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Bruce Ash on the GOP

Tucson, Arizona. Over at Sonoran Alliance (link at blogroll), blogger DSW solicited SA visitors for solutions to the challenges currently facing the GOP. The thread provided the material one would expect until GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash submitted his remarks, which I found compelling enough to post here.

DSW has asked for ideas and solutions to help the GOP win in 2008 but just as important help lead America over the next 20-25 years. As I speak to GOP groups all over the state I have been discussing a three point plan to accomplish these same goals. I emphasize "problem solving over politics." To simplify the concept let me suggest 3 colors to identify the principles:


First concept is GREEN. When I woke up a few moments ago oil was selling for $93 p/barrel. Our party’s leaders must immediately resolve to develop a plan ( much like The Manhattan Project or The Space Programs ) to perfect a new means of vehicle propulsion that does not require carbon fuels. This private industry based effort will be costly but the rewards will far outweigh the investment and help make the USA create an all new industry that rivals the information age we currently lead. Any plan must also include how we deal with the next several years as we develop the new technology and what we do to use our own petro resources for non propulsion needs( packaging,products,etc). This plan would also include a strong reliance on nuclear energy for electric needs. Our national security is at risk every day we delay this project.

The second concept is BROWN. Instead of continuing down the current path of alienating current Latinos who too often mistrust the GOP why not appeal as we did in 2004 to Latino voters who viewed the GOP as the party of opportunity, the party of values,the party of security. We had a bad message in 2006 and we largely lost the positive impact of this voting block and even today we do little to regain the edge which is had through marketing in the Latino community( internet,radio,TV,events). We also ought to be recruiting more traditional Latino candidates to run in Arizona. I have met some fabulous candidate and others giving thought to doing so in 2008. With our legislative strategy we have the perfect vehicle to recruit new elected officials from this community. GOP values are American values. We are for a heck of a lot more than just being against illegal immigration. While we continue to focus on border security why don’t we emphasize same to many Latino voters who feel the same way and would support our efforts.

GREY is the most difficult because it is the most contentious (based upon my observations).

First, the next President must propose radical reforms in Social Security. If we are successful this will help preserve Social Security benefits for generations who today believe it will never be available to them despite paying more and more into it. Reform of Social Security has to include restraints of Congress for "borrowing from it." This obviously leads me to say that the GOP leadership MUST reform itself in the future and be more responsible to the folks who elected them. CUT SPENDING. REDUCE THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. Remember when we stood for all of those concepts?

Second, We must also be prepared to tackle Medicare. Not gut it but make it better. Consumer driven. Less red tape with more medical people making medical decisions not bureaucrats. Eliminate the lawyers. More compassionate and less complicated. This is the real program we must deal with because believe it or not Social Security is the easy program to fix in comparison. Take the high ground from the democrats on this . Why should they feel as though they own the issue? We ought to work harder to earn the title as the party of competence.

The second part of the GREY plank is education. Are you as tired as I am about making excuses for the education here in Arizona? Education must continue to be more based on competition & parent participation. Develop new models that will better prepare children to compete for jobs in the 21st century. This means more tech, construction, aircraft, health care, administrative, etc. training as well as the more traditional academics. Our goal must be to graduate more kids from high schools and if that means doing some radical new ideas then so be it. I am for innovation and giving teachers a greater role in teaching. Remove the multi-layers of administration and Federal red tape and allow them to teach our kids.

Friends, time and space doesn’t allow me to expand on all of my thoughts here. I thank DSW and others who are concerned as I am about these issues. As National Committeeman I understand that whatever I say can be construed to be party policy. I do not claim such in this posting but I won’t hide that I would like these ideas to find their way into our state and national party.

It is time to put solutions before politics. It is time to stand up for what is right for Arizona/America as the GOP has always done in our country’s rich history. There are plenty of things to fix within our party and our country. The clock is ticking and the thought of losing the White House or further erosions in the Congress is unthinkable with all what is at risk in today’s America. Are my ideas the answer? Maybe. . .it is time, though, for all of the GOP to begin thinking about our future and do something positive about it. As I continue to cover the state as National Committeeman I want to listen to the pulse of what’s happening around Arizona. Working together Arizona will remain a solid RED STATE.

Bruce Ash
GOP National Committeeman

Now, regarding GREEN, I completely agree with the guy, but as I noted at SA, certain folks making about half a trillion bucks a year with the status quo might have a reaction to his plan. These quintogazillionaires practically own Washington. The reader is invited to research the oil industry's aggressive tactics regarding the development of any other energy source.

For the record, I endorse nuclear power as an important and viable component of our energy policy. The greener types will not agree, but my math points to benefits that cannot be ignored when intelligent and objective analysis addresses the technology.

Regarding BROWN, I am dumbfounded. Without question, the GOP finds itself brutally split regarding the Latino population. Defeating DREAM will haunt them. Astute Democrats take notes.

