as the only criteria with no regard for ability. I consider it grotesque beyond words.

I may have seen what you refer to, but I can't recall the source either. Cheney is completely unwilling to be seen. Like Hitler, he works to minimize any documentation of anything he says or does. Evil.

Yes, Dustin. Painful to watch, and I think it will get worse.

10/05/2007 1:58 PM  

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