Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cheney, Hastert, Delay, & Corporations

The telekinesis image had me in stitches for several minutes. Those paying attention know that a 1994 video of Lord Cheney is making huge news at the moment because everything he says in 94 is spot on accurate of jaw drop proportions. He asserts that heading into Iraq would produce a quagmire and that after toppling Saddam Hussein the country would likely split into factions mentioning the Kurd situation as well as others. The reader can visit sites of choice to verify that the Republican spin back is that Cheney spoke in a pre-911 context and of course the Democratic response is the CORRECT observation that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 911. Last I checked our Lord still thinks that Iraq has/had WMD’s and that Iraq was linked to terrorism and Al Queda.

It is now.

(Dennis Hastert) While Cheney continues, as posted yesterday, Karl Rove is resigning and quickly, effective in two weeks. Resigning but less quickly is former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who will apparently announce this Friday that he is not running for office in 2008, but CNN is already reporting the retirement. In light of recent controversies and scandals (see link to his name), the resignation is not surprising. Hastert played key roles in all sorts of Delay, Abramoff, and Blunt hanky panky.

Then we have our master of integrity Tom Delay’s remarks yesterday at a CNN interview:

That’s the strategy of the Democrats, this whole criminalization of politics. That’s the new level of politics now that the Democrats have exhibited. They can’t beat you at the ballot box so they try to beat you in the jury box. They have no ideas and no agenda so they try to destroy you and put you in jail.
Tom Delay, August 14, 2007

The Democrats are criminalizing politics.

Unbelievable. Commit blatant campaign finance law violations. Commit perjury before Congressional committees. Ignore Congressional subpoenas. Fly to exotic resorts for drinks, women, food and other goodies at lobbyist expense in exchange for passing laws the lobbyists have written. Pass subsidies for corporations making record profits. Intimidate scientists and academics to politicize, alter, or suppress research findings. Make back room, secret no-bid billion dollar contracts for corporations run by friends. Suspend habeas corpus and the Fourth Amendment. Refuse to submit legally required reports and claim "Executive Privilege" to eliminate all possibility of any oversight and operate in total secrecy.

The innocent are not afraid of the light.

The Democrats are criminalizing politics. If that is what holding these vermin to account and prosecuting them for the crimes they have committed, place me in the cheerleader column. These crooks must be held to account or we set a horrible precedent. I want the most ruthless investigator ever born shoved so far up Cheney they share food when he eats.

When we find evidence of all that money stolen, WE SEIZE IT.

Want to really swing out? Imagine calling the CEO's of the top oil companies together before Congress (as we did with tobacco) and suggesting we nationalize the entire industry and seize all corporate assets including stock held by the stockholders. That won't happen, but imagine expanding the conversation. I only write it to make a point. Break outside of the box.

My finance mentor, Craig Steinke, Controller of Magma Metals, generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Magma by negotiating lower electricity rates. He thought outside the box, threatening Magma would build its own power plant. We knew we would never build the plant, but we drafted plans, solicited consultants and drafted estimates. We showed APS the math. They caved.

Our corporations are running amok, and in this area our politicians are pussies. I am not saying the answer is easy. TEP will not cut my rate if I threaten to buy a generator or install solar panels. I am too small. Congress does not have this problem. Congress is far beyond Magma. It has extraordinary leverage if it can reach consensus. A corporation serves itself, i.e. its board, its top executives, and its stockholders. It does not serve its employees, and it has loyalty to no nation.


Anonymous dustin said...

pre/post 9/11 is so tired and lame. The world didn't suddenly change on 9/11. The only thing that changed is our relationship with it.

8/15/2007 6:21 AM  
Blogger Sirocco said...

Cheney's comments have been known for some time - I hadn't seen the video before, but saw a transcript years ago.

Regardless, it shows something we all know - Cheney is by no means stupid, he's just evil. We have a reasonable facsimile of a dictatorship, but sadly it's malevolent, not not benevolent.

8/15/2007 8:37 AM  
Anonymous The Navigator said...

Tom Delay is disgusting. They called him "the hammer" for behavior I consider appalling.

Your exploration of the government / corporation issue is thought provoking. I have had similar thoughts but not so well articulated.

Governments can nationalize industries, freeze assets, shut down operations. I will go out on a limb and based on "Something Else" venture a guess that x4mr is more organized than we might think. He is "going somewhere" with these stories. As the concentration of wealth continues, I can see how this is where the battle will be fought?

Yes? No? x4mr?

8/15/2007 11:10 AM  

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