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“Red Star" Comment Roaches and Rove

Tucson, Arizona. (Photo—Star Reporter Daniel Scarpinato) Yeah, I did it again this morning. I clicked to read the comments posted after a Daniel Scarpinato piece. When will I learn? First of all, I just don’t buy the notion that the Arizona Daily Star is that politically slanted. If someone has a solid argument that the paper is forwarding a communist agenda, I’d like to hear it. Perhaps my slightly left leaning nature doesn’t see it. In either case, to accuse Scarpinato of liberal bias and Giffophilia is just certified stupid. If anything, he is the opposite. The man is doing his job, and I thought his piece today was solid, respectable journalism.

I think the Star should turn those comments off. After reading them I have the same sensation I get after encountering a cockroach, that slimed, icky, grotesque sensation of a particular kind of filth. It is one thing to flop around in the mud, or to get all disgusting slaving away on top of a roof or eradicating buffel grass. The cockroach sensation is a something completely different, and the comments posted after stories at AZ Starnet produce it. Yes, I know, "Don't read them!" Well, I have moments of weakness, which I then regret.

Daniel's piece today adds to the growing chorus that Tim Bee is the one, and I’d bet good money the Republicans are going to be the poster perfect image of unification in AZ CD 8 in 2008. For this race, the entire GOP of the nation will sing the praises of ONE name, and that name is probably Tim Bee, and they will curse the high heavens of ONE name, and that name is Gabrielle Giffords.

As Stacy has reported, the robo-calls have extended to Mitchell. As of this morning, the site hasn’t made a movie of Harry yet. In case you haven’t seen it, they have created a "Pelosi gauge" for every freshman Democrat, indicating the percentage of votes agreeing with the speaker. Mitchell is at 90 percent. I am not a Democratic strategist, but what’s good for the goose. I wonder what percentage of the time Tim Bee has voted with Russell Pearce? Does this say anything substantive about Bee? Of course not.

(Photo—Speaking of that sensation produced when encountering a cockroach) I think this photograph captures a lot. It comes from a Time article pointing to Rove’s involvement with the prosecution of former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. The list of resignations continues to mount, as does the pile of evidence that this guy plays mean and dirty. Time wounds all heals. Tick Tock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they will unite behind Bee as well, but don't underestimate those in the party who consider even him too liberal. I have read some of this already on the Rightwing blogs. I have already heard anger on him selling out the budget, that he might be "boring", and that he might be too liberal on the border.

I also think that he is going to have to do some triangulating to win...(e.g., look moderate). How will the nutty, Republican angries be able to handle this? They are already attacking the most right wing of all of their candidates, Senator Kyl.

For instance, as you note, what will his position on the border be? When the Republicans finally turn tail and run from Iraq (as is reported to be the case in September), will he be among them?

I just again, don't know how a Republican is going to win in the political climate we see today...but, of course, its a long way off to 2008....and as Liza notes...they won't just cede the race.

6/02/2007 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, X4mr, do you really think that Giffords won't continue to win crossover republican votes? As she did in the last election? I know some claim that many voted for her because she wasn't Graf, but I don't buy that. I don't think solid Republicans would have voted FOR her, if she wasn't appealing. Believe me, I know a LOT of Republicans that voted for her and some that showed up at fundraisers for her.

I guess they could be less excited the next time around, but I am not sure about that.

6/02/2007 12:57 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...


See subsequent posts for more material. A storm is brewing.

6/04/2007 10:01 PM  

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