Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday Blues, Debates, & 3 Weeks

Well, not that folks care, but lousy morning this morning. Sometimes the combination of mundane AM events like traffic lights and stupid drivers, annoying occupational antics, last night’s football game, and a general malaise just descends and leaves one, well, wishing to stay home, drink early, and pop in a DVD.

We can start with this morning’s Star Arizona Ranks Dead Last in Ranking of Smartest States.

Hmmm. That could explain some things. Jon Kyl and Russell Pierce come to mind, just for starters, and here in Tucson, Jorgenson. People actually voted for him over Carol Somers?

Then we have David Kuo’s Tempting Faith, a remarkable event where a religious nut distinguishes himself as a religious nut and realizes that the GOP has been exploiting religious nuts for 30 years all the while recognizing them as religious nuts and calling them religious nuts. It made 60 Minutes, and these folks are already irritated by the Foley thing, now calling for a crusade against "Republican Gays."

I think Kuo's book is far more serious than many may suspect. This could point to dynamics of biblical proportions (sorry). The GOP's relationship with the religious right is a big deal.

Then we have Mike Tyson, facing staggering debt, the man who "vowed to eat Lennox Lewis' children and bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear" now saying that he is serious about fighting women, and medical professionals are saying that tongue piercing can be linked to intense pain.

North Korea’s first test has been confirmed, and apparently it was fun, so they want to do it again, despite threats from United Nations Security Council to cut off Kim Jong’s supply of cognac.

Meanwhile, the US Population has hit 300 million (at 7:46 this morning EST mind you!), and the coalition death toll in Iraq has hit 3000.

The first of the AZ CD 8 Congressional Election debates is tonight. Have every intention to be there with pen in hand. Not sure if tonight is televised, but given my current mood, if it is and Jay Quick mutilates the microphone, you might see a flaming blogger lunge from the audience and start beating him over the head with the thing.

Three weeks.

If not tonight, then tomorrow for sure, for what it's worth my take on tonight's debate.


Blogger wegowherewhy said...

You're really funny when you get depressed.

10/17/2006 3:04 PM  
Blogger Liza said...

Just remember that if you physically assault Jay Quick, your anonymity will be lost forever.

10/17/2006 3:45 PM  
Blogger Framer said...

I'll be the guy with red face paint and no shirt. . . See you there!

Actually I have to work late tonight. Hopefully I can get somebody to take notes for me. Fortuantely, I get six more chances!

10/17/2006 4:55 PM  
Blogger x4mr said...

Ha Ha Ha!!

Good one, Liza! As they haul me away in handcuffs on television, my deepest concern will be blown anonymity in the blogosphere.

Actually, my anonymity is on razor thin ice. It might last to the election. At some point will probably just update my profile to include the real name and everything.

I have always posted with the idea that anonymity was temporary.

Always good to hear from you Framer. Tonight's debate was on television. Would be really interested in how it looked from your angle.

They actually already showed the thing on tv, and I caught a piece of it.

The television experience is definitely different.

10/17/2006 11:02 PM  

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