GREY represents a component of the larger conversation of fiscal responsibility in our government. Ash most correctly observes the impending train wrecks of retiring boomers, social security, Medicare. Of course, Lord Cheney would pistol whip Ash six ways to Sunday noting that "deficits don't matter" but far more so for messing with big oil's revenue streams.

His inclusion of education in addressing our issues most impressed me. YES!! Our country's leadership and stature on the planet rest squarely on the education of our population. We are falling behind.

Smart, well-meaning Republicans exist. I eagerly await their ouster of hate-infested polarizing xenophobes, homophobes, and religious fanatics, and corporate whores feeding our children's future to foreign corporations and the richest 1/10 of 1% of our population.

Imagine the concept of a vote being a struggle between two good choices. Far too often, the ballot box has become an exercise in guessing who will cause the least damage.


Blogger Dustin said...

"Imagine the concept of a vote being a struggle between two good choices. Far too often, the ballot box has become an exercise in guessing who will cause the least damage."

I've been hoping for that for a long time. I can get on board with a GOP like that, but those guys are the minority. The energy policy seems like a no-brainer to me, as well as education. If they can get away from the phobias, latino voters should come around naturally.

Nuclear power is pretty damn safe when properly monitored and executed. Hell, the navy managed to do it for 30 years without problems, and if sailors can work a reactor....

Of course you never hear the good things, and I suppose that when nuclear power goes bad, it does so in a big way, not to mention waste disposal. All of that aside, nuclear power is a stop gap, as it too will run out of fuel eventually. What it could do is buy us time, time enough to develop a more efficient ways of harnessing the earth and sun's naturally abundant energy.

Mr. Ash is also correct to point out that we also use petroleum to make plastics and other products, and thinking of what would happen with a drastic price increase on those things is ulcer inducing.

10/30/2007 7:43 AM  
Blogger Framer said...

Bruce is hardly some "out of the mainstream" voice in the wilderness, he is our National Committeeman. Oh, and he will be largely involved in carving out the strategy for us Republicans looking to get elected statewide. We are in pretty good hands.

And the thing about nuclear power is that it opens up a whole new set of options. Plentiful nuclear energy will be an absolute pre-requisite for hydrogen fuel. Adding more nuclear to Arizona is a complete no-brainer as it allows us to be a player in the inevitable hydrogen technology surge, gives us a plentiful energy supply, and we could probably sell enough energy to California to pay for the construction and regulation.

Clean energy, and fuel derived from water. Who, besides the Sierra Club, could be against that?

10/30/2007 9:20 AM  
Blogger Dustin said...

Don't be fooled, I'm for nuclear energy, and I also agree that it will be important for jumpstarting hydrogen fuel. I'm just saying that nuclear is just one step along the road. I would like to believe that Mr. Ash is a mainstream voice of the GOP, and that may very well be true here in AZ, but there are 49 other states. He said himself that his ideas are not policy, which says to me there's a little bit of fighting left for him to do.

10/30/2007 9:39 AM  
Blogger roger said...

Bruce makes some excellent points, but most of the ideas and policy solutions that he suggests are more of the same or those that have been trumpeted in the past by the GOP, but are largely ignored (save for the energy part...but for nuclear...which major builder interests support dramtically). Maybe his point is that they cannot ignore these issues any longer.

First, I have to start with BROWN because it is so interesting. He is right to argue that many Latino's can and do share ideas that the GOP has traditionally floated. However, do they now? How can they float out what is essentially a cultural war versus Hispanic immigrants and still believe they are going to pick up Latino voters. They might with border security in the traditional border patrol sort of way, but the DREAM act, anti-immigrant local and state policies that slap more and more and more restrictions at ALL levels of government. Voter ID measures clearly aimed at that potential, immigrant voter, laws against in-state tuition for illegal immigrant children, efforts to enforce federal law locally...and then the rhetoric...just listen to Dobbs (as a mederate on these issues in the party) and then listen to others. Words like invasion, THEIR culture...not American culture, etc etc etc. Ash is right, but a few ads is not going to stop what this party really believes in rural America.

Next, reform social security? OK...great, but Bush has tried to privatize it and people don't want that....especially when the market is rocky. Education? more competition...sure...that really works without the funding to back it. Teachers are paid poorly still.

Was I wrong or did is sound like we need to get back to basics...and then more of the same?

Back to nuclear...

back to competition and school vouchers...

Back to privatized social security...

and back to courting Hispanic voters on one hand, while backhanding their culture and hindering efforts to assimilate on the other.

10/30/2007 11:30 AM  
Blogger Tony GOPrano said...

Bruce Ash GETS IT X4MR. Nice of you to post this. Ash understands what is going on and is trying to do something about it. I salute Mr. Ash and his brilliant posting. As a GOPer, I hope all Republicans take heed to what he said here.

10/30/2007 4:43 PM  

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